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Back to school shopping haul 2019| Lauren Victoria
Hey guys Sorry the vid editing so bad I just wanted to get a video up for you guys . I promise the next 3 episodes are going to be 1000000% better hopefully lol. In this video I just show haul from office works and Kmart and other places for the 2019 school season. Forgot to mention if you wanted to know I’m in year 8 if you maybe wanted to know lol. New series Back to school Part 1 Shopping haul Part 2 Morning routine Part 3 What’s in my school bag Part 4 What’s in my locker Love Lauren x
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Shopping haul | Laurenvictoria
Heyy guysss hope you enjoyed the video. Thought I would just upload a vid today even if I did my weekly one yesterday. Thanks for all the love and support from the viewers and I’m happy so many of you love the content. I can definitely tell even though it the 3 videos on my channel this year I can see and feel how more confidant I am throughout the videos that a big thanks for you by supporting be by watching and subscribe. In this video I am doing a shopping haul from (supre, cotton on, cotton on body and dusk) if you want more details about the item e.g. link, shop etc dm on Instagram or leave a comment 😊 Social media Instagram: Laurenvictoriaaaaa Pintest : Laurenvictoria ERICAS (SIS) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwC2AabjYD1EAB5fenuW8w
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Aesthetic room tour 2019|Lauren Victoria
Heyyy guys welcome to my channel make sure you subscribe for great content coming in 2019. Subscribe/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfqQ3MiyYfweNTWzv41Mug In this video I will be giving at tour around my bedroom/wardrobe. So you get to know me better. If you wanna know where something is from and I didn’t say message me though my Instagram @Laurenvictoriaaaaa. Social media @Laurenvictoriaaaa Subscriber count | 19
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Port Douglas trip 2019
Heyy guys ! I really hope you enjoyed this video;) This is a short video of all the adventures in port Douglas Queensland with my family . If you want to know any activity’s we did the link will be below here ;). Video Made on iMovie iMovie Music Blue sky By : Ikson https://youtu.be/cBUK93jYzNE Activities Zip line Jungle surfing https://www.junglesurfing.com.au Crocodile tour Solar whisper https://www.solarwhisper.com Zoo https://www.wildlifehabitat.com.au
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Come thrift with me | + HAUL
Hey guys I don’t know why I put uploading this video up I have been uploaded in like one months nearly I think I’m so sorry I’ve just been so busy with school but I hope to still upload videos I hope you really enjoy this video love u lots. In this video I take you on a thrift with me and show all the items I think of getting then a haul at the end hope you enjoyyy 👋.
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Get to know me | Lauren Victoria
Hey it’s Lauren Victoria welcome to my first video on YouTube. I wanted you guys to know me better before I put my content out I’m so excited thanks for watching. I cannot wait to grow my channel thoughout this year. Love Lauren Instagram @Laurenvictoriaaaa
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Taylor Swift reputation tour part 1
Information ————————————— Songs Into song : New man Ed sheeran Taylor swift delicate
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Taylor swift reputation tour part 2
Thanks so much for watching my video today Would be great if you could share some more love by like , subscribe and share with your best mates Erica : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwC2AabjYD1EAB5fenuW8w Zara : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fjIdLiO9GTju_FXb_llow Information Jumper : https://store.taylorswift.com/white-tour-hoodie-with-snake-design.html Song : end game https://youtu.be/dfnCAmr569k
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