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Hydraulic 6 DOF with 360° of Continuous Yaw
A 3000 lb / 1400 kg hydraulic 6 DOF with 360° of Continuous Yaw, built for the US Navy to test radomes, uses our Fourier Terms software to simulate Sea States.
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6 DOF Hydraulic Motion Simulator- InMotion Simulation
Our 6 DOF hydraulic & electric motion platforms with extended excursion capability offers a lot of performance for a reasonable price. Maintenance requirements are simple and have been kept to a minimum. It was designed to provide a durable motion platform with a wide variety of possible applications. Payloads from 3,000 - 30,000 lbs, accelerations up to ±650°/s - 2.0g, max velocities up to ± 35°/s - 18"/s, 230 VAC 3 (single or 3 phase).
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Hydraulic 6 DOF - Microsoft FSX Test
A simple test of one of our hydraulic 6 DOFs with MS-FSX before shipping it to our customer
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Challenger 2 - Ultralight Flying
In memory of my best friend, Jeff Johnson. He loved flying my Challenger II ultralight plane. Mark Barry www.markbarry.com
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3 DOF Motion Simulator - InMotion Simulation
Our new 3 DOF motion platform was especially designed for low-profile applications with max payloads up to 3,000 lbs. It has a max velocity of 18"/s, 1 G acceleration, and requires 230 VAC - single or 3 phase.
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Bass Boat Motion Simulator
Interactive bass boat motion simulator built for Ranger Boats. Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com
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B737 Motion Simulator - InMotion Simulation
Precision Flight Controls built the cockpit and we built the 2 DOF motion base (4,000 lb payload). Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com
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Flying The F4U Corsair (replica)
We placed cameras on the wing, cowling, belly, and in the cockpit. This is what it's like to fly an F4U 1/2 scale replica.
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NASCAR Truck Simulators - InMotion Simulation
This video was taken in our shop testing out three new Sears / Craftsman NASCAR truck simulators. Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com
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Jet Ski Simulator (Ohio Watercraft Safety)
The world's first full motion jet ski simulator with water and wind effects. The simulator was built for Ohio Watercraft Safety.
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X4 Simulator Test
X4 4-seat simulator test
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Fishing Simulator - InMotion Simulation
The world's first motion fishing simulator for FLW / Ranger Boats.
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6 DOF Turbulence Flight Simulator
Hydraulic 6 DOF used for human factors testing during severe turbulence
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6 DOF Test With "Dirt 3" Racing Game
Testing a 6 DOF using "Dirt 3" for an Alfa Romeo simulator.
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Ohio Watercraft News Story (jetski simulator)
ODNR talks to Ohio Watercraft about their new jetski simulator
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Hydraulic 6 DOF (5,000 lb payload)
Our 5,000 lb hydraulic 6 DOF motion simulator designed for the US Navy. In this demo video we are using our Fourier Terms software interface which simulates sine waves for sea states.
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C172 G1000 Flight Simulator
InMotion Simulation offers full motion flight simulators. This is our C172 G1000 model with a 5-channel visual system. For more information, please contact us through our website.
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"Thunder Island" (PC game trailer)
"Thunder Island" is a dirt racing game where you compete with other racers from around the world for sponsored prizes. Sign up for free and start racing! For more info, visit: www.ThunderIsland.com
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Standard 2 DOF for 1,000 lb (450 kg) payloads, demo uses the Fourier Interface
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CNET - Dave and Buster's Jurassic World VR Simulator
CNET's review of the Dave and Buster's Jurassic World VR Simulator
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Northrop Grumman 6 DOF Test (July 25, 2017)
6 DOF acceptance testing for Northrop Grumman
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2 DOF joystick
2 DOF joystick test
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Testing The Jet Ski Simulator At Our Shop
Just testing out the Ohio Watercraft jet ski simulator at our shop. Footage shot by Al Garofalo (one of our engineers) using his GoPro camera.
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Lasershot - dual gun platforms for Royal Navy
3 DOF dual gun platforms for Royal Navy
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Dave Busters  Jurassic World VR Expedition™
InMotion Simulation and Dave and Buster's have partnered together to design the new X4 Virtual Reality simulator, now installed in every D&B location.
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The Predator & our "Thunder Island" dirt racing game - InMotion Simulation
The "Predator" got it's name from it's aggressive motion and is our new interactive motion simulator especially designed for entertainment businesses such as sports bars, gaming centers, restaurants, museums, LBE's, event marketing, and is perfect for trade shows! Rather than using smaller LCD screens, the Predator has been especially designed for large projection systems for a more immersive experience. The dirt racing game in the video is called "Thunder Island" which we also developed. For more information, contact www.inmotionsimulation.com
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Earthquake Simulator - InMotion Simulation
We designed the "Quake Cafe" motion simulator for Wonderworks Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com
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Downhill Skiing Motion Simulator
Although the passenger device is a ski lift, it actually simulates downhill skiing. This was designed for the Alf Engen Ski Museum in Salt Lake City, UT.
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6 DOF With Radome
Short video of a 6 DOF with radome for Sea Tel / Cobham
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Under God
This video is dedicated to all those that have served this great country.
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NASCAR Motion Simulator - InMotion Simulation
Our first NASCAR motion simulator with functioning gagues. Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com
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One of our electric 6 DOF motion platforms.
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Cal-Poly RV-7 Motion Simulator - InMotion Simulation
This was built for Cal-Poly University for their Aerospace Department. It is being used for an RV7 flight simulator in their lab. Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com
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6 DOF With Radome
Short video of a 6 DOF with radome for Sea Tel / Cobham

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