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Best Cop Takedowns 2017 | That’s Gotta Hurt Compilation
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS* Hey guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video. This is a little different than a police tribute. I thought I’d try something different and a quick video to get out. Leave in the comments if you want a police tribute every 2-3 weeks or a couple different videos every couple days! 👻Snapchat - Austi_Official 🐦Twitter - Austi Official 📸Instagram - austi_official ◀️Previous Video - Human Police Tribute https://youtu.be/gxkxoEokeM0 🎶Song Used - N/A
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Dangerous | Police Tribute 2017 — The Thin Blue Line
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS* Hey Guys what’s up hope your having a great day! Click that thumbs up and Subscribe Button for me so we can get to 200 subscribers!!! 👻Snapchat - Austi_Official 🐦Twitter - Austi Official 📸Instagram - austi_official ◀️Previous Video - Best Cop Takedowns 2017 | Thats gotta hurt https://youtu.be/gsbZq1AGWHU 🎶Song Used - Dangerous https://youtu.be/i0E4KmSgUM4
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Not Afraid | Police Tribute 2017 — The Thin Blue Line
Hey guys what’s going on? I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video this is my 5th police tribute yet and more importantly WE HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!! LETS KEEP GOING💪 👻Snapchat - Austi_Official 🐦Twitter - Austi Official 📸Instagram - austi_official ◀️Previous Video - Unstoppable Police Tribute https://youtu.be/uHgx-zZf8nM 🎶Song Used - Not Afraid by Eminem https://youtu.be/j5-yKhDd64s
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Bleeding Out | 2017 Police Tribute --- The Thin Blue Line
Hello Guys I hope you guys are having a great day! I decided to make this video for all of the brave men and women who protect 24/7 no matter what. And yes as you watch this and reading this there is a law enforcement officer risking his or hers life for you! And it's really sad to think of all the people who want to hurt them and it's impossible to think why they would want to harm them. If you guys do like this and support law enforcement then HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE Song Used - Bleeding Out https://youtu.be/jNFgynmVmx0
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Battle Scars | Fire Police And EMS — First Responders Ultimate Tribute 2018
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS* Hey guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video! Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since the last video. Happy late Christmas and New Year! As I’m uploading this yesterday was National Law Enforcement Day! I was planning to get this video out yesterday but that didn’t work out like I wanted it too. 👻Snapchat - Austi_Official 📸Instagram - austi_official 🐦Twitter - Austi Official ⏮Previous Video - Dangerous Police Tribute 2017 https://youtu.be/ELWzzpk72jk 🎶Song (s) Used - Battle Scars https://youtu.be/_mPd_SDAryQ Video And Creators Albany FD Outsider by LowHudEmergency https://youtu.be/au3a6Yo_JsE 7x LAPD Slicktops & Unmarked Units Responding Code 3 in Hollywood by 90210FireBuff https://youtu.be/FyNedEoB7-k Massive Fuel Tanker Fire on I-25 near Denver, Complete HD Fire Department Footage by What You Haven’t Seen https://youtu.be/m0aAwG2Je6E Hero’s Among Us Dr CPR By Carlos Aguilar https://youtu.be/DCBifNw3vk8 Bodycam Footage Shows Fatal Police Shooting Of Dylan Noble by PoliceActivity https://youtu.be/ypEN1ay5i78 Multiple Agency - Suspicious Package Response - Downtown LA By FB1 Response Videos https://youtu.be/-bv8WrmVqTk Helmet Cam Engine 86 First Due On A House Fire By Hit That Q https://youtu.be/6_lzKKcD2_M 3 Units + EMS Supervisor Responding Hot To EMS Call By Signal 51 Group https://youtu.be/vj00NJ3HOxs Dallas Shooting-7-7-16-Never Before Seen Footage By Gedion https://youtu.be/sl6BvnZ_XhU Firefighter Almost Falls Through Roof And Saved By His Brothers By ufc23 https://youtu.be/bWaAkuoxQiU Bodycam Shows Intense Police Shootout in Buckeye, Arizona By PoliceActivity https://youtu.be/yswOMw_n57M San Diego E20 & Police (x4) Responding By Squad 37 https://youtu.be/HaWgizM7Xr0 Young Women Arrested After A CHP Pursuit Which Ended In A PIT Maneuver in Hollywood, California By RMG News https://youtu.be/hlvqLjbuoKY Giraed Police Officer Justin Leo’s Funeral Procession To Beeghly By George Meleski https://youtu.be/bH7zjESiDbM
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Raise Hell | Police Tribute —Thin Blue Line
Hey guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and I know I haven’t uploaded in the past seven months for some personal reason anyways I’m back and going to do some more tributes and other fun things in the future. I have a discord now! It’s https://discord.gg/AkkN78y You can put down song suggestions, meet me, clip suggestion or video ideas! *DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN NOR DID TAKE THE FOLLOWING CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO ALL CREDIT TO THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK AND POSTED THIS VIDEOS*
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Unstoppable | 2017 Police Tribute --- The Thin Blue Line
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS* Hey guys welcome back to another video I'm your host Austi and this Police Tribute is the 4th of my "series" if you wanna call it that. Anyways this is for the men and women that protect us 24/7. And put there life on the line for you, people who hate them, and there brothers in blue. May Sacramento County Sheriff Officer Robert "Bob" French Rest In Peace you served your community well. ▶️Subscribe And Hit the big 🔔 bell and get first comment 📸Instagram - austi_official 👻Snapchat - Austi_Official 🐦Twitter - Austi Official Previous Video - American Fire vs London Fire https://youtu.be/JIFRaJRmMqQ 🎶Song Used - Unstoppable by The Score https://youtu.be/Xydf351l-gw.
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Crossfire | 2017 E.M.S Tribute --- The Thin White Line
Hey guys what's going on with you today? I am doing well myself! Anyways this is one of the videos you won't see on YouTube. Nobody really has made a EMS Tribute. Yes there is one or two but not a lot so with the song crossfire used I would say this is original. The firefighter Tribute video already had 218 views IN A WEEK!!! That's crazy guys thank you sooo much! If you guys want me to do more Tributes we can get this video to 3 likes and hit that subscribe button if you want and or like Tributes to first responders! Anyways have a good day and I'll see you later PEACE! Song Used - Crossfire https://youtu.be/dErT7dz2Y24 Previous Video - https://youtu.be/R9H0JRTA2dE
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Rise | 2017 Firefighter Tribute --- The Thin Red Line
Hey guys if you support Fire and Rescue make sure to HIT that blue like button and SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE OF THESE AND I'LL KEEP DOING MORE OF THESES TYPE OF STUFF well either way I'm going to keep doing this Song Used - Rise (State of Mind) https://youtu.be/0lNpmPRjN-0 Previous Video - https://youtu.be/gA4m5wGLkgg
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Human | Police Tribute 2017 — Thin Blue Line
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS* Hey Guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video this is my 6th Police Tribute! Can you believe it? This series has come so far with doing these videos getting me to 100 subscribers! It’s just amazing and I’m grateful for all of you who like and comment! 👻Snapchat - Austi_Official 🐦Twitter - Austi Official 📸Instagram austi_official ◀️Previous Video - Not Afraid Police Tribute 2017 https://youtu.be/feid8Qvsvzk 🎶Song Used - Human https://youtu.be/L3wKzyIN1yk
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Hey Brother | 2017 Police Tribute --- The Thin Blue Line
Hey guys what going on? I'm your host Austi and here is another Police Tribute for United States of America Cops (if this video gets 30 likes I'll do a foreign Police Tribute) anyways #bluelivesmatter2017 #bluelivesmatter2016 #bluelivesmatter #bluelivesmatter2015 anyways I'll see you later PEACE! Twitter 🐦 - Austi_Official Snapchat 👻 - austi409yt Song Used - Hey Brother https://youtu.be/6Cp6mKbRTQY Previous Video https://youtu.be/D8BzX8IYcD8
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It’s About To Get Crazy | 2018 Police Motivation
Hey guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video. Today I have an another video for you today and it is a Police tribute. I am definitely proud of this one I think I did well on this one. Anyways I’ll see you guys soon. Thank you and Later
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A Tribute To Fire, Police, E.M.S
Hey guys what's going on I'm your host Austi and this is a tribute to Fire Police and E.M.S (Emergency Medical Service). Anyways I'll keep it real short and yea PEACE! 🐦Twitter - Austi Official 👻Snapchat - AustiOfficial Song Used - Coming Home https://youtu.be/k-ImCpNqbJw Previous Video - THE NEW HOUSE! *not clickbait* https://youtu.be/yveljaIIZRc
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Tired - Fire and EMS Tribute 2018
Hey guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video. I will be getting back on a weekly schedule of 12 PM EST Every Saturday. Anyways Enjoy. Like Comment Subscribe Discord Sever - https://discord.gg/AkkN78y Previous Video - Taser and Tackle Best Of 2018 https://youtu.be/XKER4N6xTQQ Song(s) Used - Tired https://youtu.be/YnaEoCY_vzc
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Fire Trucks Responding (USA) Major City's Austin, NYC, Tampa,
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS* Hey guys welcome back to another video in the video I made a compilation of Fire Trucks Responding. Tell me how I did in the comments and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated 😁!! New video Tomorrow!!! Anyways I'll talk to you guys later PEACE! 🐦Twitter - Austi_Official 👻Snapchat - AustiOfficial Song Used - N/A Previous Video - https://youtu.be/yslxJ4IQpD0
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Taser + Tackle Compilation 2018 || Cop Takedowns
Hello Guys Welcome back to another video! If you guys do enjoy make sure to hit that like and subscribe button and the little bell button to get notified when new videos come out. Speaking of that new Videos Every Saturday at 12 PM EST. Anyways I’ll see you guys later. Peace! Previous Video - Channel Trailer | 2018 Welcome To Austi https://youtu.be/_tSsgvPHb8g Song(s) Used - N/A
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Whatever It Takes Remix | First Responder Tribute Trailer 2018
Hey guys what’s going on I’m your host Austi and welcome back to another video this isn’t a whole tribute thought... It’s a trailer for my upcoming tribute so you guys know that I’m working on it. I’m going to start doing trailers more often before videos are released. I have a discord now which is https://discord.gg/AkkN78y come give me song or video suggestions you could also get to meet me! Anyways I’ll see you guys later. Peace!
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Cold Blood | The Ultimate First Responders Tribute 2018
Hello Guys Welcome to Another Video. Thank you for all the support I’ve been getting lately it is what motivates me to make more of these videos. I am going to be uploading weekly every 12 PM EST will be a new video. It may be a little late for the first few weeks and I do apologize for that. Anyways I’ll See you guys later. Peace Previous Video - Multi FD Response To Fire https://youtu.be/aIUtGjNknhw Song(s) Used - Cold Blood https://youtu.be/1R3uuxFTlx0
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Glenville FD Responding + On Scene Too a House Fire 9/8/18
At 3:45 PM EST East Glenville Volunteer Fire Department, Thomas Corners Volunteer Fire Department and Alplaus Fire Department Responded to a Fire Alarm At a special home. It was a false alarm.
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Schenectady Fire and EMS Responding 7/8/17
A Engine And Mohawk Ems Service Responding Code 3 (Airhorn+Yelp Siren) I caught them responding past the Schenectady Libary At About 1:38 pm.
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Channel Trailer | 2018 Welcome to Austi
Hello, my name is Austi. I make Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire and Military Tributes and More. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit the bell button! Can we get to 400 subscribers? That would be amazing! Anyways I’ll see you guys later. Thank You, PS New Videos 12 PM EST Every Saturday. Song(s) Used - Light em’ Up + Radioactive Mashup https://youtu.be/rT_vrHjKXgc Previous Video - Cold Blood | First Responders Tribute https://youtu.be/kyDKC1ZzGKs
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Schenectady FD on Scene 8/24/18
At approximately 12:55 pm EST Schenectady City Fire was Dispatched out to Boulevard Bowl at 1315 Erie Blvd in the city of Schenectady NY. Mohawk EMS was Dispatched out less than 5 minutes later. The Video was Recorded at 1:01 pm EST.
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Schenectady City Unmarked Responding 4/15/17
In Schenectady NY
Views: 384 Austi

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