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YUNG BAE - I want your love
Uhuh,just wanted to make a tribute to Cutie Honey ever since Cutey Honey Tears came out so why not a vaporwave video with Cutey Honey? Don't see anyone upload a vaporwave with her face on it so why not? This is my dream video come true. Most of you peeps remember me as MultiDrJekyll and accent364 and some other accent dude years ago. Do know I do not own anything in this video accept my name so anything else seen here belongs to their companies and creators.
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Saint Pepsi - Vanilla Pepsi (Desired Edit)
I've seen a complaint of someone hearing this from a video but didn't like the video itself so I decided to make this as a counter reply to that comment. Vanilla Pepsi,everyone. https://soundcloud.com/desired/vanilla-pepsi For those who love the music and wanna download it.
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ConsciousThoughts x Aritus - Chatham (Old)
Here we go guys,another Vaporwave video which will feature a very sexy Batgirl. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Also,this video is NOT for the faint of heart. Enjoy. Edit: I got scared due to copyright notice and I thought I was in trouble. Music's gone. X_X
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Saban's VR Troopers anime intro
A fan-made parody which is not supposed to be endorsing me money but made for entertainment purposes. So this is a what-if Season 3 of VR Troopers that took place in the year 2030 where it seems that the city of Megalo,once it was called Mariner Bay,other times it was called Cross World City, California where Ryan Steele and his friends resided in in the 90's. Megalo City has been barricaded from the outside world due to a number of disasters and incidents that declared it 'The Disaster Zone'. One of these incidents included the appearance of these giant crystals in the middle of Megalo City and yet despite many of the researchers of this surviving "lost cause" city examined them, no one really knows what their purpose or significance is. 2036 has arrived,the Wardrones who were once banished by the VR Troopers of the 90's have returned to wreak havoc but things have changed it seems in terms of their appearance as they may not look more technological but have turned into metal,organic hybrid abominations who have now been dubbed 'Youma'. The city of Megalo is an interesting town as it may seem futuristic in an ideal sense but thanks to the entire world cutting contact from...'The Disaster Zone',the technology in Megalo City is a mix between 80's and modern tech of now so don't be surprised to see a telephone booth outside your house. I can go on with this story but it is something that will enrich the VR Troopers and Sonic Soldier Borgman,its source material with new life.
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Asuka Kazama Cosplay Reel and Battle
Probably a safe video to see this than the whole video which is...yeah. This is the safest you're gonna see out of this video of Asuka 'hottie' Kazama. If anyone knows who the name of the modeler is,please comment. Edit: Ok..I've found out her name is @You/Yuu Ato...she's a porn star/JAV (Japanese Adult Video) Idol apparently. Search at your own risk. I'm outta here.
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Overalls babes appreciation music video (80's - 90's style)
Now here's an AMV to show our love for not only girls but babes in overalls in general..throughout the ages...well,some of it. Sure,people might have some backlash to it but overalls (lol),Overalls or 'ralls as I call them are still a surviving fashion till this day. This is a shout-out to 'Overalls wedgie' (whose account is dead) as well as the tumblr of 'Babes in Overalls'. I suggest you check him out here: https://babes-in-overalls.tumblr.com/ WHOO!! Enjoy the video.
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Momo dances to Bottom's up remix from SF 3
Here's a video with a custom border to represent some 80's - 90's anime aesthetic and me practicing audio mixing with After Effects. A video with a chinese dancer named Momo who was originally dancing to some trash K-pop song (imo,don't hate) so I decided to change it up a bit. Not to worry,I'll be uploading the original video soon. This video is more of a practice for me to try out mixing options. Music used: Freedom Planet 2 - Avian Museum (Beta or something. Hopefully Leila Wilson doesn't kill me for this. T_T) DJ Max-E/MaxieDaMan - Hugo theme Street Fighter 3 Bottom's Up remix What do you guys think? Leave a comment and maybe...just go crazy..hell,even thumbs down if you hate this. Be sure to leave criticisms as well and not hate. What other music you think she should dance to? Please do so.
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Sexy Chinese girl in Overalls dancing
Original title: 陌陌网页版Momo - 小妖潘妮 Cute little Girl Dancing Yeah,here's the original video of this sexy asian babe dancing to your modern music of choice. Uncut. Enjoy. Leave a comment,thumbs up,do freakin' anything you want like write your fantasies in the comments section. This is also a tribute to Overalls wedgie channel. Feel free to check him out for chicks like these. ;)
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Saban's Machine Troopers Battlehackers Intro
The Following is a NON-PROFIT FAN PARODY made purely for entertainment purposes, no copyright infringement is intended. Karn and the others from The Helmets and Henshin Network have ruled the land with their Power Rider Fusion,imagine if now that Saban is with Hasbro...they turned Gobots...into a future sequel of VR Troopers but make it into Machine Troopers Battlehackers? It's prequel Machine Troopers Revenge of Chronos and VR Troopers Season 3 intros coming soon. Story goes as this takes place after the third Season of VR Troopers (which I will put up later if this video survives) and Machine Troopers Cronos. This will allow the backstory of how not only Grimlord but also the Megazords from Power Rangers came into fruition as they first originated on the Electronic Planet B-1 where things have gone bad. Think the original Transformers G1 if it were Die Hard-ed and Liefeld to the MAX!! 5 young adults crash land on the war-torn Planet B-1 in the middle of the Machine Troopers and Gurendos Empire wardrones war and must survive alongside their newfound robotic alien allies including the reluctant Battlehackers led by Robo Jetron in order to not only find a way back to Earth but also to defend their new friends' home from Grimlord and his territory's empire which is also led by his son - Gaklander. For toys,Hasbro's got Gobots. This will have TONS of ideas as there are a lot of toy ideas to be spread around. Also,it can have the Godaikin toyline robots minus Golion for reasons to be released under the Machine Troopers Brand.
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Machine Robo Battlehackers Opening - Gundam Wing Style
Just a little something for fun and the reason why was because I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2CLRG-DA1Q Was impressed by it and I thought I might give it a try. This is a shout-out and a BIG thank you to RetroRobotRadio for giving me a chance to see a LOT of Transformers audiobooks from the 80's and not to mention,Machine Robo related stuff,better than Gobots. And I hope to god internationally,Machine Robo would be a thing. Maybe after people get sick and tired of Transformers. Maybe Hasbro can ditch Gobots and give us dubs to Machine Robo on TV or Netflix. Oh and be sure to comment on what makes this thing tick.
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J-Decker opening (C.O.P.S. style) feat. Cutie Honey
Watching J-Decker was pretty fun. I thought to myself the music would've been better if they had emulated it to be like COPS which was made by Hasbro but animated by DIC. Added in Cutie Honey because by the time J-decker was released,Cutie Honey came back full force and also,during Shadowmaru's debut including his commercial,he stole Cutie Honey's calling card or catchphrase. Also,not a lot of battle chick heroes in this anime so added in CH because why not? She's a robot too. I mean cyborg/android. It's crime-busting time.
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Young Chinese Woman In Black Leather Suit dancing to music of my choice
Here's that video which was once on the air but now offed due to dumb reasons. Now added with my music of choice because I was practicing how to use After Effects for sound cancelling during last year. Now,it's up for viewing...without any copyrighted music that I know of until further notice.
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Spiderman Japanese Dub style end credits project 1A
To keep up with the times since Avengers: Endgame will be coming soon along with the final Spiderman movie between Sony and Disney before their partnership ends sadly,this video was meant as a tribute to MrJackal95's video of what and how Spiderman the 90's cartoon would've been like if it were dubbed into Japanese which unfortunately,never did but X-men did. This is a little what-if ending for that. Thank you,MrJackal95 for that idea.
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Hand Injury PSA Video
This was a video about Hand Safety which was done last year. Never showed it till now. It's very dated by today's standards.
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Coca-Cola Motion Graphics Recreation Ad
A recreation of a Mo-Graph style commercial by me.
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Earth: Saving it PSA Motions Graphics
A recreation of a Motions Graphics Ad about Earth.
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Transformers Titans Return Title Screen demo (Game mock-up)
Due to internet connection,I never got through uploading the title screen mock-up demo of TF Titans Return/Combiner Wars...whatever part of the Prime Wars Trilogy,you'll always play the same game. Inspired by FMV Homebrews videos,specifically the Voltron and Video Driver videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG0Ek2fqUw8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUNBq8vKCsk
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Zaki Demo Reel 2019
Here are some of the Motions Graphics videos I've done.
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What it takes to be an Animator (Video Recreation)
A 2D Infographics recreation about how to become an animator.
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Earth Hour Infographic (3D Earth ver.)
A full Infographics of Earth Hour using a 3D model of Earth. Recreation by me.
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Earth Hour Infographic (2D Earth ver.)
A full Earth Hour infographics recreation by me but using 2D model of Earth as a placeholder.
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Transformers Generations Prime Wars Trilogy Video Game Intro (Fan-made Mock-up)
To celebrate Machinima being burnt into dust along with the crappy-ass Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy "EDGY" cartoon,my last year-self wanted to make a mock-up of what a video game based off of Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy toy-line would have been like. Taking the words of RodimusPrimal during his review of his Titans Return cartoon video,I decided to have a little fun with it. This is inspired by the Voltron Arcade game video I saw many times but the guy's channel who made it is no longer on Youtube for some stupid reason so I'll say this series of videos will be inspired by the Dragon's Lair style arcade games we were used to back in the 80's. Enjoy. Well...this is only the intro and since this was started since 2018 of 2nd Feb,it shows its age. -_- Wait...found them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUNBq8vKCsk I just suck at searching for titles.
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Infographics replication
A Motions Graphics replication by me
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Earth Hour Infographics Motions Graphics
An ad about Earth Hour Infographics but with a few touches.
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Mental Health Motions Graphics PSA
A recreation of a Motions Graphics Ad about Mental Health.
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Aritus - Flight (final mix)
Another Vaporwave video with a showcase of a hot lady in cosplay form. Who'd thunk it? Of course,none of these things in the video belong to me but to their respective owners.
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