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Soulcalibur IV - Tempered Soul (Synth Remix)
Nobody seems to have done any remixes of "Tempered Soul" from the Soulcalibur IV soundtrack, so I decided to do one myself. It's in a synthwave-ish dance style. I also decided to pay tribute to a seldom-known group from the 80s named Koto. They produced a song called "Chinese Revenge," which I reference in the bridge of this song. There's also nods to Kitaro and Vangelis, too. Come on. Are you ready? Composed by: Masaharu Iwata Arranged by: Me DISCLAIMER: SoulCalibur and all related properties are owned by Namco-Bandai.
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AudioSurf: Cirque du Soleil - Battlefield (from "Ka")
This is a really awesome song! Character: Ninja Mono Score: 29,947 Song (c) Rene Dupree
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AudioSurf: Amethystium - Elvensong
Character: Ninja Mono on Ironmode Score: 75,328 Song (c) Amethystium
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AudioSurf: Amethystium - Exultation
I was already elite champion of this song, but I acculumated a high score in the end that surpassed my personal record. Score: 81,876 Character: Ninja Mono on Ironmode Song (c) Amethystium
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hydro broncin
wtf XD
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AudioSurf: Amethystium - Autumn Interlude
Character: Pro Mono on Ironmode Score: 72,040 Song (c) Amethystium
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AudioSurf: Amethystium - Shadow to Light
I decided to experiment with the block colors on this run, turning them to grayscale. That made for a rather challenging run, since a couple shades of gray could not be told apart from another and there were the special white blocks that blend in with the higest-scoreing color (near white), but it was fun while it lasted. Score: 56,980 Character: Eraser on Ironmode Song (c) Amethystium
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The Wonderful Snow Leopard (revised)
SNOW LEOPARD CONTEST WINNER, 4TH PLACE!! The Snow Leopard is a very wonderful animal, but it is classified as endangered. Its threats come from a poisoned food supply, poaching for their fur, and loss of their natural habitat. An organization which is devoted to protecting the snow leopard in its home, called the Snow Leopard Trust, has been protecting them for many years. But, they need us to help them. Their website can be found here: http://www.snowleopard.org/ Another cat-saving group, named Big Cat Rescue, has a website here: http://www.bigcatrescue.org/ And finally, a great website named Return 2 Eden has created a cool video contest to save the snow leopard. Their site is here: http://www.return2eden.org/ Revision: I changed "www.spfdbus.com" to "Return 2 Eden" since Return 2 Eden provided us the link to the pictures. Song: "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson; (c) Michael Jackson 1995 Enjoy the video. SAVE THE SNOW LEOPARD!!
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