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Camry Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning
This is my Father's 1999 Toyota Camry with the 3.0 liter V6 (1MZ-FE) engine. About every three years, the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve always gets clogged up causing the car to keep stalling when cold started unless the accelerator was depressed while the engine warms up. It's expensive to replace (someone quoted my dad $300) but I read that a shot of carburetor cleaner down the hole usually takes care of the problem.
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Generac 4000EXL propane conversion spud in through air cleaner
Testing out a "spud in" type propane conversion on a Generac 4000 watt generator going through the side of the air filter box versus drilling out and "destroying" the gasoline carburetor. I know conversions exist using a "doughnut" adapter between the air cleaner and the carburetor intake but while not an issue with this unit; on another generator I'm planning to convert, the adapter will make the air box hit the frame. Got it working quickly but I'm still dialing in the fuel mixture and the governor on this particular generator seems to run a little fast at no load.
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BOLT toolbox lock
Installing a BOLT toolbox lock for Ford keys on a Lowes Kobalt truck box. BOLT locks set themselves to open and close with the vehicle's key when first used.
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Windows startups and shutdowns throughout the years
The many generations of Microsoft Windows startups and shutdowns noises by vbognot626 along with "Power On Self Test" screens, desktop, and sound effects I created. I used a modified AT power supply, 80mm Sunon Fan, and a Conner 420mb (yes, megabytes) hard drive to create the computer "noises" heard during "POST". The clicking noise was me tapping on a plastic container to simulate a hard drive seeking but it sounds more like a floppy drive instead.
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How to hook up a DTV converter box to portable or hand held TVs
How to hook up a digital to analog TV converter box to a portable or hand held television set via the built in antenna.
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Bathroom fan burnout
Old 120 volt bathroom fan motor lasted roughly 24 seconds on 240 volts
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Honda EU3000is generator battery replacement
Changing the battery in a Honda EU3000is inverter generator. Takes the same battery as a VFR-750R or CBR-600 motorcycle.
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Leviton silent mercury light switch
This is a light switch which uses a mercury filled tilt switch to complete the circuit when the toggle is flipped upward. Sold in the past as silent light switches as they do not "click" or make any noise when operated. Popular from the mid 60's to the late 70's, environmental concerns about the effects of mercury have since put an end to the manufacturer and sale of these switches. Many still remain in service. ReStore Find.
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HPS grill igniter
Starting a 70 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp with an electronic gas grill igniter. There is no physical or electrical connection to the ballast or any associated wiring; the spark just hits the corner of the cookie tin the lamp is resting on. For some reason, this works.
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CT 90 Rectifier Upgrade
I replaced the original selenium rectifier on my friend's 1968 Honds CT-90 K0 with a Radio Shack 25amp full wave bridge rectifier (Part #276 1185). Advantages over the original selenium rectifier include reliability, faster charging, hotter spark, and brighter lights. A neighbor of my friend who also owns a CT-90 saw this and also tried the upgrade as well; which solved his problem with his bike stalling out on hills. Here's the article I followed: http://www.herbaloutfitters.com/bike/rectifier_upgrade.html
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Chrysler Air Raid Siren at American Military Museum
Danny, a volunteer working at the American Military Museum in South El Monte, CA runs up his recently acquired Chrysler Air Raid Siren. We only bought it up to 2500 RPMs max but it was still extremely loud in person and the vibrations could be felt throughout one's chest. The RPM/Tachometer shown is not the original one.
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Lawnmower Spark Plugs
The Champion J19LM spark plug and its variation, the RJ19LM. Used in pretty much every flat head or side valved lawnmower engine I know of made by Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh.
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Microwave Turntable Motor Generator
Response to one of jaykay18's videos. I remembered I had a motor for the turntable in a microwave oven that would generate a considerable amount of voltage if manually driven. Although it does not produce a lot of current, it will still light a string of LED Christmas lights. CAUTION: Open circuit voltage may reach or even exceed 200 VAC depending on how fast you turn the shaft and will administer a nasty electric shock if contacted. Be careful around the connections!
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Tacoma Meteor
Commercial for Toyota's Tacoma pickup involving a meteor impact. Yep, it's the famous "meteor hits truck" video but without the end cut off. The burning peice of wreckage falling out of the sky near the end was the dirt bike that was in the back of the truck. Toyota has a bunch of other commercials their trucks surviving weird things.
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Furnace Closet Combustion Air Demonstration
Our heating and air conditioning instructor at my community college built this mock up with an old furnace to show us what happens when combustion air supply and exhaust is disrupted or interfered with due to improper installation or maintenance. The door to this "furnace closet" is clear plastic so one could see what happens to the flames under such conditions. Demonstrations include leaving the blower door off, blocking off the fresh air intake vents, and covering the chimney.
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Los Angeles broadcast area DTV transition test; Part 2
On December 2, 2008 at 5:28 pm Pacific time, Los Angeles area television stations conducted a DTV transition soft test. Stations KABC (Ch-7) [Which I'm tuned to], KCET (Ch-28), KCBS-TV (Ch-2), KPXN (Ch-30), KTLA (Ch-5), KOCE (Ch-50), KLCS (Ch-58), KSCI (Ch-18), and KNBC (Ch-4) participated in this test During the 2 minute test, programs on the analog channels were cut off and replaced by a message displayed stating that viewer needed to prepare for the Feb 17, 2009 transition. TVs tuned to the stations' digital channels and received via cable/satellite continued to display the currently aired program. I set up my old Magnavox TV next to my Polaroid 15" HDTV (has built in ATSC tuner) on the same antenna and tuned both to the same station for comparison.
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Indoor Streetlight Display
Found this on an old memory card. This is the indoor streetlight demonstration area in the in the Innovation room at the Irwindale Southern California Edison's Energy Education Center. The streetlights as well as other lighting fixtures in the room are controllable by visitors. Lights featured: 1. LEDway by BetaLED 2. HPS GE-M250R2 3. Induction; likely based on AEL-125 4. ReLume Technologies R-series
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Foothill Transit Line 178
On the Gillig
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Regent 175 watt Yard Light Re-wire, Part 1
This is a Regent 175 watt Mercury Vapor yard light fixture that used to be outside my Uncle's garage. The ballast it originally came with had since developed a loud buzz (it could double as a door-bell buzzer) so we replaced it with a spare Lithonia brand yard light. I kept this fixture with the intention of converting it to an M57 ballast so it can run both 175 watt probe-start Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor lamps
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RV Gas Grill hookup
Converted my neighbor's portable gas grill so it could work off the propane connection on the side of his trailer. This works on the Blue Rhino or MasterForge portable grills from Lowe's and the Brinkman portable grill from Home Depot which have a thread on fitting to attach the regulator to the burner tube. The Char-Broil and Weber Go-Anywhere grills don't work with the valve I'm using as they use a snap on style regulator instead.
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Kidde Smoke and CO Alarm
In a previous video, I showed my old First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm which was in need of replacement. This was what I replaced it with.
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Supercharging a Xentec HID ballast
Took one of these apart and found a hidden potentiometer on the board which could be adjusted to make the ballast deliver more power to the lamp.
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Ott Lite "Visionsaver" 13 watt Preheat Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Yep, a preheat spiral compact fluorescent lamp does exist in the form of this Ott Lite Visionsaver 13 watt compact fluorescent. This was made to be used in their line of decorative desk lamps and piano lamps where a regular twin tube 13 watt PL lamp would be too long to fit completely within the shade. Although the design is unique to Ott Lite, it has the same GX23-2 base that a 13 watt PL-C preheat compact fluorescent lamp uses and operates on the same magnetic ballast
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KD Tools 2632 Portable Ignition System
Found this in my Uncle's garage. The spark is much louder in person.
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Caster 175 W mercury vapor lamp
Took this bulb and ballast out of a Lithonia yard light that I found in the corner of my Uncle's garage. I still have the fixture itself at Uncle Frank's and plan to put a 175 watt metal halide ballast in it before we install it over the garage entrance. Excuse the background noise, I have a fan running on high in my room
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Slab Leak
Well, something like this would eventually happen. We had a leak in a hot water line that ran through the foundation between our laundry room and the downstairs bathroom. Didn't take us too long to locate the leak but my friend's dad who helped fix it had to jackhammer the concrete out in the hall closet floor to make the repair.
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Popped some popcorn on the stove using a Wok. I was trying to shoot for a "kettle corn" type taste (slightly sweet and slightly salty); hence the sugar. Still need to work on the right amount since it came out a little too sweet and most of the salt ended up in the bottom of the bowl (should have used Kosher salt but I only had table salt) but it still came out good.
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Sidemarker Turnsignal With Wiring
I decided to re-upload this video with the wiring being performed. Hopkins 48895 trailer light converter used to get the front marker lights on a friend's truck to flash with the turn signals. Wiring Diagram: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/yuandrew/media/markerflashwithtrailerconn_zpskdetaldi.jpg.html
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Garage door opener repair
The motor drive board on my Genie Excelerator garage door opener went out two weeks ago. I ordered a new board and changed it out myself today.
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"EYE" SB Mercury Lamp
100 watt "EYE" Self Ballasted Mercury Vapor lamp by Tokyo, Japan based Iwasaki Electrical Co LTD.
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Foothill Transit Route 289 West
Riding a Foothill Transit NABI bus to "Twin Pines" (Punte Hills) mall.
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Uncovering my long forgotten Goped Sport
This is a 1997 or 98 Goped "Sport" I got from a friend years ago with a broken off/missing engine. Soon to be repaired.
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OttLite fluorescent desk lamp trash find
Needed a new ballast.
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My low pressure sodium converted Lights of America wall pack
This was a 42 watt FluoreX™ (model 9042) fixture by Lights of America until I gutted it and installed an 18 watt low pressure sodium lamp and Fullham Workhorse 2 instant-start electronic CFL ballast in place. Inspired by the Norelco (Philips) Mini-Sox wall pack from the early 80's which I first saw while camping at Silverwood Lake.
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Mr. Gasoline Bonfire Starter
A remix of the "Crazy German Bonfire Explosion" set to the audio from my favorite Real Men of Genius commercial. Made for the upcoming Memorial Day.
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Redi-Line Motor Generator
How you got AC from DC before solid-state electronic inverters
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Eagle Hardware Grand Opening Video
Grand opening promotional video for Eagle Hardware and Garden (now Lowe's) which opened a store in my town back in 1998
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Pringles Cannon
This is a tennis ball cannon my neighbor and his son made using three Pringles cans taped together with camouflage duct tape . It lasted five shots previously before this happened.
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LA Metro route 490 East
Riding one of LA MTA's many CNG fueled NABI buses on Route 490 heading east towards Cal Poly Pomona
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Rain Jet Water Smart 8800
Found this sprinkler at a Do It Best hardware store. Since this is an extremely rare model and no longer produced, I just decided to buy it. I also bought a spike base with a hose connector so I can operate it as a portable head.
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KABC 7 Digital Switchover
At 12:00 PM on Jun 12, 2009; television station KABC-7 switched off it's analog terrestrial broadcast signal for the transition to digital broadcasting. I set up my old Magnavox 13" TV again to catch the last few seconds of their analog signal before they went off air.
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Six Flags "Chariots of Fire" commercial
A Six Flags commercial from around 1998. This one is for Great America's "8 coaster challenge" but I remembered a similar commercial that aired in the Los Angeles area for Magic Mountain using the same scene but featured the then newly released "Riddlers Revenge" stand-up roller coaster Synopsis: A guy is shown running through the park in slow motion to Chariots of Fire. He reaches the "finish line"; a trash can, into which he throws up while his friends point and laugh at him as the announcer mentions "Another Satisfied Customer". Cut to videos of the roller coasters featured in the theme park for the market area. Announcer: Got the Stomach for it ? Cut back to guy still with his head in the trash can "I'm In" Announcer: Six Flags, you in or you out ?
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Southern California; 70 years of 60 hz AC
Prior to October 27, 1948; much of the Southern California region's electricity operated at 50 hz rather than the 60 hz alternating current we use today throughout North America. https://gizmodo.com/before-1948-las-power-grid-was-incompatible-with-the-r-1683629042 https://waterandpower.org/museum/Mystery_History_Answers(April_2015).html
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Edison SmartConnect™ Meter Upgrade
I got my smart meter installed today. The new Itron Centron digital meter replaced a mechanical Landis & Gyr which has 91929kw/h on the clock.
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Tiny Tach II
Installed the Tiny Tach on the Briggs & Stratton powered Toro Super Pro Recycler.
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Toyota 1 Ton Longbed Pickup
This is my neighbor's 1986 1 ton Toyota Truck with a blown motor. I was told the last time it ran, his friend/co-worker who borrowed it decided to top off the oil and ended up overfilling it which somehow blew the motor (the lower half of the engine has oil everywhere when I looked at it.) It was towed back home and has been sitting in his driveway since. I'm trying to talk him into swapping a Toyota diesel engine into it but in anyway; hopefully, we'll get this running again.
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Reusing CFL ballasts on linear lamps
A couple people have asked me how I wired a CFL ballast to operate a linear tube so I made this video and some drawings. It depends on your particular bulb but it's just a matter of matching up which wire goes where on each end of the tube.
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Thunderbolt Siren sound-off
Sounding a Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T air raid siren at Charles' ranch in Moorpark after fixing the rotator.
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Generac iQ2000 air conditioner test
Attempting to run a 13,500 BTU/hr RV rooftop air conditioner on a single Generac 2000 watt inverter type generator on a 9o+ degree day. RV is a 1999 Fleetwood Mallard travel trailer with the factory Coleman Mach 3 rooftop air. A/C unit was also equipped with SuperBoost SPP6 hard start kit and a time delay relay on thermostat "Y" terminal to stagger fan an compressor startup.
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Propane Weedwacker
Craftsman 25cc 4-stroke propane fueled weedwacker by LEHR. Found at Sears in Montclair Plaza mall.
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