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First Grader Shaves Head For Friend With Cancer
After finding out his best friend has cancer, first grader, Vincent Butterfield, shaved his head and raised money to help support the expensive treatments.
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Local UPS driver talks about his 50 years on the job
Not many people can say they've worked at the same place for 50 years, and if they can, not many still love it as much as they did when they started.
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Deer rescued from Long Island Sound
You don't want to miss this story.
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Police dog put down after one final ride in squad car
A flag waved at half staff next to a draped black cloth at the Ridgefield Police Department, the place where a K-9 officer once worked. Zeus, who served the department for nine years, took a final, one-way ride in a squad car to Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital Wednesday.
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East Haven cop sentenced in civil rights case
Two former East Haven police officers learned their fate Tuesday. They were both convicted of conspiring to violate and violating the civil rights of members of the Latino community.
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Waterford teen saves baby on street
A Waterford teen is hailed as a hero.
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You can own this Connecticut ghost town
News 8's Scott McDonnell takes "A Closer Look."
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Military dad surprises daughter at graduation
There was some extra excitement Sunday at the graduation ceremony of a high school in Grand Forks, North Dakota. A military father surprised his daughter and brought the crowd to tears.
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Unwanted dog adopted by millionaire
A dog in Kansas escaped her new home and walked 30 miles back to the family who initially gave her up. But that family still didn't want her and took the unwanted, aging Labrador Retriever back to a shelter.
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Mountain lions in Eastern Connecticut?
Multiple people in North Stonington claim they've spotted a mountain lion roaming around. However, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) says mountain lions have not been in existence in this state for more than a century.
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What to do if you win Powerball
The chances of winning the Powerball jackpot is around one in 292-million, but with the next drawing expected to soar past 1-billion, the odds it seems for many are going out the window and in turn are being replaced with people's wildest fantasies.
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A taste of what it's like to work for The Halal Guys
A popular food cart in New York City that's turned into a brick and mortar restaurant will be opening doors in New Haven this weekend.
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Former University of Hartford student appears in court amid protests
A former University of Hartford student filed out of court to face protesters late Tuesday morning.
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Former cop arrested three times in one day after court appearance
A former Bridgeport police officer gets arrested twice for DUI on the same day he goes before a judge on a previous DUI.
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E. Haven "bullies with badges" arrested
The FBI has arrested four East Haven police officers on conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges following an investigation into alleged civil rights violations.
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Taylor Swift surprises fans at a North Haven Starbucks
It was more than just the coffee that got people buzzing at Starbucks in North Haven Thursday afternoon.
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Milford girl takes a stand to change dresscode
A girl from Milford is also making a difference at her school.
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New Haven police cracking down on drivers passing stopped school buses
Parents, teachers, and city officials have had enough. Now, New Haven police are stepping up school bus patrols to try to catch drivers going around stopped buses.
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34,500 bags of heroin seized in traffic stop
It seemed like a routine traffic stop, but Waterbury police officers ended up finding a huge amount of drugs in that car last night. They seized tens of thousands of bags of heroin.
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3-year-old boy battles Angelman Syndrome
A relatively little known disorder known as Angelman Syndrome is drawing focus in the medical world.
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Firefighters' Union wants Emergency Manager to stop responding to calls
News 8's Jacquie Slater reports.
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Pedestrian wins $12.2M jury verdict against police
A West Haven man has won a $12 million settlement against East Haven police after he was badly hurt by a drunk driver seven years ago.
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Italian-American millennials fight to retain culture
Italian immigration may have ended decades ago, but their influence in Connecticut is everywhere. There are many Italian specialty food shops, like P&M in East Rock.
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Mother arrested after 3 children found 'extremely neglected' in Danielson home
State police have arrested a woman on child neglect charges after her three children were found malnourished, still in diapers, and unable to talk in a Danielson home.
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Beware of Gift Card Scammers
News 8's Noelle Gardner reports.
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50 years later, untold stories of Jim Morrison's arrest
In 1967, “Light My Fire” was a new hit single. The Doors were becoming famous. Then a trip to New Haven 50 years ago made the group’s lead singer infamous.
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Magician David Blaine shows off his skills at Bridgeport school
It was a magical Friday for students at Bridgeport’s Hallen School. Complete with “oohs” and “ahhs” provided by none other than world-reknown magician, David Blaine. He spoke about visitors to his childhood schools in Brooklyn, New York that inspired him.
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Pizza Wars: The secrets behind New Haven's best pies
News 8's Stephanie Simoni dishes.
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Volunteer fire departments in Norwich say they need new equipment
The fire trucks in the Taftville Fire department are well maintained but then again they may have to be.
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Obama eats at New Britain cafe
President Obama wasn't all business Wednesday, he made a pit stop at a restaurant in New Britain.
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Homeless man finds $10,000 check, returns it to owner
When Elmer Alvarez found a check for that amount, he decided to do the right thing and return it to its owner.
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Bagpipes for Firefighter Kevin Bell
(WTNH) -- Bagpipers march in front of Engine 16, carrying the casket of fallen Hartford Firefighter Kevin Bell, Oct. 13, 2014.
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Mysterious men leave $5,000 "tip for Jesus" at Fairfield bar
A generous tipper has been leaving thousand dollar tips for waiters and waitresses across the country. Each time the bill is stamped with with the tag "tips for Jesus". Now this mysterious tipper has struck Connecticut.
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Heroin, dealers off streets in Waterbury
News 8's Noelle Gardner reports.
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University of Hartford student arrested for bullying roommate
A freshman at the University of Hartford was arrested for allegedly bullying her roommate, which was shared on social media and prompted a strong message from the university’s president.
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Brain stimulation 'TMS' helping with depression, anxiety
News 8's Jocelyn Maminta has this report.
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Military dog given hero's funeral
News 8's Tina Detelj has this touching story.
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Woman caught on camera stealing statue from grave site
A woman was caught on camera stealing from a grave site at a Middletown cemetery and now police say she's turned herself in.
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Halloween Candy Safety Tips
News 8's Noelle Gardner has your back with what you need to look out for to make sure you have a safe and happy Halloween.
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Feds fault East Haven police for discrimination
A U.S. Justice Department investigation into the East Haven Police Department has found a pattern of discrimination against Latino residents in violation of their constitutional rights and federal law.
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Troopers enforce Move Over Law
Connecticut State Police are conducting an awareness campaign to remind drivers of the Move Over Law.
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Newest way for thieves to steal your credit card information
A Connecticut woman had her credit card information swiped without the cards ever leaving her side.
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Cars towed after obeying Hartford's parking ban
Many Hartford residents that obeyed the city's snow parking ban this week had their cars towed from the Noah Webster School and other school parking lots Wednesday.
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$98K found in desk bought off Craigslist
(WTNH) -- A New Haven rabbi qot more than he bargained for when he bought a desk off Craigslist. Inside was a bag full of cash.
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Losing the battle: father shares story of young daughter who died from heroin and fentanyl
Skyler Paige Northup was all smiles at her high school graduation back in June of 2016. The Winsted teenager attended Olive Wolcott Technical Trade School.
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Gabby Barrett Interview after American Idol Finale with Ryan Kristafer
Ryan Kristafer chats with powerhouse vocalist, Gabby Barrett after the American Idol Finale. See what she says about working with Carrie Underwood, and the Idol Tour!
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Innocent man released from jail after serving nine years
A New Haven man was released from prison today after serving nine years for a crime he did not commit.
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Seymour Student Loses Fight Against Brain Tumor
The Seymour community is mourning the death of 17-year-old high school student, Nina Poeta who lost her battle with cancer Saturday. Rich Kearns the Director of Security of Seymour Connecticut Public Schools said, "She always had a smile on her face even through this whole battle."
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Award-winning photographer Kristofer Rowe on "Nyberg"
On tonight's "Nyberg," a chef who put down the bottle and picked up a camera is winning awards for his magnificent photos of birds along the Connecticut shoreline.
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Connecticut man sentenced to death
For slaying of girlfriend, her 9-year-old daughter and a man
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