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Suicide Squad Special Ops(don't tell me its an old game)
First video, hope u enjoy! Any requests for games(android for now)
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When you have a bad connection with the game developers
Basically, I was just playing with my dude SH3RKY_GFX and we decided to make this guy's patrol a living hell and we were interrupting an RAC Training so I got hit several times with the baton tool and tazed. So I said, "Childline is gonna love this story" and I got permanently banned. SH3RKY also got beaten but it was to the point where he skidaddled some guy's car and drove off. This is probably my favourite video ever because the editing was easy. Song:Gotta Blast - Tay K
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Bethesda Heroes of Skyrim-Daedric Encounter Part 2
As our journey continues we encounter daedra. Don't forget to hit the like button and also subscribe
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Rest well brother
Sadly Avicii has died. I loved his music growing up therefore I want YOU to take consideration into this video and leave a like for him. I hope you understand and have a good day. Yours truly, Lucian
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I Am Back
Music:Wii oof sound, ne ne ne, avengers theme Intro:SSF by my good colleague SilentSniper Remember 15 likes If you're watching this Hacker:"U rekt me" Join the Archangels by subscribing and comment "I subscribed" to win a shoutout in my next video xD jk 1K likes and I'll try to make The Last ODer before Buur
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End of Year Video 2018
Took 5 minutes. No effort. You're welcome
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How to add free music to your videos
So people still read the description, huh?
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Sneak Peek on my BTS(Behind the scenes not BTS)movie. You Like You Lose
Ep 1 SDIAY - Sneak Peek SDIAY = Some Day I Asked You
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I'd put his channel in the desc but why? I don't feel like it
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Quick Recap!
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Bethesda Heroes Reborn:Starting our journey! Part 1
Sorry if you heard me snorting. I have a really bad cold which made me assume that I would stop making vids, but I posted one today. You know my dream. Live the rich life, get the same amount as PewDiePie's subscribers
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In Return Of My Absence...You get this meme review(read desc)
Since I was absent for soooo long, here's a contest I'm holding. In the comments, roast me, recite a meme and in all of my videos (plus Hisoka X Gaming's videos)you need to comment "DragoniteSam X Fate". Nice to know you subscribers
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City Of London ASU Patrol Part 1
Part 2 coming out tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for more of my episodes. Keep it real.
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You must watch immediately
Sadly, my dog died this morning. Don't worry I'll be fine but its just a little hard to get over. If DragoniteSam says anything stupid then tell me. Good day to you guys! Peace...
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My Special Gift
Basically, a guy on a discord server started spamming some memes and then I stole them and made a collage and here it is!
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Talented Kid sing something idk if it's ed sheeran
My good friend, Ryan, decided to whip out his guitar and sing this stuff. If you want more from Ryan go to his channel: Ignited Storm Also, I will be making beats for you guys and sooner or later I'll have created a whole bloody mix! Btw if u wanna play roblox with me my name is jeff
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Channel Update
Ok, so you guys choose my name. If I pick your name then you get a shoutout and something special. In order to earn the special thing you must request me as a contact or I add you. Now watch the video or subscribe. Air strike that like button boi!!!
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I think most of us know how most roblox sad stories suck but this one is ultimately good xD Enjoy :)
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Athina - Lucjan Styles
This is my first beat. It is called Athina as my friend's name is Athina and it was her birthday yesterday. I decided to make this as a gift for her, let's hope she likes it. App used: Music Maker JAM Also, my DJ name is not Lucjan Styles it's Lucjan. If I put Athina - Lucjan then it looks like some lovey dovey ting. However, you can call me Styles if you want, but remember, I did not take that from One Direction's Harry Styles. That broken up band wasn't ideally something that I enjoyed listening to, but they had good times together and tried hard to satisfy their fans.
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X-Men Apocalypse:Hilarious Trailer(Vertical Video)
The X-Men clip is not owned by me, but I cannot confirm who it is by. Anyways, please like, subscribe and if you can be bothered, write a comment! Also, I'm looking for good memes to upload at the end of my video, like the FBI one. If you send me the link to a meme, I promise you a shoutout and possibly even more :) -Lucjan
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Umm...Mr Stark, I don't feel s-soo good...
Turn up the volume(not to max)and also...I don't feel so good...
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Roblox Scammer Tries His Hardest
This was actually serious. I was just playing Roblox Rap Battles and then he just asked me if I wanted free robux. Scammer:Profess0r_Wafflez
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