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Budget trolling motor foot switch.
My boss gave me an emergency stop button and enclosure that use to be installed at a gas station. I removed the switch and installed a 20 amp dc momentary switch, painted the enclosure and mounted it on the bow.
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Brother XR-37 Sewing Machine Find
Found this brother sewing machine on the side of the road, someone was throwing it away so I decided to bring it back to the house and play with it.
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Wayne Ovation2 Dispenser
This is a new Wayne Ovation2 B23 3+1 blender dispenser in Citgo Graphics.
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Bayliner Capri 1700ls Fish n Ski
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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VeriFone RubyCI point of sale
A brief overview of the components that are included and/or optional on a VeriFone ruby CI point-of-sale system. This point-of-sale system can interface to the following dispenser brands including Wayne, Gilbarco, Tokhiem, and Bennett.
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Fully Loaded Wayne Ovation2 Dispenser
This is a video of a transaction on a fully loaded Wayne Ovation2 LX 3+1 dispenser. This dispenser has the following options; speed pass, Emv hybrid card readers,10" color screens, programable grade select led back lights, and led transaction indicators. This video was filmed at around Rock Texas just around the corner from where Wayne equipment is manufactured.
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Budget Trolling Motor
If you do not have the money to buy a bow mount motor then here is an alternative.
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Lego RC car Jay.AVI
I modeled this Lego RC car after one of my favorite vehicles, the desert pre-runner. It features front independent suspension with 3/4" of travel, rear 4 link suspension with 1" of travel, electric steering with a manual backup, forward and reverse, and I also included a front push bar. I used a body of a DuraTrax R/C car and was able to use Lego's to fasten the body to the chassis.
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LNVA Canal Emptied
A very small portion of the Lower Neches Valley Authority a Canal was emptied to service a pump station. This canal is located between Beaumont and Lumberton Texas.
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My Abu Garcia ambassadeur reels 2-22-14
I have three of these reels and love them. All three are Swedish made, not the Chinese made models that look similar that you can purchase in Walmart or academy.
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Garage sell fishing reels cheap$$$$
Purchased 3 reels at a garage sell cleaned and fixed when needed. 1 eagle claw baitcaster. 1 Johnson country mile 15 enclosed and 1 Shakespeare xterra big water.
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Vapor recovery to non Vapor hanging hardware kit
The TCEQ Texas Commission of Environmental Quality announced that gas stations in Beaumont, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso may decommission stage 2 vapor recovery starting May 16, 2014. Hanging Hardware manufactures such as OPW, Catlow, Husky, and VST have pre-assembled kits available for purchase. PumpTex Inc will carry these kits.
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VeriFone MX760 SPP with MX870 Gilbarco Simulator
Nice compact footprint for a gas station fuel simulator.
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Emco Wheaton Spill Bucket
PumpTex just installed a new Emco Wheaton Stainless Steel Spill Bucket Liner in an existing troublesome spill bucket.
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Budget Livewell for Budget Boat
This is a budget Live Well setup for a Alweld Boat. This will keep your bait happy.
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Wayne Ovation2 Installed and Operating
via YouTube Capture
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CREE CPY Series LED for Gas Station Canopy's.
CREE gas station canopy LEDs CPY250
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New bird feeder for spring
Bought this bird feeder at Walmart for $5.00. It comes with suction cups so that you can mount it to a window.
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Home Made Surf Rod Holder
For about $8.00 you can get a couple of decent Surf Rod Holders.
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Oak island Anahuac Texas Aligator
This alligator attacked my popping cork so I set the hook. The fight lasted 15 minutes and he was let go to fight another day.
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New Wayne Ovation2 with LX package/custom graphics
New install, older Gilbarco Advantage dispensers were replaced with new Wayne Ovation2 dispensers equipped with 10" color screens.
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Cruising the trinity river in Anahuac Tx
Heading north to the walessville boat ramp.
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New Wayne Ovation Dispenser Mobil Image
New Wayne Ovation Mobil/Synergy Dispensers with a new feature for the soft keys. In the past soft keys were typically membrane switches or full travel middle keys now they are capacitance touch. It is expected within the next couple of years we will have touchscreens at the forecourt.
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New GoPro at the LNVA Canal
Playing around with my new Birthday Present at the LNVA Canal.
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Turtle bayou anahuac tx
Another video of turtle bayou, heading north east approaching fm 563 bridge. Fishing was not so good.
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Turtle Bayou Boat Ride Hankamer Texas
This is video of a boat ride north of interstate 10 heading south ending at Hankamer Texas. Turtle Bayou ends at Lake Anahuac.
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Flathead Catfish LNVA canal
Caught this flathead catfish on a limb line on the LNVA canal Beaumont Texas.
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Tokheim Premier B Pump/dispenser simulator
This is a factory built Tokheim Premier B simulator with the vxdhc, 67b, and 69 interface boxes. This model comes with the insight graphics and is currently connected to a Ruby Super System.
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Alweld boat w/40 hp Evinrude
Cruising on the Neches River in Beaumont Texas
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Cruising Turtle Bayou Anahuac Tx
Cursing to the end of Turtle Bayou, it ends at lake Anahuac.
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EVO 200 Tank Monitor
This is the new Franklin Fueling EVO 200 tank monitor system.
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1st Trip to the LNVA Canal with new Fishing Rig
Made my 1st trip to the LNVA canal here in Beaumont Texas. No drama nothing broke or fell out of the bike trailer. Had several bites and or nibbles but was not able to catch anything.
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Wayne Hi Flow Ovation
This is a brief overview of the new Wayne Ovation high flow dispenser, built in Round Rock Texas.
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Checking Lines On the Colorado River Eagle Lake Texas
Just checking some lines that were set the night before. No catfish this time around but was still a nice morning to be on the water.
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Fishing at Caney Creek Lake Sam Rayburn Early March
My coworker Rod was nice enough to invite me fishing at Caney Creek which is on the North West side of Lake Sam Rayburn NE of Zavala Tx. We caught a couple of dink Large Mouth and 5 Keeper on crank baits and Lip less 1/2 oz Red Rattle traps. The camera work is crappy, I do not have a Go Pro....yet.
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Getting gas at an Exxon with VeriFone Commander
PumpTex just installed a new VeriFone Commander Site Controller at a Exxon in Beaumont Tx. This video shows the quick prompts at the dispenser. Previously the location had VeriFone Sapphire.
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Cruising oak island Texas part 1
Mother's Day weekend 2014 oak island Texas cruising in the Alweld.
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Budget Tilt For Outboard Motor
Ok well see if this works on the water. This 1987 40hp Evinrude is not equipped with Tilt/Trim, it is very difficult to lift it up do to the weight so I came up with this idea. Obviously it helps that this boat has a complete wrap around deck.
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Gilbarco Advantage
These dispensers were removed from service. They have dispensed a lot of fuel over the years.
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Homemade Fishing Reel Spooler
Made this fishing reel line spooler out of scrap wood.
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Ruby CI fuel transaction
via YouTube Capture
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Transaction at a site with RubyCi
This video demonstrates a transaction at a location with a VeriFone ruby CI electronic point of sale system. The location has Gilbarco advantage dispensers with EPP transactions speed is equivalent to a VeriFone Commander Topaz location.
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Perch caught in a private pond
My coworker caught at least 30+ perch utilizing the perch trap I've made. They were caught at his private pond. Very lively.
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Force/mercury 120 on muffs
1995 mercury/force 120 hp mounted on a Bayliner.
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Wayne Helix 3+1+1 e85 Dispenser
A brief overview of a Wayne Helix Model 45-53 e85 Dispenser.
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Gilbarco Advantage blender dispensers/TS1000
This is a video of two remanufactured Gilbarco Advantage blender dispensers connected to a Gilbarco TS1000 Console.
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Downtown Beaumont Tx Neches River Bayliner
Approaching downtown Beaumont TX on a 1995 Bayliner Capri 1700. This is on the Neches River.
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Jeepin Lucerne Valley California
We started off at Sawtooth Campground then picked up dirt road 3330 which takes you to 3N14. San Bernardino County California. We were rollin in my mom's 2011 Jeep Wrangler.
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Ice chest Radio
Built this ice chest radio for the boat, beach and around the house use. Will run on battery's or 110volts.
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