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Thank You For 100+ Subscribers
Okay So I know this is late because right now I have 115 subscribers WHAT? Thanks so much. I started working on this when I just hit 100 subscribers then some shit happened and yeah. Hope you still enjoy...!!! Song: U-Rite (Rynx Remix)
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WIPS that I'll never finish (:
Done expect me to finish these. I started these like 2 months ago. Sorry lads. 🎩✋☕
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Beings Meme | My Birthday!
I'm 13! Woo! Actually my birthday is on April 12th but I'm busy that day so here is this crappy animation for my early birthday!
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Tail Wagging (Finished Product)
This Is the Finished Product Of The tutorial with music. I don't own the music! Song: Sit Still Look Pretty
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Why Am I Here | Meme
Should I make her one of my OC's? Comment below! Byeeee 💜💙🐺
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Cut My Hair | Meme
Lazy, Good, Off timing, my job here is done. Original Meme : https://youtu.be/MSGvQRLRBlg
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The Reveal! (Read Desc)
The art shown in the video does not belong to me. Channel Link: (I will add it in later, I'm too lazy right now :D) Also, That Live Stream Was Supposed To Come Out Earlier, For Some Reason It Can Out Super Late! The Meme Is Finished And Will Be Posted Soon. I Will Try To Make Daily Videos Too! I'm just busy with all my classes and problems.
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In Your Eyes | Meme
Original Meme: https://youtu.be/dhbD1s1Q8xw This took FOREVER! I MADE A MESS WITH THE LAYERS! I won't post often because I'm ALWAYS working on memes and videos. Love you! 🐺💙💜
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New OC's + Wonderland Meme(CANCLED)
Randy Traits: Shy Kind Awkward Clumsy Sky Traits: Adventurious Nice Tough Strong Caleb Traits: Rude Tough Strong Fearful Werewolf :3
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QnA pt.2
Comment for part 3!
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Watch This Video(Read Desc)
Who wants to collaborate? Comment below. Who wants me to start a roleplay series? Comment...below!
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Entry For: Blake Dreemur (reupload)
Hope I Win! If you are entering then good luck! Comment below what I should do for the next video. :3 I had to reupload this because I forgot the music. :P I don't own the music.
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New OC! Alaska!
Alaska Traits: Charming Kind Single Shy Flirty Helpful
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My New OC "Dark Fox"
My New OC, Dark Fox.Welcome him in the comments.
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Piper Drawing? Idk :p
This was rushed. I just was bored
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Ooooopsss I accidentally uploaded this..idc
I didn't mean to upload this but I'm too lazy to click cancel soooo yeah
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Aura~~New Oc
Aura's Traits and Things to know: Flirty Rude(Sometimes) Girly Fancy She Dresses In "Cute" Clothes Can't Live Without Wifi Has Wolf and Cat in blood. Song: Daya, Sit Still Look Pretty I don't own it.
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New OC • Dawn
~Dawn Traits And Other Things To Know~ Age: 15 Kind Loves The Outdoors Bisexual (all my OC's are) Playful Flirty She doesn't want to be evil bit she randomly does Werewolf Single Likes: Kind People, Sweet Boys, Outside Dislikes: Bullies, Mean People Sister: None Brother: None
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Aura is back!!
Aura is back. She was the OC I was going to get rid of FOREVER but now she is back and better! Traits: Flirty Rude (sometimes) Girly Cute Likes: Cute Boys, Flirting, Makeup, Fashion Dislikes: Adventures, Outdoors, Age:15
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Rp | Read Desc
To roleplay, comment below or talk to me alone or in a group chat click the link! Add me as a contact on YouTube. https://youtu.be/addme/FvAegJo7EBg7FYkGYh_LsfIbVL_EIw
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Welcome To My Channel!
Ask alot of questions for my QNA.
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I have no more ideas!
Comment some ideas below for more videos!
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Random Thing. (WARNING: CONTAINS BLOOD, ect)
Idk what this is. I just made this because I feel this was sometimes. Don't do self harm!
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~~Art Contest~~(Read Desc To Enter)
1st Place: Free Drawing, Shout-out, Art Will Be Featured On My Channel 2nd Place: Shout-out, Art Will Be Featured On My Channel 3rd Place: Shout-out To Anyone Else: Thank You For Trying, I Will Show Off Your Art Too. Rules: 1.No Inappropriate Drawing Of Me (Or Any Of My Other OC's) 2. You Must Be Finished By Feb 2 3. No Tracing Art 4. No Stealing Other's Art 5. Don't Say Bad Thing's About Other's Art Who Enters --You Can Post The Art Whenever You Want, On YouTube or DevianArt-- Begins, Jan 20 2018-Feb 2 2018 ~~Good Luck~~
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All of us are gone.(read Desc)
Piper and Caleb,sky,Randy,and aura are all gone. No one knows where we are. Basically they are no longer my OC's. I have a new Wolf human girl bluehaired one who will appear in the meme!
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