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MACKLEMORE Hair & Style Tutorial by Dre Drexler
This week we bring you the MACKLEMORE HAIR & STYLE TUTORIAL! Personally our favorite video we have done yet! Let us know what you think by writing a comment below! Be sure to sign up to be a part of our society for free at www.classactsociety.com I do not own any rights to this song SONG: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis x Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us (Vival-D Dubstep Remix) Vival-D Productions Click here to download song: https://soundcloud.com/maxik-starodub...
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Whats up everyone! I'm going to start involving HAIR & STYLE Videos! Hope you guys dig it! Let me know what you think! I am Also going to be on SLIKHAARTV again soon with my good bros RASMUS & EMIL! I will be doing new videos with their new launch WAX product called "BY VILLAIN" coming soon!!!! Super stoked for you guys all to see! So be sure to subscribe and check out slikhaartv at http://www.youtube.com/user/mhrrasmus and www.slikhaar.tv for products and videos! Thx for watching you guys! MAD LOVE & GOD BLESS, -DRE Music by KB - GO OFF feat. ANDY MINEO & TEDASHII http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5BQTx8BTkw Crown - 3.5 inches Top front - 4.5 inches Sides and Back - 1.5 inches
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8 Steps to a Better Life
This week I wanted to share with you guys some great things that I learned from a seminar that I went to. If you watch this video and apply these things to your life, I believe you can definitely take your life to the next level. Also, I will be coming back with some hair and style videos soon on my VERY own web site which will also be coming as well! Stay tuned and be sure to follow me on my new LOOKBOOK ACCOUNT at http://www.lookbook.nu/dredrexler music: Inf1n1te - Wake Up
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MARCO REUS Haircut tutorial and Fashion
This week, I wanted to bring my peoples something special! I decided to cut my hair like Marco Reus, which is a very drastic cut. I'm sure you guys will dig it, that's why I decided to cut it like his. I picked up some new clothes as well, and got some great deals! Especially at loehmann's, its a new joint I discovered down by the beach here in California. I'm like a little kid in the candy store in that place! haha, It's dope! Check it out when you have time! Hair Product - Distorter by Hairbond - http://www.Hairbondusa.com Shirt - Loehmann's Jacket - Loehmann's Belt - Guess Pants - Active Necklace - Manafest.net Song: We are infinite by Inf1n1te
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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Hair & Style by Dre Drexler
This week we bring you the Justin Timberlake hair and style tutorial! One of our favorite videos we have put together! Hope you guys dig it! PRODUCTS USED: Chicago Comb: www.ChicagoComb.com Hairbond Moulder: www.Hairbondusa.com For More Hair Products visit: www.slikhaartv.com
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Jaden Smith Haircut Tutorial and Style by Dre Drexler
This week we bring you JADEN SMITH's Haircut tutorial and his style breakdown. We take Cliff Dwaynes afro and trim it up nice and clean just as Jaden did. Be sure to sign up to be a part of the society at www.classactsociety.com where you will be able to get more exclusive videos and blogs from! See you there! Mad Love, -DRE Song: Shakespeare by Jaden Smith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umB1oSZvOfI
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2014 Hair & Fashion Styling feat. NorthSkull
Last week I was blessed to receive some special products from NorthSkull. They are a jewelry company that started in 2009, that have the dopest products out right now. They sent me some bracelets and necklaces that are super cool. In this video I am rocking the Black Maple Wood Jesus Piece and the Black Macram'e 18KT Gold Skull Bracelet by NorthSkull. Be sure to check out all their awesome products at http://www.NorthSkull.com Hairwax: Sculptor by http://www.Hairbondusa.com Also, my web site www.dredrexler.com will be launching very soon! So be on the lookout! Follow me on instagram, twitter, and facebook @dredrexler Music: Sirensceol "Sensation"
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Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut and Style by Dre Drexler
We recently saw the new movie Prisoners in theaters last week and completely loved the film! We were also very impressed with Jake Gyllenhaal's Hairstyle in the film and thought we should cover it in our next video... So here it is! Product: Moulder by HairBond http://www.HairBondUsa.com Also be sure to check out http://www.SlikhaarTV.com for more Awesome Hair Products for men! Song 1: The Okinawa Dance by TeknoAXE Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe?feature=watch Song 2: Never Backdown by Dre Drexler Link: https://soundcloud.com/dre-drexler
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Nadech Kugimiya 2013 Hair & Fashion using Gold Digger ByVilain
Yo! What's up family!? How have you been this holiday season? Got all of your holiday shopping done? Alright, so this month I got to meet a new friend by the name of Aun! He came in from Thailand last week to come hang out! He's one of the coolest dudes I've ever met! Super chill guy. The second I met him, I saw he had mad style so I just had to ask him to do a video with me. So be sure to check it out! I hope you guys dig the video! Let me know what you think! Also, my new web site DreDrexler.com will be launching Feb. 1 2014! Be sure to sign up to be apart of my newsletter at http://dredrexler.us6.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ae4beb05c1&id=8a42fedf67 Thx guys! -Dre Drexler Hair Product: Gold Digger byVilain (http://www.slikhaarshop.com) Bracelet: Gold Skull Bracelet by North Skull (http://www.northskull.com/black-macrame-18kt-gold-skull-bracelet.html) Song: Mortar by Drop The Baseline
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Motivational Workout Video by Dre Drexler
Everybody has the ability to be great and do something Amazing. But it doesn't come easy. You must search deep within yourself and fight for it. My number one priority is to help and challenge people to release their full potential in whatever they want to achieve in life. Be a part of the society now at www.DreDrexler.com
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HARLEM SHAKE Dre Drexler Edition
Here it is everyone! My very own Harlem Shake Video! I been dying to do one of these and I finally got to put one together with my close family and friends! We had so much fun putting this together! Super stoked! Hope you guys enjoy it!
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Chris Pine Hair Tutorial and Style by Dre Drexler
This week we bring you the Chris Pine hair and style tutorial. We really dig this style a lot and hope you do too! Please subscribe to our web site to be a part of the society at www.DreDrexler.com ...Thx for watching! -DRE DREXLER Hair Wax - Gold Digger ByVilain, www.slikhaar.dk Song: Shallow REMIX by Andy Mineo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qMbhMbE88U
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Cristiano Ronaldo Hair Tutorial & Style by Dre Drexler
We are back with a new episode breaking down the Cristiano Ronaldo style with a Tutorial. Thanks for watching everyone! -Dre Drexler Song: Blood, sweat, tears, and prayers' by Strght & Nrrw Song Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYL0aksmb4U Download this song, Strght & Nrrw 'Blood, Sweat, Tears & Prayers' free album here: http://rapzil.la/R7zVKb || http://www.rapzilla.com
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