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PsyJiM - Shut uP
3rd track by the Master Psychedelic Producer :P Enjoy..rate & comment ;)
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PsyJiM - Hyuuga Clan
This is the last track ill write on FL studio from now on only cubase ;) I dont now own the voice's of the track or the images of the video Vote, leave a comment and dont forget...... \/ \/ \/ Subscribe 4 more !!!!! /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
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John Dickweed - Psychedelic Samba Remix
John Dickweed - Psychedelic Samba Remix by PsyJiM
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PsyJiM - Kenpatchi
Voices taken fromk the anime:BLEACH and i dont own them!!!!
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PsyJiM - DmT
2nd Track i made voice taken from Terence McKenna! Hope you like it. Subscribe..rate & comment ;)
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PsyJiM - LsDaRk
This is my 1st complete track made with FL studio 9. Voices are from the anime "Bleach" I know i need more work to make better tracks :) atm im working on cubase 5 its more difficult but it produce better sound than that Thanks for listening rate & comment !!! More will come soon so.. subscribe ;)
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PsyJiM - BOOM GoA ZoNe
1st track Aint no woman like the one i got ( i dont own it) 2nd track ice ice babe (i dont own it) 3rd track little green bag (i dont own in) 4th track is mine and I OWN IN !!!!! :D Enjoy rate subscribe & comment :) BOOM to All of Ya !! :)
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Electric Universe Live @ Club 22
ELECTRIC UNIVERSE Live Perfomance (Spirit Zone // Germany) Being an accomplished name amongst the global trance scene Boris Blenn's established project Electric Universe stands for immaculate audio quality and stirring melodies.Over the years Electric Universe dancefloor hits have been a synonym for prime time party moments all around the world.Electric Universe was created in 1991 and since then 8 albums have been released.Beside Electric Universe there always have been a few other projects Boris have been working on like Paradise Connection,Jupiter 8000,Galaxy Angel and the collaboration ESP project along with his good friend Space Tribe.Boris is one of the most innovative and talented artists in the electronic music scene with countless releases on the best labels so no one should ever miss his unique live perfomance.
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My '03 CBR 600RR
Track:New Dimension of Sound by PsyJiM ..(Me :P)
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PsyJiM - MuTaTeD PsYcHo
Not a Trance Not a Dance ....its PsyJiM StyLe!!!
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