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A Girl Who Can Read Minds||Ep1||Gachaverse||
Hello there! Welcome to my channel! In todays video you'll see "Girl Who Can Read Minds" series! I hope you like it! But please don't put hate to my channel 😔 I KNOW, there's some text mistages 'cause English isn't my first language. And.. I'm lazy to fix them. ||Gachaverse|| ||PowerDirector|| ||Kinemaster|| Characters - ❤Scarlett❤ ❤Tiffany❤ ❤Olive❤ ❤Isabel❤ ❤Mike❤ ❤Joseph❤ ❤Mr. Z❤ Oh and sorry for the only one music in this video! ||Take a Hint|| Enjoy!
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A Girl Who Can Read Minds///Ep2 S1///Remake
Yes, I made remake! I also changed story a bit and characters. I like it MUCH better! I made this episode in Gacha Life. More description is coming soon.
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A Girl Who Can Read Minds///Ep3 S1
Sorry, If It's too short.. I wanted to make this quickly! I hope you enjoyed!
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Sunset Lover///Meme
Kfihfufkieehkiygku I'M SO PROUD!!! And I made this with only ONE DAY! Okay, okay. - Apps used: 90s Cute Cut Pro Ibispaint X - Inspired by: https://youtu.be/-SigoxjkS2c - Bye!
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