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Snapchat Drama
Becky and Bonnie have feuds
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Helsquad vlog #7
Here I am (Helena) in the woods, trying to stay alive. The last four minutes are bloopers so
Janet's guide to nature
Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while, but this one's a bit longer. Sc: jordy_jord12345 Instagram: showjumping_bella_dior Lol
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Snapchat Compilation
Idek, I'm just here for the laughs an giggles honestly. It'd be great if you subscribed, though. I'll try to upload once a week. Follow me; Instagram- jumping_sienna_dior Snapchat- jordy_jord12345 Have a great day/week/month/year/life! Thanks for watching, even if you didn't like it! I have one subscriber and I am sooo greatful!
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