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Cantiere Musocco: non sicurezza sul lavoro
La terza parte di una quotidiana triste realta`.
Cantiere zona Musocco.Milano 2018(part2)
Siamo tutti complici di questo schifo,nessuno escluso.
Cantiere Musocco.Milano 2018
Questo e` cio che accade oggi giorno nell'Africa del Nord. Ed il popolo guarda ed acconsente ,quindi e` complice.
Oslo  Majorstuen accident Neubbergata 31
a drunk polish ass , trowed trough from my the windows building in which i live (Majorstuen-Neubbergata 31) a fire extinguisher ,fourtunately nobody was killed while the incident occured.This and other disgracefull events are happened in this fuckin place, in the 5 years in which i have lived in !!! The video is from the vinter 2012. The owner of the Place is Tore Finch and he still welcome those sort of people, without taking care of the decent tennants who are living there. I recomend you strongly to don't get room in this place.The daily life there is a nightmare, with junkies ,used condoms in the loft and with dozen others inconvinient situations!!