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DRE DREXLER - Look Before You Label
Sorry haven't posted a video in a while. Had some troubles with my dog this week, thought i almost lost her! :( She is doing okay though now, so i finally got to post this video! Hope it helps you all out and you learn from it! Thx for your patience! -Dre Drexler Song name: READY FOR WAR (Coming soon!!!) Music made by iamDavidVo © Produced by Dre Drexler, One Push Legacy LLC © All Rights Reserved.
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MENTAL DETOX 21 Day Challenge
Who is with me on this 21 Day Challenge?!!? Please Rate and Subscribe! Thx! -Dre Music produced by me (Dre Drexler) for One Push Legacy ©
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Getting To Know Me Ep.2 (part 1) DRE DREXLER
Here is part 1 of my "Getting to know me Ep.2" video! Feel free to write questions for the next getting to know me video! :) Thank you all for your support! Mad Love, -DRE dre drexler health fitness abs six pack shortcuts dogs questions zac efron slikhaar tv emil rasmus hanz de fuko running cardio p90x insanity Christian Jesus Christ and and penny iamdavidvo david vo one push legacy model music
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5 minute Workout Abs
For those of you that don't have much time on your hands, Be sure to check out this little yet intense 5 minute workout that you can do! Please Subscribe and Share! Thx yall! -Dre Always consult your Physician or Health Care provider before beginning any nutrition or exercise program. http://www.dredrexler.com http://www.twitter.com/drexlerfitness http://www.youtube.com/dredrexlerofrisentunes
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Getting to know me pt. 1 (Your Questions)
Here is the first getting to know me video where i answer all your questions you have all sent in! Thx for sending in! I appreciate it so much! Please Subscribe and share!!!! Thx, -Dre LINK FOR HANZ DE FUKO PRODUCT: http://www.bit.ly/zB5Uvl
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True Success
Hey everyone, really wanted to share this message with you for a while! Hope you guys listen to it and really ponder on it! Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe and Share!!! Mad Love, -DRE Background Music: Read All about it Instrumental Cover by HeyEster Original Song by Emeli Sandé http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTy5p45yQRE
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Pain & Loss Encouragement - Ethel 2001-2012
Here is a video of me sharing my recent loss of a loved one. My best pup Ethel :) Hope this video can help anyone going through the pain & loss of a loved one... -DRE Get this song free at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJbAPssGcuY&list=UUoc1I7DEfqKiIFLeNaBjMzw&index=1&feature=plcp Song: You're Beautiful cover/remix by Dre Drexler Created by me, DRE DREXLER for One Push Legacy LLC ©
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Overweight guy asks for help
Desperate 22 year old asks for help the day before his 23rd birthday Robert if you get the chance to watch this, we are here for you man! Please contact me at [email protected] -Dre Drexler & Justen Phelps To see Roberts video please visit http://www.youtube.com/ragingrobert All Music in this video is produced by me and my group ONE PUSH LEGACY ©
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Its time to do different and expand yourself! Grow! Please Subscribe and Share... thx, -Dre Music produced by me for my band One Push Legacy ©
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Dre Drexler - Be Diligent
My brief message on being Diligent in life. Dre Drexler Music made by me, Dre Drexler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. One Push Legacy ©
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Dre Drexler - My Birthday TWiSt!
This year I am going to put a twist on things for my birthday. Check it out and get involved! :) -DRE DREXLER Address: 1240 East Ontario Avenue suite #102-340 Corona California 92881
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Getting To Know Me EP.2 (PART 2)
Here is part 2 of 2 of Getting to Know Me EP.2 Please Subscribe and Share! Thx! -DRE
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (My Years moments)
Basically some things that happened to me this year and the things i enjoyed! kinda Boring video but thought i'd just share and post. lol Thanks for watching! please subscribe!!!! Thx, -Dre
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Finding Your Potential pt. 2
Check out part 1 of this video before watching this one! Please subscribe and share!!! Thank you! :) Music written and produced by One Push Legacy (my Band) Copyright 2012 © One Push Legacy Publishing
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Reassign Your Life
Sorry for the video quality, having problems with my camera! Will be fixed soon! Thanks for watching! Please Share and Subscribe! -DRE
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