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Crazy bogan on the train.
Some crazy drunk/high bogan on the train in Brisbane. Before we recorded him he was all up in my boyfriend's face talking about some Africans and their ability to unlock phones or some shit and told us to be careful of "those Africans". He was also going on about how much goon he had drunk that night. He was so high that when he was talking to my boyfriend he looks at me and says "Excuse me I'm trying to talk to my buddy here". When I hadn't even said anything, HAHAHAHA.
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Cockateil putting rings on fingers by himself.
My bird Lollipops.
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My First Tattoo.
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Off to steal ur bitch lol.
Just a natural cunt magnet.
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Every fucking Indie/Hipster vocalist.
This is how every goddamn indie ass hipster fuck sings. Fight me.
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Getting my ribs tattooed: Initial reaction.
Not as bad as I excepted. Good thing I didn't get any shading on my ribs because I've heard that's horrifyingly painful. I'd do it again :)
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Jrunkkkkk lol
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The best thing in the entire world.
Skateboarding banana.
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Feeding Cute Magpies
These buggers were closer to me than it looks. So cute.
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