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The Saber tooth Lawn Tigers fabbed up this sick custom race lip for the rice honda hatch! The car is looking fresh as all hell now!
Rice Honda Hatch gets a COMPLETE Re-Spray!!
Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers are sick of the boring silver/grey nasty stock paint job, so the decide to kick it up several notches my painting the hatch with a tiger themed paint job
Rice Honda Hatchback Quick Update
** READ ME** Its been a snowy spring for the Sabertooth Lawn Tigers so not too much thats been done to the Rice Hatch but heres a quick update to tie you over till we get more vids up. Huge Thanks to our buddy Phil for making the music featured in this video!! He used the 'Rodrigo Kolb dubstep pads' Available on the Google Play store.
Rice Honda Civic Hatch Race Hood Mod!
The Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers are working on their Civic. Modding the hood so they will have superior under-hood cooling!! **Remember to replace your moms hood bolts with the ones you wont need from your Honda **The Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers Do Not recommend recreating anything shown in any Saber Tooth Lawn Tiger Film**
96 Honda Civic Race Car Build, LSD as F**K
Just wanted to show yall our old build before you see the new one come together. This 96 Honda hatch has been the king of the street in the Ontario for the last 10 years. Now its time to step it up.
Ricer Honda Bumper Fail
Ricer Hondas beware!!!! Think first before you drive down a dirt alleyway! Let the Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers teach you why its a bad idea The car is a 2000 Honda Civic Si Coupe. **The Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers Do Not recommend recreating anything shown in any Saber Tooth Lawn Tiger Film**
Hackura gets a B18 on the CHEAP, Zero Farks
After being slow as hell at the track, we had to give the Hackura some more power. Since its a POS we got for 300 we didnt want to spend much on it. I picked up this B18 out of a 1994 Integra for $300, full swap. just didn't have driver side engine mount so I just welded up one. Made the car a hell of a lot more fun.
New Years Eve SV650 Burnout.
Wanted to do a burnout for Hagard garage's call out, but clutch is done in the old wagon. So did one on the new SV650. First burnout Ive ever done on a bike.
The Ricer Honda Gets a New Frontend
The Ricer Hondas front end was very rusty and frigged over so it got a new one. Well it did months ago, and that ones ruined now but thats what yall will be seeing in the furture. Been slacking on updates, but I will have bunch in the near future.
Rice Honda gets a new EL frontend and goes RACING!
Super late upload, almost been a year. This is a video of the Hackuras first time to the track. Had to get a before time, before we did any big changes. Ran a best of a 17.3 I think, bone stock 1996 CX. Ran a 16 flat later in the year, but thats another video.
Snow Donuts in New Project Drift Wagon
Theres still alot more to come from the Ricer Honda, I made lots of movies over the summer I am just slow at editing. For this video, I dug up an old project to make a new project out of. The wagons seen alot of drag racing and street drifting but I munched it up a bit and it never was the same. So instead of being sad I might as well drift it.
Rice Honda Civic Hatch Red Valve cover!!!!!
The Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers paint the Honda valve cover Red... Or did they...
Ricer Honda Update and Brother becomes a Euro Douche?
Just a quick update, we have filmed some good shit recently but been busy with work and havent made them movies so I figured I better update yall on something. The Euro Douches car is a 1995 Passat TD
How To SLAM Your Honda For FREE!!
We show you how we slammed our Honda for almost no money. Created with Corel VideoStudio.

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