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2001 eclipse v6 random misfire horrible idle problems
The first in a series of me trying to figure out what is wrong with my car.
Views: 674 Jonathan Greene
Failed at your dream job... Now what?
Detailing how I got over my failure at my dream job I worked so hard to get.
Views: 16 Jonathan Greene
Porn the first benge
Cataloging the the last few days and my lack of control motivation and the depression that sits in after binging on porn.
Views: 83 Jonathan Greene
A Tower Defense Game  I Guess
This is a Tower defense game I worked on a while ago. The art work was done by my brother and all other stuff (aka proramming) was done by me. Hope you all enjoy and let me know if you want it uploaded somewhere.
Views: 3 Jonathan Greene
Porn the second fall and the cycle continues.
Detailing my struggle with porn addiction and the problems and solutions I come into. Best of luck to everyone struggling.
Views: 20 Jonathan Greene
Unity Spaceshooter Completed Tutorial.
A tutorial i completed using the unity engine. you the arrows keys or wasd to fly around and r to restart the game.
Views: 23 Jonathan Greene
The first law secret to success
Details the secret to success and its so simple its crazy.
Views: 2 Jonathan Greene
Bobble head
Kid bobble head
Views: 21 Jonathan Greene
How to do ANYTHING!
Explaining how to find that dream job or how to become what you want to become. Its simple but also extremely complex at the same time. Just a revelation as I go through life.
Views: 1 Jonathan Greene
How to get through lifes daily struggles
A little advice on dealing with life's daily struggles and how to overcome them to get to tomorrow. Keep working hard keep pushing forward and make a difference.
Views: 1 Jonathan Greene
Porn addiction the first fall after success
The first time I messed up after going 5 days porn or masturbation free. Its a struggle but a fight worth fighting. I welcome all questions comments or criticism.
Views: 28 Jonathan Greene
Should I quit my job to run a business an first hand account
Detailing what I personally went through when I decided to make this choice and a little insight and wisdom.
Views: 4 Jonathan Greene
Unity Minigame completed tutorial.
A tutorial i completed using the unity engine. You use the arrow keys to move the ball around collecting all the squares.
Views: 308 Jonathan Greene
UnrealScript Platform Moving
This is how to move a platform in unreal script.
Views: 55 Jonathan Greene
Unity survival shooter completed tutorial.
A survival shooter tutorial i completed using unity game engine. All models,environments and code belong to Unity unless otherwise stated.
Views: 88 Jonathan Greene
Porn addiction 5 days free
I struggled with porn for over 6 years and im finally learning to conquer it and improve my sexual chemistry in relationships. Follow along my journey and feel free to offer advice help and any criticism.
Views: 37 Jonathan Greene
Software development beginner pitfalls. Credit goes to John Sonmez
Detailing what I'm learning and my opinion with what John Sonmez is saying in his blog about begging software development.
Views: 8 Jonathan Greene

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