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Mimosa - rolling up
This is Mimosa's track rolling up from the latest free Future Trill album they released! download available at http://thissongissick.com/blog/tag/mimosa/ Don't mind the pictures because they have nothing to do with the song, I just needed to fill in the movie maker script.
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liefhebberij ballon moment
na een bezoek van de blauwhemden, zijn de vroege liefhebbers gedoucht met ballonnen. Omdat het kan!
Views: 367 Niels Zumbrink
Timelapse Dom Tower Utrecht
let's watch the clouds roll by shall we?!
Views: 47 Niels Zumbrink
This video will make you think a wasp is cute
Nom nom nom nom nom.. this European wasp or Vespula Germanica is licking tree-sap from my car window. I never realised these flying ants* have such cute yellow tongues! Omg look at em!! Nomnomnom *thats how I see them since they are more related to ant than to bees genetics wise but also in behaviour while foraging and general defence. If you see them as a dangerous looking ant that just wants food then they are fine to have around.
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Platen nog laat kon het weer niet laten gaan.
Derek wist dat je een plaat niet laat voor wat het waard is. Dus draait hij ze nog even tot het daglicht. Over gezeur maar zwichten ik woon praktisch zonder buren dus geen zeiknichten!
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Dancevalley 2007
waaaat!! found this in the archive!!
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24 april 2011 Caspa in Tivoli
Bass may overwhelm my mic at some point ;)
Views: 33 Niels Zumbrink
Pasta di Drekki
How to make a pasta with: bacon, garlic, onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, beef stock, tomato concentrate, and some capers. Topped with Gouda cheese!! Nomnom pay attention!
Views: 44 Niels Zumbrink
76 Firebird back on the road!
1976 Firebird drives off.. My girlfriend driving her car in West Virginia..
Views: 5639 Niels Zumbrink
Timelapse Dom Utrecht
Let's speed up the clouds and watch the sun go down.
Views: 78 Niels Zumbrink
oudkerkhof utreg jochie
Views: 45 Niels Zumbrink
Duck creek rd 95 Disco V8
Passing through some simple but slippery rocky gulleys
Views: 34 Niels Zumbrink
Mistige dom 11 12 13 Charlie wants speed edit
Foggy time lapse of the dom tower and cathedral in Utrecht.
Views: 28 Niels Zumbrink
Duck creek road Hyperlapse
Some mountain road called Duck Creek rd
Views: 18 Niels Zumbrink
Charly driving the good old Disco
A piece of Duck Creek road being conquered by my girlfriend in our 95 V8 Disco
Views: 43 Niels Zumbrink

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