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Welcome ._.
Yup just me being the multi cellular organism I am XD
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Epic fortnite invisible wall glitch!
Hey guys! Today while I was messing around in playground mode I found an invisible wall glitch. I'm pretty positive epic will patch this in the near future so if it doesn't work for you epic might have already patched it. Anyways this might be my last video of summer vacation "not stream" so ill cya guys in a week or so after I post this. Hope you enjoy!
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Jumping in my pool for NEARLY 200 subscribers.
So we hit nearly200 subscribers and I wanted to thank you all for supporting me on this journey. I never thought we would make it this far. Hope you enjoy me screaming like a toddler in a 30 degree Celsius pool.
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So I was scrolling down the pixel gun skin names...
Hey guys! Today I was playing pixel gun and I decided to scroll down the skin names and they were hilarious! Anyways I’m sorry for not streaming lately. I’m currently fixing my obs settings and I should be able to stream by next week. Hope you enjoy!
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Pranking a gd streamer “read description”
This video was made possible by ACKBACKPACK please subscribe to him. He makes plenty of troll gd levels. Also sub to Su1ne for being my victim... Also I will not upload for 2 weeks or so because I will be on a 2 week vacation with my family. I just wanted to make sure I got that out there so you guys know I’m not dead. Hope you have fun while I’m gone and don’t worry cause I’ll be back soon. Hope you enjoy!
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So this guy sent me a friend request today 😂
So I was playing Xbox and I found this guy who was using my face as his Xbox profile pic and I’m not sure how I feel about it XD
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Attempt at escaping granny’s house on day one...
Hey guys, I’m sure you’ve heard of the horror game granny. I’ve actually played this game for quite some time now so I decided I would make a video of me attempting to escape granny’s house on day one. Obviously I failed and at the worst time possible, and probably in the dumbest way. Please tell me your suggestions on games I should play. Also, thank you guys so much for 100 subscribers! I never thought I would make it this far! Each one of you has played an important role in my life as a small YouTuber. All I would like to say is, thank you for being here for me. It really means a lot, especially that great feeling when I start a live stream and all of you say hi in chat. It’s just the best, seeing all of you and the fact that I can recognize each one of you makes me feel like you all aren’t just subscribers! You’re my friends. Hope you enjoy!
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A quick update with sharkie
Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been active lately. I’ve been catching up with family on the holidays etc. I will notify you guys if I won’t be able to stream each weekend and if I will stream than just wait I guess XD. Anyways I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and I will see you in the next video. Hope you enjoy!
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Geometry Dash Sub Zero Nock Em 100%
Thought I might as well play a sub zero level because why not? Hope you enjoyed
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Beyblade battle “forgive me” ;-;
Yeah, people still play with beyblades... Or is it just me? Anyways hope you enjoy or enjoyed. Comment what you want me to do next. Cya
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I was botted and baited but I will carry on.
So someone was in fact voting on my channel and just unsubbed all their bots. I will learn from my mistakes and carry on. I will now on make sure my subs are not bots and never do challenges unless I’m certain they are actual people. Thank you.
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You ask, I one shot...
I was asked by a friend to one shot this level so here it is... Yes I do realize that blast processing is one of the easygoing levels. Comment what level I should do next!
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Just a Hungry shark gameplay
I was pretty bored so I decided to do a hungry shark gameplay. Hope you enjoyed!
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Gd sub zero press start 100%  “read description”
Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been pretty caught up in school and stuff. I’m working on some other videos so stay tuned for them. I just thought I should post this to let you guys know that my channel is NOT dead and that I will be posting in the future. Hope you enjoyed.
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Kill me now
If it’s a rob top level, there’s gonna be a bug.
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Simply hold to dash...
Please note that I am not using noclip nor hacking in this video. It is simply a gag level that I found.
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Trigger fist gameplay
Hey guys! First off I would like to apologize for not uploading lately. I of course am being overloaded with school work and only have so much time. Anyways I used to play this game in the early stages of the app store and thought I’d bring back some memories. I obviously got worse but it’s still good old memories. Hope you enjoy.
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Best dollar store find 2018 legit
So I was at the dollar store looking for some random junk for my low budget YouTube channel and I stumbled across cereal from last Halloween. Kinda suspicious...
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An important message with sharkie
Hey guys! Today I’ll be talking about what you should do if you are being sub botted on YouTube. If you have been angered by this or someone is harassing you just talk to me and I’ll try to help you. I also might not be able to stream this weekend for specific reasons but o might post more videos. Hope you guys enjoy!
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M9 bayonet marble fade unboxing
Hey guys, today I inboxed the m9 bayonet marble fade from elemental knives. I really love this knife considering it’s one of the higher quality knives in my collection for its price. Anyways thanks for watching this terrible review. Sorry if the camera angle is messed up for some viewers. Hope you enjoy!
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So I was digging through my closet.
So I was digging through my closet and I found this abomination...
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The worst slime video ever XD
Hey guys, I was pretty bored so I decided to buy some slime and try to make a satisfying video... Of course I failed miserably.
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Fortnite scar clan tournament round 1.
Hey guys! So as you may not know I'm in a clan hosted by the youtuber Neko Klawz. Today we did a tournament and it was super fun and intense. Spoiler alert. Neko destroys us next round "which I forgot to record' anyways thank you guys for your support and thanks you for watching. Hope you enjoy!
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