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The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth - Mega Satan Ending - Hard Difficulty
Mega Satan boss and ending.
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Taric vs Illaoi - Top Gameplay - Patch 6.17
This gameplay is quite good because highlights one of the problems with juggernauts and the players who pick'em. When people play this kind of champion they have a fixed mind set "I'm gonna crush my lane, get fed and 1v5 the enemy team". Well, if you don't allow them to do that, they dispair and start pushing and try to harass you under tower (happens everytime), then they are permanently overextended and open to ganks. Usually I'll simply pick up Karma vs any juggernaut, but I wanted to show that when played smartly you don't even have to give up your lane even in a bad match up. Instead of picking something good against Illaoi, I played the team comp. They had a very all-in oriented team, we have a very "fuck your all-in" comp, so even if my team had done poorly we still be able to fight them. Mystic Rift custom map skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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What the hack????? Graves Hack
Someone exposed him in the forums so I went to one of his games to gather some evidence.
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Galio vs Sion - Patch 7.10
Been playing Galio.... like everyone, but at least he already receive his first nerf (not a big fan of abusing op champs). But the highlight for this video is our smiteless jungler. He managed to get 9 kills and put ahead every lane. I got an easy time since Trundle brain farted early and gave me double buffs. About Galio: very good trades vs burst oriented champs, sucks vs most passive lanes and can suffer vs sustained damage ones. When having kill pressure he is an easy prey during levels 1 and 2 and whenever his W is down. If you can take him down try to push him, he can't freeze and given his tendency to poke/farm with Q he kinda ruins the minion set up for farming under tower (frequently minions won't endure a tower shot but neither will they die to a single aa) Mystic Rift Custom Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Fiora vs Galio - Patch 7.11
Game from hell. This was my first game today and everything was going wrong for me, my reflexes were delayed, I had a few lag spikes and I was tilted, I had my hand in the wrong position during my first death... ... ... that TP/1v5, lol, I think I tilted my team there as well. After that early/mid game I was starting to catch up but then my team started to do some questionable calls. I know is shitty from me to criticize them after feeding, but they never cleared waves, they didn't farm and every lane was pushed all the time. A few times I could see them pressuring a tower without minions. The worst part is when the entire enemy team came after me in bot, and my team came behind them instead of going for baron. I think my team killed me more times than the enemy. Because they refused to control the map. After fighting my team for about 35 minutes finally one understood what he had to do, that helped a lot because the game was no longer a 1v9, in time they were kinda cooperating, at least they weren't following me and spamming pings. Seriously, this had to be a bronze game. Now, my purpose wasn't to split push at all. The enemy team had a extremely strong TF and I knew I could 1v1 Galio, even under tower, a 1v2 wasn't that hard as long as Cait wasn't one of them. This way I could push with a giant minion wave and then join my team to force something. Only Galio's ult could trouble us, but that was easy to bait... I think. Anyway, Fiora is a pretty solid counter to Galio, this was rocky and it would be shameless from me to talk about how to deal with Galio with such poor gameplay. The one thing I´ll say is that Galio is very easy to parry, although I found out that Justice punch has a longer wind up than the parry window, hence in order to parry it, you need to wait a bit. I'll try to get the same lane to show how to do it right. Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Parasite Eve - Massive Bonus Points
Just wanted to show the massive amount of BP I gained in under one hour by farming squirrels and these rock mobs. This was done in the Chrysler Building (floor 51). To speed up the process make sure to drop your hp to around 10% and discard every single healing item you are holding, this way you will boost encounter probability. The music sounds rushed because I speed up the emulation to alleviate Aya's painful move speed.
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Sion vs Galio - Patch 7.7
This is my first time facing the recently reworked Galio (I hate his douchebag personality). I know what his abilities do but I wasn't in the mood for maneuver through his kit so I bring a tank to a knife battle. The funny thing about this match is that you can dodge everything by simply step aside every time you see an animation... but he is OP, he shouldn't be able to duel me with all the advantage I had and yet he was kicking my ass. Even though, I was having a blast during this game. I think I tilted more than one person in the enemy team by simply pushing and running. Not sure if it would've worked out if my team wasn't doing so well. Mystic Rift Custom Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Shen vs Garen - Patch 6.22 - FlexQ Promos
I know the reason but that doesn't change the fact that these games fucking suck and I can't do a god damn thing about it, is this shit or Blind Pick. DQ MMR really should've been taken into account. I even got two bronze 5 players in one game on my team, not gonna lie, it was hilarious, enjoyed the crap out of that game but gameplay wise it was terrible. It's fun but it's not fulfilling. Now, Shen does beat Garen imo but this is not a good example, the guy barely stayed on lane so I was always ahead in xp and farm, you can't out roam/out preasure a double tp champ with an unmobile one. How ti beat a better Garen? you shield his Q and taunt his E, he can't out damage you that way. Late game he can't duel you and you bring more to teamfights. Mistyc Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Dr Mundo vs Riven -Patch 7.1
I kinda know what Riven has to do to beat Mundo but I won't talk about it since I'm unable to pull it off. Instead I'm gonna drop some tips of how to beat a good Riven. First, position, Riven has to win the early game and snowball in order to face Mundo... or bring ignite. The idea is to step in a clear line to her forcing her to use her E to avoid getting poked. Without her E she won't be able to have those clear trades and you will out sustain her, which in turn will give you a farm lane and that's what you want. Second, max W after Q, passive damage and tenacity works wonders vs Riven.. also helps to push faster. Third, push, you gotta stop Riven from roaming, she is too good at it, so perma push the lane, no freezing this time. There was something I was doing really bad this game and the worst thing is that I was blaming my team, I was really strong so I decided to spit, but my team wasn't doing so good and the enemy team had such a strong engage. You never split vs strong engage, I almost fuck it up. I was getting caught for the same reason, strong CC plus crazy mobility fuck me over several times and that was all on me. Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Leona vs Tryndamere - Patch 6.16
Perfect farm Leona game.
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Fiora vs Illaoi - Patch 7.2
Not sure who is supposed to win this lane but I know two things 1- Fiora can easily 1v1 mid to late game. 2- Fiora is better splitter. Because of these facts I was very comfortable farming my way to mid game instead of trying to snowball. But if there is something really annoying about facing Illaoi (or Darius), that would be that you need your team to do decently, not necessarily win their lanes but at least go even. The thing is that even if you beat them they still can put a good fight so just by winning your lane you can't simply balance the map the way usually happens in others matches. I was very ahead of Illaoi this game and still I was hesitant to dive her. By the way, even late game if Illaoi grabs you with her W you shouldn't fight, that is too much extra damage and sustain for her. Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Malphite vs Zac - Patch 6.16
Yep, full armor Malphite vs Zac. Mystic Rift custom map skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Sion vs Sejuani - Patch 7.14
I'm kinda sick so no ranked today, instead here is a normal game. The name of the game is push the lane Hashinshin style. Yes, died twice, could save the second one but who cares when you can double your lane CS and keep his jungle busy.
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Malphite vs Yauo - Top Game - Patch 6.18
This game was so exhaustive, I probably won't play anymore for today. Not only the game was extremely long, but also filled with toxicity. I was like a moral support kind of carry. Usually I wouln''t stand for such a shitty team mates (they were toxic and not so good at playing) but this game was such a free win that kept all that I wanted say and simply encourage my team. Anyway, onto the the match: Even while being quite tanky in early Yasuo would outtrade me if I gave him the chance due to how disgusting Fervor of Battle is right now. So I played safe at the begining, besides Malphite's mana costs makes it hard to trade without running oom (with a gank would've been am easy kill). After seeing my team getting crapped on I tried to play a bit more aggresive but then we have no map control, so I was forced to endure the mid game. I resing my farm and played around Jinx so she could output some DPS and that paid off very well. Anyway we were lucky for several reasons: 1- we had no premades (they surrender way to easy). 2- The enemy didn't end around 25 minutes (it was easy for them but they decided to siege us instead of outpowering us via Baron buff). 3- That Wukong is a freaking idiot ALWAYS BUILD BLACK CLEAVER IF YOU ARE PART OF A FULL AD TEAM. Even I would've being shat on if they had at least one BC. I probably should have commented this game, there was too many info worth sharing. Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Shen vs Nidalee - Jungle - Patch 6.19
Been playing a lot of Salt and Sancturay so no LoL in the past days for me, but as good as SnS is, I missed being flamed so gotta play today.
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Wukong Jungle - Patch 7.6
I've been forced to leave my beloved Top. After a long absence from ranked games yesterday I played several games and I lost all but one of my top games. Granted, not only I'm a bit rusty, but also I was tilted to death, but the reason of the tilt was the three shitty junglers from the firsts games. Anyway, I'm oblivious to the ways of the jungle so I'm not gonna pretend that I'm capable of giving advice about how to play, I realize the large amount of time I waste wandering the jungle without farming anything but I had the feeling that my team was being pounded all over the map early game... even so, I managed outfarm Hecharim and had a larger impact on the game. P.D. never try that shady Baron I did, we didn't need it that hard and was too risky. Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Wukong vs Riven - Top Gameplay - Patch 6.19
Yesterday I played all my placements (7 actually) and went 3 -7, got placed in Silver I, which is a shame because I wanted to hit Gold and stay there since I'm one of those guys that think Seanson 6 ranked ladder sukcs and isn't worth trying to get a higher rank. Now I have to play some DQ games when I rather be playing Team Ranked. Anyway, main Riven being Riven, not knowing how to abuse his laning fase. She did something good which was all-ing me while my ult was down but then she throw her lead by doing the same without her ult a minute later. She also did some questinable roams that set her far behind me.
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Kindred Jungle - Patch 7.13
Today's patch bring new Kindred buffs and now feels definitely better, is healthier, stronger and faster. This is a normal game so I can't judge accurately how strong he/she is, but clear wise seems quite good and for a noob jungler is all that matters. Mystic Rift map skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Wukong vs Graves - Patch 7.1
Ok, first kill was messy, what I wanted to do was to flash, aa, Q and then E when he flashed or E away from me, but I'll take it. Been a while since I had this match up and I'm sure last time was before he was nerfed; back then Graves was a nightmare and I had to take ignite in order to duel him. Now he feels more balanced but it's not a brainless match like it would be vs other adcs. Unless Graves uses everything in order to farm and let you come close there is not a single perfect moment to engage, but you still can trade well if you properly cancel your aa animation. Notice that I don't greed kills, I never care about my KDA and that's because after a certain point it becomes more relevant to deny xp and gold to your opponent rather than kill him. If I wanted I could've push my wave and try to kill graves under his turret at least two times but that would mean that he could farm, gain xp and maybe survive. As always I prefer a more methodical approach, freeze, deny, outlevel, build up a wave and then kill him. This way he is out of the game. Now, I like to believe that each of my deaths was worth it except for the third one.
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Tank Veigar on Hexakill - It's broken - Patch 6.17
I played 4 matches with Veigar on Heaxakill today, all played with full tank runes and Thunderlords Decree as my keystone mastery. Won all and also did quite well on every single one, even got a Quadra in my first match... too bad I wasn't recording. Anyway, Veigar's pasive stacks extremely fast due to the large amount of enemies, I was one shoting people around the 15 minute mark and keeping up with the amount of AP in full AP builds. By the way the song at the begining is Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Theme Song
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Kennen vs Talon - Mid Gameplay - Patch 6.20
Been trying to record a good Kennen gameplay but it is always so polarized, either the game is a complete stomp or there is a bunch of trolls and the gameplay lose value, so I rather upload this one filled with clunky plays, in favor of a more balanced game. At least had jungle preasure, invades and a small gold difference. Not a great game thought.
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Wukong vs Jayce - Patch 7.11
When played properly this is an easy match, it's kinda close at levels 1 and 2, but after 3 Jayce has to be careful of stepping too close. Being said that, If you dash to him you risk yourself to get smashed by his E+Q combo so you must wait until he uses his Q, his E or dash from behind minions. Do not engage when he has minion advantage, you will be forced to use your clone to drop minion aggro and then Jayce can either go on you in melee form or harass in range mode. Basically what you want is to jump on him after he blew his ranged E or Q (E gives you a larger window), smack him and run, If he changes stances be ready to use your clone, you can eat his Q but not his E (it hurts). Without Doran's Sword or Ignite you don't have kill presure until level six or after a good trade once your cds refreshed. I hate that K6 forced that gank at level 2... I lost around 13 minions, that's not worthy, . I'd much prefer to farm and then set up a gank later. Actually, If K6 hadn't gank the second time Jayce could have come ahead of me, after clear that huge wave. So I guess it was good for me in the end but it feels like a very inconsistent way of playing. I can tell this guy doesn't play Jayce that much, but he is a competent player. After missing that huge wave he did gave me one kill but then spaced better and managed to pick a good amount of CS and successfully roam during my freeze. In the other hand this was possible because my team was quite aggressive, in a even game he would end up starved and unimpactful. https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Graves vs Sion - Top Game - Patch 6.17
The match isn't hard per se but the enemy jungler camped me a lot. I was getting frustrated because our jungler rarely punished him for spending so much time in top. Fortunately our support carried the game with some sweet hooks and lanterns. Anyway, what is a fed Sion good for? neither jungler was good and the game wasn't the best but I wanted to highlight how impactful a supp can be. Mystic Rift custom map skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Mechanically Ofensive Shen
Shameless me, I missed everything thoughout the game and didn't even got a kill.
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Cho'Gath vs Jayce - Patch 7.4
Trying the new Cho changes... in a normal game. Still a S+ game and it's nice to see how strong Cho can get when leaved alone. There is something clear to me here, he is weaker during the mid game, the time refund on minion feast stack removal makes it so you don't have your ult all the time (the nerf to hp per stack doesn't help either) so as good as infinite stacking sounds, Cho definitely easier to handle early to mid game but late game with HP+AP items he can even nuke light tanks. Feeding after 5 stacks seems rather inconsistent so I say you'll rarely reach 9 stacks (this is when the new ult outclasses his previous form), but obviously even with less stacks this is a more consistent way to play Cho. It's too bad that nothing has been done about his painfully slow Q.
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Vladimir vs Ryze - Patch 6.17
Top lane game, Vlad vs Ryze. Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Twisted Fate vs Katarina - Patch 7.4
Not much to say other than always always payback Kat when she goes onto you, she is cd base and has no damage when she burns her cds. Now, yes my cs is garbage and I miss click a lot but in my defense I usually don't play ranged champions and been months since the last time I played TF. Anyway, fun little game. Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Karma vs Irelia - Top Game - Patch 6.17
I got kinda carried this game but that was due to two problems, in one hand shaco wasn't showing very oftenly in the minimap so I couldn't play very aggressively. In the other hand I'm lagging for unknown reasons, which makes me fail a lot of last hits with autos and stopped me from freezing nicely like I usually do vs this kind of jungler. Anyway, Karma still cockblocks Irelia heavily since she can negate her all-in, out poke her sustain and bait really hard her stun and set up ganks for snowbally junglers. By the way, what I meant by no being totally carried is that in order to kill me each time the enemy team had to burn a lot of resources. As always Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Graves vs Gnar - Top Game - Patch 6.18
I'm only uploading this for the moment at 18:50... and yes, I'm too lazy to edit the clip.
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Wukong vs Tahm Kench - Top Gameplay - Patch 6.21
This is honestly one of the most annoying lanes you can get as a bruiser. Seriously, you can outplay and beat Darius, Rene, Yorick, etc, but I've never beated a Tham in lane as Wukong. Just look at the level 1 numbers, he has more armor, magic resistance and damage than I do. Ever since Riot moved the extra magic damage of his autos from his ult to his passive he is impossible to duel. In this particular match you can't all in him since he is too tanky and you can't trade with him because he regenarates and you waste mana. All you can do is farm, fortunately he doesn't have an easier time trying to kill you without you messing up or a good gank from his jungler. This game is an example of letting your team carry you. My team was very strong so very early I relaxed and match TK farm and xp gains, at times it looked like was TK indeed the on timer, he even was behind farm for trying to push too hard. Mid game and beyond you do what you always do, just ignore that piece of shit and go for the carrys. In this game I tried to peel for Vayne since she was hella strong but always taking as a priority jumping on Ashe and Fizz. As always Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/ Song at the begining: Outkast Hey Ya!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWgvGjAhvIw
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Dark Star Brand Gameplay - Patch 7.10
Excuse my gameplay please, I don't play Brand, I just wanted to share the amazing Dark Star Brand Custom Skin. There are two things that felt off in this skin, 1- the Q seems to be fired from his left shoulder (barely noticeable) and 2- the E feels unimpactful, idk, I expected louder sfx. Aside of those two minor things this skin looks and feels really good. Most custom skins look cheap but I really like this one, very well done. Also it matches the style of Mystic Rift which is the glazing for me. Dark Star Brand Custom Skin: https://mapskins.com/2016/11/27/dark-star-brand/ Mystic Rift Custom Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Wukong Jungle - Patch 8.11
Wukong vs Kayn Patch 8.11 Been a long time since I uploaded something, I had to leave the game for more than six months and when I came back it was a mess, there was a new rune system, new items, some items were removed, some champions were added and others were reworked. Overall I was out of place, but the one thing that truly annoyed me was the meta. Omg, what a bunch of pussies playing top, nobody is willing to take risks, so boring and unfulfilling. Doesn't help that junglers are retarded idiots as always. But everything changed last patch, now I'm playing jungle with a high success rate (16 - 2 so far). So the jungle was free and broken, which meant every idiot could feel like a god enjoying being the highest level player in their team. Now is still free, but has an anti coward system, which makes me very happy. This is not a high ranking game, is like gold (account still unranked), and its just easy. This by no means my best game, is one of the worst, every time I get stupidly ged, sometimes I take down as much as 6 towers and very rarely die. So general guidelines: 1- clear as healthy as possible, I don't care if I have to blow two charges of my potion if it means I'll be over 90% health at all times, I like picking up all-ins while disputing the crab. Many times I have picked up first blood this way. 2- clear bot crabs in a row, is by far the most efficient way to progress during the early game in the jungle. Depending on how mid is looking, sometimes I gank in order to assure assistance from my laner in case the enemy jungler wants to scrap with me. 3- don't be afraid of diving during the early game, beyond level 3 you can tank up to 3 turret shots, with flash this allows for pretty safe dives with your laners. 4- clear in order, always try to clear all camps starting from krugs or Gromp, although you should give some priority to crabs and buffs if the enemy jungler is nearby. 5- If you are playing in low tier games, use /mute all, at this level nobody has an idea of what they are doing, so don't bother. Now, how do I win so easily? there are many ways to gain early advantages, the safest one is getting crabs, one can snowball this, but I always rely on early kills/counter ganks, no champion is tanky in the early game, no champion can burst you in the early game and no pinks are placed before the first recall. I don't invade bc I don't trust my team mates, one can always be collapsed on so it's too risky for me. If you manage to kill the enemy jungler and take hold of one buff, never let it go, be always there to take it for you, even if you waste time getting there. I usually don't tax my laners, but if their counterpart doesn't roam and they don't push, I take everything, even the tower gold if possible. I don't care if one of my lanes is behind, as long as I can kill the enemies I'll keep ganking. On a similar note, I only gank for kills, I try to not waste my time trying to protect stragglers. Though I prefer to gank bot lane most of the time, double kills are just too sweet. In order to beat most junglers at level 2 I take Chrysalis, 50 hp do make a big difference. Demolish really punishes players that over roam or are forced out of lane, no other rune has a bigger impact on the game imo. Finally I ignore dragons for the most part, I rather do herald, in the end you can take up to 3 towers with one herald if set properly (which means have several lanes pushed to gain number advantage). As always the beautiful Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Malphite vs Zed - Patch 7.1
Came back from my holidays and wanted to upload something, but all my games where like this one, complete stomps. I don't what is happening, my team was like plat and above and the other team was around low gold. Other matches were even worse, today I faced three Dravens and all of them started trolling at some point. I had a really good Wukong vs Camille game where I died to a level 2 ignite all in, but then I came back and killed her several times in a row... but we lose that game so... Anyway, Zed is only dangerous early when you have no mana and no armor (I started corruption pot because I didn't knew whether I´ll face Liss or Zed). If he had the balls he could've killed me early with a thunderlords proc. But it wouldn't matter, he had no idea of what to do when i ran towards him so he just took it. His team was flaming him for over roaming but snowballing other lanes was his only choice.
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Cómo Seleccionan las Torres sus Blancos?
Hice este video para ayudar a una persona del foro que solicitó información al respecto y por eso está en castellano. Ya había pensado en desarrollar una serie de videos de esta temática dirigidos a unos amigos que comienzan con el juego, pero más que guías serían tips, ya que no son precisamente cosas que se notan con facilidad.
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Nasus vs Wukong - Top Gameplay - Patch 6.21
Since I play a lot of Wukong I wanted to show how to beat him in lane. I dicked around a lot after laning fase but it doesn't matter, our victory was already secured. Wukong is a burst based AD champ but he doesn't have any tools to face tanks outside of his Q armor shred, but nobody seems to level up Q over E, which makes stacking armor very efective vs him. This guy was using Fervor of Battle which can work if you know what you are doing, but I have to say it is a terrible choice for this match, Thunderlord's Decree offers magic damage which is very useful in this case, getting aroun 8 extra AD when your opponent has 62 armor at level 1 is just useless. Now, you can't beat him levels 1-4, he is just to strong, but after 5 it gets really easy. All you need to do is forcing him to use clon and then go all in. It helps a lot when the enemy gives you a free early game, I presume Amumu told Wu to wait for his gank, well, that is a noob's habit and a noob's way of thinking. Early game means levels 1-4, you have to take advantage of it, you push, you chunk and you dive, bad junglers usually are pussies and will tell you that you are pushing to much. Ignore them and doit yourself. The truth about Wukong is that you need to be really strong to one shot someone, and you never will be one shoting anyone stacking armor. Most of the time you need two rotations, so that moment in between rotations you can truly fuck him over. In case you are wondering how to beat Nasus as Wukong the way he wanted, you need a few things, fisrt kill him a level 2/3, you need to. Seond, get a serrated Dirk into Ghost Blade. Third you need Bortk and Mortal reminder. Building IBG helps you dueling the dog. Blue build monkey, I have do it several times, I did it three times yesterday and it does work, but it is a gimmicky build and doesn't work vs other tanks that well. https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Wukong vs Poppy - Patch 7.10
First of all I didn't record this match right away because I was lagging and even dced at the begining, but because it end up being an interesting game I decided to record over the replay. In my opinion, Poppy is the second worst match up for Wukong (Renekton is hell). The first thing that makes Poppy hard to duel is his passive, it works really well for her because it allows her to harass and set up really strong trades, even early if you are the one engaging, she can hit you with it, lay a Q and pick up the shield while you are slowed. The second bitchy thing is her W, Wukong gets kinda fucked when his E is cancelled, it's worst when you account for the fact that most Wukong players max E first. A smart Poppy will cycle his passive and W to make the lane go in her favor and a smarter Wukong will play around the two cds to find his window of opportunity. I usually prefer Thunderlords heavily, even vs tanks because of the mixed damage, but the fact that Poppy can deny my burst make me went Fervor and corrupting pot in order to achieve a better sustained damage (merciless helps too). Because of her annoying W, maxing E could be a dangerous thing, so is way better to max Q instead (also helps with the sustained damage stuff). Since Q has a total AD ratio you don't need to buy AD to ditch damage, that's why I bought Sheen. IBG instead of TriForce because fuck Poppy and her max health percent damage. I planned to buy BotRK early but since Poppy fell behind I ditched the idea and went with Titanic Hydra. You'll see me using my W for no apparent reason while trading... that's to get a Sheen proc in between Q cds. Try to stack FoB before using your ult, the damage buff is really good. Finally, this is a derivation of a build I use when Nasus gets out of hand.... IBG, BotRK, Tabis, Sterak's and Mortal Reminder (the executioner's calling should be purchased early). Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Shyvana vs Lee Sin - Patch 7.8
I don't know why but the jungle was kicking my ass, I was running very low all the time and maybe that is why my early ganks sucked... or maybe that's because I was ganking early as Shyvana. After the game I remembered how krogs must be cleared, also forgot to kite the firsts hits of the Gromp... still too low, I felt uncomfortable so probably I messed up my runes and masteries. Anyway, doing full clears and trying to collect the farm your laners waste will put far ahead in no time. Even the fed Lee couldn't keep up with me because he didn't path well. He did a good job at counter-ganking but his early advantage was fruitless since he never pressured the map (never invaded or forced objectives). They were on the clock and with Malphite doing well there was just a matter of time before we destroy 'em. Mystic Rift custom map skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Malphite vs Irelia - Patch 7.11
As Malphite you don't really lose this match up unless you feed early, but it is hard for Irelia to solo kill you, she either has to use ignite or a level 2 gank or some kind cheese. The reason I hard pushed early (and lose half my CS) was to guarantee xp advantage in levels 1-3. Notice how after level 3 I let her push. Now, it's important to account for the fact that Rek'Sai started red, knowing this I can delay Irelia's level 2 by harassing her which prevents ganks... well, Rek'Sai could gank but meh, it would've been tragic for her. My death was lamentable, I had two wards and use none, cancelled one auto and used attack move and stir towards a minion, not even used "attack only champions"... and those where the mechanical mistakes, let alone that I could ult into the bush to deny her retaliation, I could pop my corruption pot early, I could not chased and I could not puss-out once I was Rek'Sai. But It's ok, Irealia made a worst mistake... she let the minion wave slowpushing towards me. I lost around a wave and actually a bit less xp wise. Irelia lost three full waves. After that it was a matter of resetting the wave to ensure my advantage. Just look at the level after my death and I was still waiting for another wave. Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Sion Vs Galio - Patch 7.1
Two garbage champions clashing top lane. This Galio went ignite+full ap, I'm not even sure of how you can achieve that amount o AP at level 1 but I do know this, It's a waste, If I had been playing a decent champ I'll completely obliterate him; Galio's base damage is very good but his AP ratios suck, his mana costs are high (tops 2 rotations at level 3) and his cooldowns are terrible. Outdamaging him early is just too easy, something like Fiora or Riven will simply fuck him easily. Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Akali vs Riven - Top Game . Patch 6.18
Ok, I did fucked up twice and give Riven two kills but still It's so rare to find a good Riven player that I was pretty confident in winning the game. To be fair Akali requires no skill to be played effectively.
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Veigar vs Kassadin - Patch 6.16
Mid lane game. Tank Veigar vs Kass. As always, link to Mystic Rift custom map skin download page: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Genius Cho flash
I find funny to watch how the Cho flashed away from the central part of my Q just to land in the outer proyectile. If you are confused watch the video at low speed, you'll notice Cho dies to a 287 magic damage which is not only the same damage he takes from the central proyectile, but also stacked deck applies the physical damage from the auto. Anyway, quick math tells me that Cho would have survived my last auto since stacked deck is just 10 points of damage above gold card and he has more armor than MR.
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Wukong vs Fiora - Patch 6.24
Leaving aside this tilting Trundle and the fact that I wanted to forfeit at one point, this game is good to show how to beat Fiora when behind. First of all this guy is a fucking pussy, I crack'd when I realize he was running Grasp (funny thing, last I remember losing to a Fiora the guy was using Grasp as well, but that was before Grasp and Fiora's nerfs), don't use Grasp on Fiora, especially with that build, I know he went for some extra sustain in lane but 3% and 1.5% max health damage and heal aren't that impresive when you are building squishy and in no way can compete with Thunderlord's. I feel like the keystone mastery should be de cornerstone of the build and not some accessory. I believe Fiora's W is the most powerful basic ability in the game and when used right it can turn a lot of fights. This is why you always must bait it out before wasting your ult. That failed dive in mid looked so clunky because of that. Sure, I was very tilted at that point but at that point but that was what I aimed for. The correct way of doing that was to flash, wait for the W, E+aa+Q and then ult out, I didn't use Q and that's a lot of missed damage since Wuk's ult has a rather lower damage at rank 1. As always you wanna start trading after she uses Q, now, usually you want to max E, but if the Fiora is good she will block it, so you need to max Q instead. Now, if she is slow like in most cases, then aa sidestep and then Q. After you combo her she will try to stick to you, this is when you need to clon out. While Fiora's Q can hit invisible animals, she will always hit the clon because it's closer to her, if she activated her E then the clon will take the slow as well and that is a lot of damage. Without her W you have like 20 seconds to reengage with your full combo plus ult and kill her. A good Fiora will engage, push all her keys and then ult you, any player will try to disengage with ult, this way she stuns you and kill, you ult will never out damage Fiora so you need to keep her running in order to win. Mystic Rift Map Skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Malphite vs Poppy - Patch 7.14
Boring lane because you get smashed for the first 10 minutes, then you start to outscale and beat everyone. Seriously, Poppy will smash you early so forget about fighting her, she will either outsustain your mana pool or destroy your health bar. Avoid the ap champs and try to force the ad to fight you. Buy Thornmail because is OP and enjoy winning. Mystic Rift: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Nasus vs Shen - Patch 7.12
This isn't a very eciting match up, but since Shen has a big advantage I decided to upload this game. Shen is overall good at fighting tanks (this is why I wentTF over IBG), but has some specific advantages likebeing abloe to shield himself, force Nasus to waste his Q (quite bad at levels 1 and 2), force Nasus to push the wave (taunt+aa forces minion aggro) and being very good at zoning and set up ganks. None of this happens in this game mostly because I know the match backwards and I believe my opponent didn't, he wasn't very aggressive and wasted a lot of opportunities. Even at level 1 Shen can all in Nasus, he only needs Fervor and being able to use his empowered Q. I've done it many times but at lower ELO (Silver/Gold). Other mistake was to waste all his abilities at once in longer trades, what you wanna dois to star hitting him, shield his first Q, make sure to empower your 2nd Q (make the blade go through him) and then Taunt his second Q away (he no longer gets damage reduction). Lastly, he build way too much armor, specially sunfie cape, that item sucks and it sucks more vs Nasus. If played correctly Nasus can barely harm Shen, so all that armor was a waste of gold. Instead build BotRK. Believe it or not, Shen can outsustain Nasus up to late game. Being resourceless is a great advantage, the on hit magic damage plus the flat AD makes it hard for Nasus to tank trades (don't forget Fervor) and the life steal helps you coming back to full health while you wait for your cooldowns. Granted, Nasus can sustain aswell, he has to spend mana and as you should have lane control, he shouldn't be able to life steal with ease. As Nasus don't get in his spirit blade way, try to fight inside your wave and try to force two trades in a row, Shen isn't very good without his cds so you can win during that window.
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Vi jungle - Patch 6.22
No SQ no Draft Pick... Fuck you Riot. Blind Pick game testing the new jungle stuff. Bear in mind that I had only 5 games in the jungle so far, so my opinions aren't that grounded. The vision plant seems extremly OP, basically you can enter the enemy jungle, pop the plant to search for enemy wards and plan very clean ganks. The exploding ones are very situational, sometimes they're useful, but over all I dislike them, at the very least the spawn areas should be narrowed a bit so you can rely on them. Beyond that, giving mobility oportunities to inmobile chmpions seems bad, they are balanced around their lack of mobility so these plants can be used to create real bullshit moments. So far I don't know what to think about the honeyfruit. I mostly pop it up everytime to deny my oponent and have only see it affecting the game a couple of times. But I don't like risky Barons being less risky thanks to these plants. Anyway, try to enjoy this poor quality gameplay. I played one good game this patch but I can't upload it, there were a couple of toxic players so I had to pass on it. And as a side note, ¿since when Red Smite doesn't grant vision of the target? I smited Talon at 37:53 and couldn't see him during his ult... sigh Mystic Rift map skin: https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Graves vs Renekton - Top Gameplay - Patch 6.20
Pussy-ass Renekton shouln't try to face angry nicotin-abstinent criminal. This was a normal fortunately. At the begining thought my team was retarded, then I realize it was a retarded premade (the enemy team also was a retarded premade). It's beyond me why teams can't seem to play a team based game. Premades mean longer games for no reason, cero cooperation with the man and pricks running all over the map doing nothing with the consent of their team mates. Seriously, I always coordinate better with randoms than premades. This is why I quited ranked for this season... good thing Riot came into sense. Ok, the thing about Rene was that he didn't buildup fury so I abused him all lane long. I was reacting a tad too late to Zac's E in early hence a couple of kills, which was ok, still a good game or me. I only regret being unable to finish before 40 minutes. https://mapskins.com/2015/07/08/mystic-rift/
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Gangplank vs Fiora - Top Gameplay - Patch 6.20
This is a relatively good gameply because it shows the early aggression of Fiora towards GP and the change in power balance near mid game. Being said that, Rek'Sai definitely oveganked, was almost annoying having her all the time in top when we both could profit more from simply faarming. My team had three monkeys as you can see in late game. This shouldn't gone past 35 minutes and I don't care what your KDA is, is still awful if you can't close the game.
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