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Ronnie Rage - Truth (Freestyle)
www.jagfilms.net This is Ron's first release under Ronnie Räge. Video shot at Miller Street Studios in Chicago while working on his first project titled "Räge the EP" anticipated to drop this summer. Mixed by Sno. SUBSCRIBE!
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Yahama R6 - Night Ride  (Short Film) 4K
The Yamaha R6 is a beautiful machine. What better way to showcase the bike with a Night Ride through the city! www.jagfilms.net
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Paul Walker Memorial Meet/Cruise of Chicago
Some footage of the memorial for Paul Walker. R.I.P. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas **I know it may be a little shaky, didn't have my stabilizer or the rest of my camera equipment with me, only a tripod. Also, not much footage due to getting rear ended on 290, didn't make it to the city.** Song: Lana Del Ray- Ride (Barretso Remix) Support him and check out his sounds at https://soundcloud.com/barretso
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2005 Legend Lime Mustang GT Feature
**Chi Life Productions has now been changed to Jonathan Alfred Films** Super clean Mustang video. Video was filmed on a homemade camera slider, it's not perfect but it gets the job done! Show some love and hit the video with a like! Music: Summertime-Fort Frances
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Erin & Dennis' Wedding Film 6/22/18
Congratulations Erin & Dennis!
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Paul Walker Memorial 2014 with Chicago Rally
I was able to ride along with Chicago Rally for the Paul Walker Memorial. Not much footage from the actual meet was recorded due to it ending early, but here's what I put together! SONG: Odesza-It's Only (feat. Zydra)
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Farewell (Racism Short Film)
A young aspiring actor goes through the struggle of racism and ultimately decides whether this is the life for him or not. #RacismIsBullyingToo Producer: Jonathan Garcia Director: Jonathan Garcia Screenplay: Jonathan Garcia and Joe Swafford DOP: Michal Kubik Cast: Tyshawn Chrisp, Jennifer Sproule, Haley Haman, Nikki Palumbo, Kyle Pauletti Music: Prxz and Raphae jagfilms.net jagfilms.net
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2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1
**Chi Life Productions has now been changed to Jonathan Alfred Films** Just a little feature of my friends Mustang. Let me know what you think! Song: Panama-Always
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TIME (Short Film)
www.jagfilms.net Experimental Film about time. A Film by Jonathan Garcia. SUBSCRIBE! Music: https://soundcloud.com/emwhy/day-4
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Owning My Dream Car: Alex Todorov
Alex Todorov brings you into his life of owning his dream car. "Reawakening" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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JAG Films Reel 2017
One of the fastest years of my life is coming to an end. 2017 was probably the biggest roller coaster of my life. From living in LA, to graduating college, it’s been one hell of a ride. This year made me realize how truly life is worth living. I can’t wait for what 2018 and the rest of the years to come have to offer. Here’s my year visually condensed into 2 minutes. www.jagfilms.net music: Pluto - Her
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Beautiful Chicago Marriage Proposal 2015
Congratulations Noureen and Karim! www.jagfilms.net
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JDM: Mazdaspeed 3
**Chi Life Productions has now been changed to Jonathan Alfred Films** Video of my friend's Black Mazdaspeed 3. Don't forget to like the video and hit the subscribe button! Music: Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train Ft. Joni Fatora https://soundcloud.com/stephenswartzmusic
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Akber and Samah's Walima
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TiAg E46 M3 Feature - JAGFILMS
Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I've made a car feature, but what better way than to capture this super clean M3. Subscribe for more! Music: https://soundcloud.com/nickraymondg/popeska-doing-me-wrong-premiere-free-download
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Harlem Shake (Bartlett High School Version)
Harlem Shakin' before the dodgeball tourney! LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE/SHARE Please Subscribe to my other channel where we will be posting weekly episodes! http://www.youtube.com/user/BoiiEntertainment?feature=mhee STAY POSTED!! Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Harlem Shake-Baauer Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Version Harlem Shake Firefighters Harlem Shake Office Harlem Shake Army Harlem Shake Compilation Harlem Shake Black
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Cresce - Lights Out ft. Raava (Unofficial Video)
Decided to try something experimental today Music: Cresce - Lights Out ft. Raava https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCresce?_rdr https://twitter.com/crescebeats
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Akber and Samah's Shaadi
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Alpine White BMW M3 Teaser
A little teaser of this 2003 Alpine White M3. Full Feature coming soon! Song: The Eden Project-Chasing Ghosts https://soundcloud.com/the-eden-project/chasing-ghosts
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Watch what happens when you take snapchats a little too seriously. Written and Directed by: Jonathan Garcia Cast: Vikas Sharma, John Furxhi, Alex Todorov, Ryan Bauers Music: Meek Mill - Litty Bensound - Happy Rock
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Vic's 350z Teaser
A little teaser of VIc's Stanced Z. Song: Choosin feat. Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross- Curren$y
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Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart (Fan Video)
www.jagfilms.net We heard this song and we expressed how we felt about it in a little video. Hope it made you smile :) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Actor: Tyshawn Chrisp https://twitter.com/TyshTheComedian Twenty One pilots - Tear In My Heart http://twentyonepilots.com/ https://www.facebook.com/twentyonepilots?_rdr=p https://twitter.com/twentyonepilots http://youtube.com/user/twentyonepilots
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E60 M5 VS. CTS-V on Runway
This run was at NoFLyZone- Midwest in Rantoul, Illinois. E60 M5 Mods -Rpi Scoops -Headers -Evolve Tune -Muffler Delete -Springs CTS V -Pulley -Exhaust -Tune -etc.
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Farewell (Short Film)
**This is a shorter version of a film that will later be titled "7 Days."
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BMW 335XI Teaser Film
A little snippet of what's to come in the near future ;) Music: -https://soundcloud.com/prodbysupreme/fendi-store-for-sale-prodbysupreme -https://www.facebook.com/SupremeMakesHeat
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350z Commercial
**Chi Life Productions has now been changed to Jonathan Alfred Films** Project for school. Music: Kat Dahlia - Gangsta [KRSCHN Bootleg]
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E60 M5 Custom Exhaust Sound
Pierogi M5
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Coffee Run
jagfilms.net SUBSCRIBE! Music: The Lagoons - California Lil Uzi Vert - You Was Right
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Widebody E60 M5 Teaser  | JAGFILMS
Subscribe to see more of this beast! http://www.youtube.com/user/ChiiKid?sub_confirmation=1
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Be Yourself Silent Film
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Love Yourself
Nikki takes you into her darker past and tells us the importance of loving yourself. Shot and Directed by: Jonathan Garcia Starring: Nikki Palumbo Special Thanks: Tyshawn Chrisp and Alex Todorov Music: Bensound.com For inquiries: [email protected] FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jonathan-Alfred-Garcia-Films/495015123846405?ref=bookmarks
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Ronnie Rage-IDK Teaser
FULL MUSIC VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xyUVqV7ID8 Teaser of Ronnie Rage's upcoming music video titled "IDK." Follow his social media accounts for updates on the release! -https://twitter.com/ronniexrage -https://www.instagram.com/ronniexrage/ -https://www.facebook.com/Ronnie-Rage-554399261384241/?fref=ts -https://soundcloud.com/gutta_ron Directed by: Jonathan Garcia Editing and Cinematography by: Michal Kubik
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Chicago Bean Mannequin Challenge
The result of a one take and the attempt to gather random people at this busy Chicago landmark.
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A Love Letter to Chicago | Documentary (Trailer)
In this documentary, we want to show the many different voices and perspectives of those who encompass the beautiful city of Chicago. From the food, to the gorgeous skyline, we want to show Chicago the Love it deserves. A film by Jonathan Garcia and Kyle Pauletti. jagfilms.net Music: Stupead - Let Me Know https://soundcloud.com/stupead/let-me... https://www.facebook.com/stupead
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2018 has been one hell of a year. Track: midnight - Pressure Gradient
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Summertime Chi 2015 (Directors Cut)
You can't not smile while watching this video :) Directed by: Jonathan Garcia -inquiries: [email protected] -https://twitter.com/JonathannAlfred Model: Erika Grey Special thanks: Kyle Pauletti Music: Milky Chance - Flashed Junk Mind (Two Friends Remix) -https://soundcloud.com/two-friends/milky-chance-flashed-junk-mind-two-friends-remix-1 -www.facebook.com/twofriendsmusic [email protected] -www.twitter.com/2friendz -www.youtube.com/twofriendsmusic -www.instagram.com/twofriendsmusic Gear: Panasonic Lumix GH4 -Canon FD F1.8 28mm Lens -Flycam 5000
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Pi Gallery Indiegogo Campaign
www.jagfilms.net Donate to this amazing cause now! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/spreading-our-pizza-to-those-who-need-it-most#/story SUBSCRIBE!
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Sonali Patel's 21st
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Together (Short Film)
www.jagfilms.net We're all in this together. A film by Jonathan Garcia. SUBSCRIBE! Music: Thrupence - New Light https://soundcloud.com/thrupence/new-light-1
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Cracked | Short Film
A young man finds love. A film by Jonathan Garcia. **Contact: [email protected]** Starring: Adrian Olinski and Haley Haman Special Thanks to John Furxhi Music by: KR$CHN https://soundcloud.com/krystian-szymula https://www.facebook.com/KR5CHN?ref=hl Shot on the Nikon D3100.
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A Little Cruise
**Chi Life Productions has now been changed to Jonathan Alfred Films** DON'T FORGET TO WATCH IN HD! A little vid of a cruise we had to Windy City Nights III. I do know that I could have recorded more clips to make the video better but I just worked with what I had. The video is a little shaky, therefore I am looking to get a camera stabilizer. Camera used was: NIkon D3100 Music:The Socialytes - Raging The Night (Oniix Remix) CHECK HIM OUT ON SOUNDCLOUD! https://soundcloud.com/oniixmusic
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Lost Tapes Part 1
Got bored so I decided put a bunch of clips together. Clips range from 2012-2014. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos to come! Song: Hayden James-Embrace
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A Day in The Chi
**Chi Life Productions has now been changed to Jonathan Alfred Films** Spent the day in the city with my boys! Music: ♫Royalty-Free Music: "Good Bye" by JR Bricks JR Bricks SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jrbricksmusic
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A representation of the thoughts that encompass my mind. Music: Nomad - Progression https://www.facebook.com/NomadOfficialMusic
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E46 M3 VS. E60 M5 Rev Battle
Two ///M's waking up Chicago
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Akber and Samah's Mehndi
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The Alley (Short Film) - Nikon D3100
**As of right now I cannot make this available to mobile because of UMG** Plot: A friend goes missing and his friends seek to find him in a mysterious alley. This is our first ever short film. There was no script so all of it is improvised. We have plenty more on the way and we will get better as time progresses! Please hit the like button and subscribe for many more to come! Music: Atu-Doubts https://soundcloud.com/atu_n Small+Lost-Ryan Hemsworth https://soundcloud.com/ryanhemsworth
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BRUTAL Lamborghini Rev Battle! Aventador VS. Gallardo
www.jagfilms.net SUBSCRIBE! Watch this Lamborghini Aventador go at it with a Gallardo. These things sound amazing! Who won?
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LA VLOGS | Finale?!
I spent the last couple of months in LA. During my time there, I learned and experienced so much more than I could imagine. I'm in Chicago now but I will be back in LA very soon to continue the journey that I have started. Here are those months condensed into a two and a half minute video. Music: Xavi - What We Once Were
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Saturdays Are For The Boys (Short Film)
Went to Starved Rock this past weekend with the boys and it's safe to say it's never a dull moment. Made a little short film to document it all. Can't wait to share more Summer adventures with you all! Music: bonjr-tbh
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