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Gotta Pee Too!
Editing class project
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Gotta Pee!
Editing class project.
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"Over Spilled Coffee" | Icy Short Film feat. Caotime
Based on the idea of "crying over spilled milk," artist Jonathan Cao (AKA Caotime), takes a stressful situation and creates something positive, making one of his signature style coffee paintings. Caotime: https://www.youtube.com/user/caotimeart https://www.facebook.com/Caotime?fref=ts http://WWW.Caotime.net http://statigr.am/caotime Music By: ElyonBeats (Patience) http://elyonbeats.bandcamp.com/album/... Illoquence (Hypnopomic) http://rythmatical.bandcamp.com/album... Karamel Kel (Falling in Nightmares) http://rootsofsocietyrecords.bandcamp... Filmed, edited, and directed by Jackson Xia and Billy Vinson
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - Exor the Sword II Boss
I believe this is the most addicting boss I've ever encountered in iwbtg fangames, except boshy I worship Solgryn... not really but he's a great programmer.
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Colorado Bboy Roots: The Pilot [Episode 0]
The pilot episode of a documentary series exploring the history of breakdance or bboying in Colorado. I urge EVERYONE to watch this with an open mind and not just take away points that align with your opinions. Please note that it is absolutely impossible for me to cram in all important details into one short film. I had to cut out ~80% of all interviews just to get down to this barebone structure and it is still 16 minutes long. If you'd like to hear more on anything touched on in this film, these people are real and are not dead. 95% of the found footage clips used are available on YouTube and can be found with the provided on-screen information. Special shout out to Thien Tai who sparked the ignition of this project! Baz Luhrmann please hire me.
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Tiny Toones Benefit Jam 2014 Recap
Hosts: Joie Ha, Colton Casados-Medve, Abhinav Gupta Camera: Jackson Xia Editing: Jackson Xia (7hrs) Music: *Eternal Morning - Plastic Umbrella *Das EFX - They Want EFX *2Pac - There U Go (Instrumental) Pioneer Breakers at DU held a benefit jam for Tiny Toones in Cambodia. Tiny Toones is a non-profit organization based in Cambodia that aims to empower youth through the art of hip-hop (breakdancing, MCing, graffiti, beatboxing, and DJing). They pair their hip-hop classes with English, Khmer language classes, computer literacy classes, and more. They have served over 200 youth in Phnom Penh. https://www.facebook.com/TinyToonesNgo?ref=br_rs Donate here: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/tiny-toones-dance-school-challenge-2013/ Pioneer Breakers is a DU org that offers free training sessions and workshops for those interested in breakdancing. **Format:** Crews (up to 5 per crew) get two showcase prelim battles to prove their worth and judges will choose the top 8 best crews. Before the jam starts, crews also have the option to request a crew they want to battle for prelims. If two crews request each other, they are automatically paired together. **Judges** 1. Harry Prinz Sum (STO China/GOODCREW Las Vegas/BGSK Worldwide) 2. Chris CGar Garcia (Full Force/Vegas/GOODCREW Las Vegas) 3.Richard Richard 'Reach' Maestas (Soul Mechanics Krew/ TBB-Denver/DC SpinMasters) **DJ** DJ Sek Uno (Chicago Tribe/New Mexico) **MC** Ian Flaws **Vendors** 1. PLUF 2. Bboy Factory
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - Piranha Plant Boss
Again, it's way harder than it looks. Again, this is the old version of the game, and the new one only has a few minor changes to it (like background for example).
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I Wanna Kill The Guy v.043 Playthrough [Part 1/4]
I'm playing this kinda blind of the updates since the last version, but there hasn't been major changes so it's still pretty easy for me. Glitches I found so far: -The music loops but there's a period of silence between looping. -There're errors when entering a screen in Chapter 2 -A big glitch shown in the last few minutes of the video Game by thenewgeezer. You can find it here http://kayin.pyoko.org/iwbtg/forums/index.php?topic=10849.0
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"Release Form" feat. Bboy Chase 'em Down
Playing on the term "release form," a man finds balance in his life by securing his form of emotional release. While showcasing another art form, this film follows the protagonist's emotional turmoil and his journey of discovering oneself. His emotions are justified by the shot composition and his progress is illustrated through screen direction. It is an optimistic and empowering film that encourages self-respect and self-discovery. Co-produced by Katy Zeigler​ and screenplay help by Olivia Hogan​. A huge shoutout to Andriy Sovetov​ for composing the background music from scratch! Kyle Larkin​ for mixing all the other songs together; Isaias Yetemegn​ on the camera; Rick Bay​ and Joey De La Rosa​ with lighting; and of course the supporting actor Dylan Finley​! For more productions similar to this one, check out IcyDynasty​! https://www.facebook.com/icydynasty For reinforcing and developing positive life values with the most supporting people, check out School Of Breaking​!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/School-Of-Breaking/249471098497003?fref=ts http://www.schoolofbreaking.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/BBoy-Chase-Em-Down/380280512123248?fref=ts
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - Exor the Sword Boss
It's harder than it looks. Also this is the old version of IWKTG. In the newer version there's a few changes but overall it's still pretty similar.
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I Wanna Kill The Guy v.043 Playthrough [Part 3/4]
a coin I missed and a glitch (yeah ik another one...) that occurred when I used my old save with the new version, but then I erased the save so it's all good I guess
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[Jksnxia] Naruto VS Bleach 1.0 Bonus Part - Hardest Battle + Glitch
No new releases in Naruto VS Bleach yet... so I thought I might make this update video. By hardest I mean the hardest opponent you can find in v1.0, which is the new boss on Very Hard mode, with Itachi as the sidekick. Again, at Round 2 I was waiting for him to kill me so there'd be a Round 3, as you can see I wasn't attacking much when his health was low. There are so many glitches in this game, some are easy to find but hard to do (as the one shown in the video), and some are just programming errors (for ex. if you press Enter twice when the round just started, you can move even when the voice is shouting ROUND X READY GO). I hope I did well enough for you guys to enjoy =)
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I Wanna Be The Tribute (new) -- Koffing Boss Aftermath
ok this isn't a walkthrough, this video shows u what happens after u died the Koffing keeps on shooting smokes, I recorded this for 10 minutes, sped up, here it is Game is made by shaman and the music is obviously not mine.
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - Pacman Boss
*See the first part of my playthrough on this game to view the boss with its other attack and no outside noises. Pacman boss. Sorry about the outside noise again, I'm trying to figure out how FRAPS works cuz I'm new to it and I'm having some troubles with it... This boss's second phase is harder than its first, I tried to go back to the boss to let it show its moves but after I beat him the boss is not there anymore... also the AWW... in the end is the death track of this game
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[Jksnxia] Secret - Piano 4 Hands Duet (fun version)
lol i found this from last year
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"Like A Star" | Saree and Taylor McIntosh
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CU Breaking Club 2016 Trailer
University of Colorado Boulder https://www.facebook.com/cubreakingclub/ Video by Jackson Xia
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University of Colorado at Boulder Commencement Video 2015
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2015!! Editing: Jackson Xia Olivia Hogan Camera/footage: Senior Class Council (Jackson Xia, Olivia Hogan) CU Athletics (John Snelson, Jamie Guy, Lucas Flores, Cody Wheat) CU Swing Dance Club (Jessica Williams) CU Breaking Club/Rockers Rumble 9 (Strife.tv) CU Presents Buffvision Program Council CU Communications department Rob S (cell phone flood footage) VeRVE 8th Collisionz (Rodney RJ Hooks) Ryan Koenigsberg ("Hit the Bricks" lego CU) Golden Buffalo Marching Band, David Clausen (CU Marching Band) ImShmacked TV Music: DJ Okawari - The Bonds (ft. Nanase) Daniel Kim - Pop Danthology 2013
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SHO Prague - Sports Health and the Outdoors
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Ramune Unofficial Commercial
Watch in HD! So I had this song on my playlist from a while back, and I was listening to it one day, and I pictured this. Since it is only 45 seconds long, I decided to make it a commercial, for Ramune, because why not See if you can find Billy, Daisy AND me at places we shouldn't be lol, and poor Daisy, didn't even end up eating o.o Music Credits: Can it get happier - SessileNomad People Credits: Jackson Xia, Billy Vinson, David Gamelin Daisy Luo, Derek Li
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2012 TOE Jam 2v2 Unofficial Recap
this is my first trailer-esque video ever made, so please give any pointers or comments, this was made in Windows Movie Maker (lol) i might switch to Vegas soon Songs used: Nerkium - Beethoven Virus Break Rmx DJ Pablo - Breakdance Legend
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Block Party 2015 Recap | icydynasty
Music: Move On Up - Richard Elliot Funk Party - GRiZ
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - The 3 Satellites
Background: A guy named Ray that I met after beaten the 4th boss told me to find and destroy 3 satellites. (of course that's not ALL he said) Also the quest that leads to the final boss, according to Ray...
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Bboy Factory 2nd Anniversary Jam Highlights
Camera: Steven Silva Editor: Jackson Xia Music: Gramatik - Just a Ride Hosts: Ian Flaws, Kwikstep, DJ AL, Mike Wird, DJ Skeme Richards The Bboy Factory 6401 N Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80221 *A party jam, with 2 AND 1/2 HOURS OF CYPHERS! with DJs: - Skeme Richards and A L *A 1 vs 1 Bboy Battle starting from 16 top bboys (8 invites TBA/8 from the qualifier) with 1 judge - Kwikstep *A new Bboy Factory Mural *Short community performances. *Workshop *Afterparty *Hip Hip History Panel
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DACA Protest | Los Angeles
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6th Annual Queenz of Hip Hop Teaser
Hosted by Cindy Cervantes, DanVy Ngo, Joie Ha, Olivia Lucero, Visa Goncalves. This is an all-ages and FREE event, however we are asking that the community contribute in our fundraising efforts to bring this event to life. Any contribution would help, we appreciate your continued support- you can help by donating to: www.gofundme.com/queenzofhiphop This year we'll be collecting items for a Denver based organization called Street's Hope. Street's Hope provides holistic restorative services to women escaping sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry and nurtures the resilience needed to heal, transform and thrive. They are also the only residential program in Colorado helping this specific population. www.streetshope.org Additionally, we'll be collecting cash donations for Tiny Toones, an NGO located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that aims to empower at-risk youth through hip-hop! www.tinytoones.org Our goal is to continue striving towards our mission of making social, economic and political changes; and by staying closely involved in our local community with a positive image that will allow us to reach a diverse audience of all groups, races and cultures. Peace, Love, and Hip-Hop
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"Homework Break" | Rockers Rumble XI Trailer
Saturday, January 21, 2017 - UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom FREE for current University of Colorado Boulder students! $5 for all other spectators. 5 v 5 Breaking battle + 1 v 1 House battle Details on event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1680241922304779/ Video by: Jackson Xia Starring: Angel Dominguez
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - The Guy has a family
Also the road that leads to the next boss and the reveal of The Girl. Music of this segment found! [cornandbeans - Midnight]
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Coin-orado Hackathon 2014 Recap
Coin-orado is the first annual, Colorado Bitcoin competition. Projects can range from platforms for charity to apps built off of an existing company’s API. Teams are to create a project and show how they will market and finance their product. You are free to use traditional technologies and simply and easily integrate bitcoin as a means of payment or donation if you do not want to work directly with the Blockchain Technology (bitcoin’s technology). Host: Broc Kanaday Camera: Jackson Xia Editor: Jackson Xia Music: July - After You Gone July - P.S. Luv M-Taku - A Beautiful Moment For more information: http://www.colorado.edu/studentgroups/bitcoin/coin-orado
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James Slide ONCE AGAIN - Funny Friend Fail
A year later, my friend (the guy climbing the slide) came to my house again yesterday, and we wanted the moment to been seen again.... well, mostly me As you can see, it's only been a year, and he's not as willing to climb it as he used to
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I Wanna Be The Weegee Playthrough [Part 1/4]
I really really don't like the movement of the player, but then again that's like the hardest part of this game. Game by Trigger014
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I Wanna Kill The Guy v.043 Playthrough [Part 2/4]
soundtracks found so far: durn - Summer Solace
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Rockers Rumble X | 10-year anniversary
CU Breaking Club presents Rockers Rumble for its 10th year! Featured personnel: Leo Tsuo, Mike Wird, DJ AL, DJ Lazy Eyez, Thien Tao, Alex Milewski, Ho Yun Bobby Chan, Ellis Min, Ian Flaws, "Dash," Chase Evered, etc. Footage gratitude to but not limited to Wynn Callaway, Larkin Poynton, Ellis Min, Jay Lee, Giang Trinh, Mitchel Dumlao. Rockers Rumble X logo designed by Kenski (NUFSED). Music credits: Brownout - African Battle Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar Common - Be (Instrumental) DJ FLEG - CHELLES DJ Tools - "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" Sound Effect J Dilla - It's Your World (Instrumental) Roberta Roena - Que Se Sepa
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I Wanna Kill The Guy - Bullet Bill Puzzle Area Solution
For some reason in this game the music doesn't play unless you've JUST defeated a boss and haven't closed the game since, which isa shame because this game has one of the best soundtrack of the fangames. So I added in a track, by Akon and Matisse. I had problems with this area, so I thought I'd make a video of the solution in case anyone else gets to this point and doesn't know what to do...
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I Wanna Be The Unknown Playthrough [Part 1/2]
so I skipped that area for now Edit: after watching the video again, I think I was supposed to grab the block that's blocked by the info screen and use it as a boost Game created by DaNeo, any credits belong to him
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"Battle for Lollipop" | Icy Short Film
Aish, there's that problem of the more I edit the more I don't like what I edit again. Near the end of editing this video I was really unimpressed with this, I still am now. Anyways, for this class project, we need to make a film that tells a story. I made the story really simple and short, and emphasized on the battle. But having never filmed fight scenes before, I didn't realize how short the fight actually turns out to be, in which most of it was cliche poop and not enough actual choreographs. Flaws (updating): The poor color correction, the quality due to different sunlight, the sloppy carry out of the idea, the roughness of transitioning music, the shortage of actual fight scene footage, the discontinuity in some parts, the lack of good sound effects... Music Credits: Most Happy Fellah, A - Immediate Music Xtortion - Immediate Music Toxic Shock - Immediate Music Renegadec - Immediate Music Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden Winter Wonderland - Harry Connick, Jr. Shoot from the heart - Immediate Music
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I Wanna Be The Michael_1985 - Bosses
Michael is like dcx666, he yells a lot, he streams himself playing iwbtg fangames, and he has an accent too. The Bowser boss was pretty easy, and the pedo bear boss is just too boring. Also I don't really like the player movements overall... Credits belong to Jools64 or anyone else who helped in creating this game.
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GSCC Refugee Promo
the official one with credits and bloopers will be up maybe tomorrow or maybe in two months
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this guy
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just testing things
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I Wanna Be The Weegee Playthrough [Part 3/4]
This part took me a long time, all because of the play movements... which is the only hard part of this game, yeah I said that before Credits in the first video
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"Get Up Off My Feet" | Icy Short Film feat. WhyYouStylin
Going further than a typical fashion film, which is simply a montage of bright, vivid closeups of clothing played to music, this fashion film has a narrative feature added to it. In the event of the startup of WhyYouStylin, this film narrates the transformation of a party girl with no purpose in life to a determined, independent individual. All credits are given at the end of the film. Total production time: 60+ hrs.
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adam redbull
Views: 29 Jackson Xia

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