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Simple Pick Up Video Testimonial
Good idea guys. I enjoyed doing this!
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Weekly Complaint #2
here, we have an illuminating discussion on bumper sticker etiquette.
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#17 more updates and some pick up footage
I include a little piece of my love life journey - an audio of me talking to a random chick.
Views: 4 Steven Jon Lee
Sentiments Vol 2 - Transactional vs. Depth.swf
Most of my working hours are spent making transactions. I go through my day trying to accomplish little missions. It gets a little strange though when that involves getting other people to buy from me. I start seeing people in terms of how well they can transact with me. In modern American life, we are bombarded constantly by people who want to transact with us. In the transaction world, it is all about how much can we gain from every second of every encounter. Since this mindset is ingrained in our culture, I wonder if this model has begun to influence our decisions in general - for example how we choose our jobs, relationships, and the places we live. If so, I wonder if a different level of analysis would be helpful to put alongside our current way of thinking.
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Bear 3
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Bear 6
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Bear 1
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Dishwash Sermons
what do you do when you're lonely?
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#16 Log
#16 of my journey on becoming a youtube star. one month mark and i'm liking what i'm seeing.
Views: 7 Steven Jon Lee
PB Porn
my first foray into the forbidden zone.. I.. can barely watch it. so many.. emotions..
Views: 253 Steven Jon Lee

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