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A Girl Who Can Read Minds||Ep1||Gachaverse||
Hello there! Welcome to my channel! In todays video you'll see "Girl Who Can Read Minds" series! I hope you like it! But please don't put hate to my channel 😔 I KNOW, there's some text mistages 'cause English isn't my first language. And.. I'm lazy to fix them. ||Gachaverse|| ||PowerDirector|| ||Kinemaster|| Characters - ❤Scarlett❤ ❤Tiffany❤ ❤Olive❤ ❤Isabel❤ ❤Mike❤ ❤Joseph❤ ❤Mr. Z❤ Oh and sorry for the only one music in this video! ||Take a Hint|| Enjoy!
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A Girl Who Can Read Minds|||Ep 2 S1|||*Read Desc*|||
Hello everyone! It's here.. FINALLY HERE! Ok so, I hope everyone like that episode! It took me a day 😃!!! And don't comment "What white block was that in the video?"! It's private!! Ok soooo.. Dares and questions!! You can dare these people: ❤Scarlett❤ ❤Tiffany❤ ❤Mike❤ ❤Joseph❤ QUESTIONS=SAME PEOPLE _•TIME OUT! No more questions and dares!•_ bYe!!!
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Fan Art Contest?|||Gachaverse||| (closed)
Hello everyone! I desided to make Fan Art Contest!!! Rules: 1. Use (only) OCs showed on the screen! 2. Don't Copy! You can only use base! OCs you can use: Me Scarlett Tiffany Mike ??? (My new OC) Price: 1st - Going to be in one of my GVMV! Gets +1 subscriber (by me😊) Gets shout out! 2nd - Gets +1 subscriber (by me😊) Gets shout out! 3nd - Gets shout out! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to send: Upload to youtube! Just record your picture! More: You can draw on paper, phone, Ipad or computer/laptop! Ends: TIME OUT! If there's some questions left, comment! Bye Bye!!
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Sweet But Psycho - Meme
Hewwo! Yep, I changed my OC. Links/リンク: NielGACHA Channel; - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTxE4tQwqJBkdQxvzCQT9Q No more links (╥ω╥`)
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Be Like You - Meme
Lazy... 😑
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Sunset Lover///Meme
Kfihfufkieehkiygku I'M SO PROUD!!! And I made this with only ONE DAY! Okay, okay. - Apps used: 90s Cute Cut Pro Ibispaint X - Inspired by: https://youtu.be/-SigoxjkS2c - Bye!
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Slime ||| Mini Skit
I am NOT owning these slime videos and this music. More description coming soon.
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Please watch! (Read Description)
Yes, I do make videos but hardly. So please support me! Thank you!
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