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Growing food in bags of soil.
I used a bag of Miracle Grow soil, cut the top out of it, poked holes through the bottom for drainage and root growth and planted right in it. It needs more frequent watering than plants in the ground, but it works! This is a good way to kill the grass for easier tilling next year.
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Companion Planting - Squash Bugs
Using organic gardening techniques to deter squash bugs. I'm trying icicle radishes and nasturtiums this time.
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Lamp Project - Old'n Crappy to New and Awesome!
These lamps were free to me, but I was not a fan of the gold and the shade had all kinds of dirt in it. I used some Rustoleum Satin Metallics in Oil Rubbed Bronze and bought a new shade. Looks like new! They are touch lamps and I thought it was important to share that that was not affected by the paint. Awesome!
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Low cost way to keep deer out of your garden.
Here's how I fenced my garden cheaply to keep out bunnies, dogs and even deer. Hope my ideas inspire you. Today's project: fencing in the veggies!
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Awesome Garden Deals at Dollar General!
90% off on seeds/garden items at my local Dollar General. Vegetable seed packets for 2 cents each! Some are heirloom varieties even. Also picked up some seed starting supplies. Check it out!
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Basil - Harvest and Hang to Dry.
I decided to hang the basil to dry. This is how I did it.
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My EDC. aka my purse.
Sorry for calling everything cute. lol. One thing I left out was water purification tablets possibly, just in case.
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Review: EnduraCool MultiCool
I like this product and it would be a great addition to your preps and first aid kit. It helps keep me from getting over heated working outside in the yard and I think it would be a good way to cool someone with a fever if you didn't have ice. Might be nice if you have to bug out in the summer, or even use now when you go camping. Just some ideas.
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Meet the Crafty Prepper !
I'm crafty, I'm preppin', I'm trying to be more self sufficient and you're gonna get to see it all! Yay!! Doesn't that entice you to subscribe? Awesome! p.s. I totally forgot my tripod, sorry for the extreme close up.
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Remington 770 .30-06 Rifle
Just showing off the prize I won in the raffle at the FFA Critter Dinner. Most likely I'll sell it to one of my friend's husbands and buy a shotgun instead. Thanks for watching.
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Large Shiitake Mushroom Harvest!
These are the largest in size and amount that I have personally harvested off my 3 24" red oak logs. Very Exciting!!!
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Garden Journal
I was inspired by dirtpatcheaven and her journal. Finally my scrapbooking supplies can go to good use!
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Me and my Smith & Wesson 442 .38 special.
Talking about my minimal history with guns/shooting and showing you my S&W.
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Bug Out Bike Trailer
My idea of a bike trailer and food items to keep inside and ready for immediate bug out.
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Chicken Coop Tour
A more detailed look at the chicken coop. I basically told my dad the parts I wanted it to have and he created this from scratch. Some of it we figured out as we went. I love it and the chicks do too.
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Ladies, you need a Go Girl, trust me.
A Go Girl is the best thing since sliced bread according to me. I've always wanted to be able to pee when I'm camping or hiking and not have to squat or lean. The Go Girl makes it possible to do without even pulling your pants down and there is hardly any mess. Plus its great to use in gross public bathrooms and would be awesome if you were bugging out.
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Paperback YouTube (Country Wisdom and Know How)
Country Wisdom and Know How is my favorite, most referenced book. It can teach you how to do almost anything. If you are interested in homesteading or self reliance, I think you should have this book. If the SHTF and there's no YouTube, this would be a very valuable asset.
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Comforts to help during ice storm/power outage.
The ice storm and resulting 3 day power outage we had about a month ago wasn't so bad because we were prepared. Yard sales are great places to find really great preps.
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Fancy seed packets made from scrapbook paper.
When you're saving seeds after this year's harvest try to make handmade, custom seed packets. Sounds fancy, right? lol.
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Wood Chip Update and Horse Manure
I have some horse manure that my friend and I scooped out of the stalls in her barn a few months ago. I've decided to spread it on top of the wood chips to A)add Nitrogen which may help them decompose faster and B)add some nutrients to the clay. There's no plants for it to burn right now, so by spring it should all be ready.
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Garden markers, scrapbook style.
Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a while, but I plan on making videos again. So I've made garden markers with tongue blades and Distress Inks. Easy, quick, cute. More prepping videos soon and some big news!
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Planting the Orchard
Not really a how-to video. Just telling you how I planted my trees. The main book I got my info from is The Home Orchard Handbook. Not to mention YouTubers!
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Avocado Trees Started From Seed
My mom started these avocado trees from seed and so far I haven't had luck with them outside. Any advice?
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How to Plant Garlic
I am planting Nootka Rose, a silverskin, soft neck, heirloom variety. It is great for braiding and longer storage and has a mild flavor.
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Strawberries and Lemons!
My friend wanted to learn canning, so we started with jam. We picked the strawberries, then made jam and strawberry lemonade concentrate. Fresh pureed strawberries, fresh squeezed lemons and some sugar. Then I put the lemon peels in vinegar to soak for a few weeks for a homemade, natural cleaner.
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Prepping - Food Storage
Finally unpacked my food storage to see what I've got and what I still need. Its not a massive stockpile, but its just me here and I have spent the last few years focused on other, bigger preps. Now that I can see what I've got, I can really get serious about food storage. Its time to start investing in long term items now. Thanks for watching!
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Are these weeds useful or just garbage?
I noticed a lot of these two weeds all over my land, are they useful/edible or just junk? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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Most Efficient Way to Move Woodchips
Moving all these wood chips around for my Back to Eden gardens and orchard had me quickly finding the most efficient way to do it. So this is the little trick I've devised. Hope it helps!
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Trash Can Cabinet and Refinished Chairs
My dad is my personal handyman and has been helping me with all sorts of projects like hanging towel bars and blinds, but this trash can cabinet is the bomb. I love it! My mom is also awesome and did all the hard work of reupholstering these chairs.
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Back to Eden style garden, woodchip update
A couple months ago I laid a thick layer of woodchips directly on the clay. They were free and I couldn't afford that much compost outright. This is a peek to see what the clay looks like so far. My hope is that by spring the woodchips will have turned into some compost and the hard clay will be looser so I can plant in that.
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Home-made potato sacks.
I hand sewed a couple potato sacks out of burlap and jute twine. This way they can hang in the basement where its cool and dark and be up off the ground and have good air flow. I planted 4lbs of seed potatoes and we ended up with 8lbs of potatoes. This is the first time I grew any, so I'm not sure if that's average or not.
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Back to Eden Brussels Sprouts
I've planted brussel sprouts for the fall/winter. Mulching them helps maintain a steady level of moisture for best growth. It also helps insulate their roots. The wood chips will eventually break down and give nutrients to the soil underneath as in the Back to Eden method.
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Fried Dandelions
My sister Kellie shows us how she fries up some dandelion flowers. Our mom used to do this for us when we were kids and we just thought it was the coolest thing. Now we do it because we like the taste and it reminds us of the good ol days. AND its free food, which is awesome! p.s. dandelion is rich in Vitamins A, B, C, folic acid, calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium. (Nature's Medicine by Elizabeth Fellow.)
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Free food in our yard. (aka foraging)
Chickweed and Purple Deadnettle growing for free in the raised bed. The celery makes a comeback for the third year without any effort from us. I call all that free food! Little to no effort from us.
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Crack covering gardening apron.
If you're crafty, have and old scrub top and a high crack, this project's for you!
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My "yard"...aka clay and rock.
So I've been busy moving in and getting settled, but I've gotten some stuff done outside too. I've planted 2 white Dogwoods, 2 Crape Myrtles, 2 Washington Hawthorns, 2 Redbuds, 2 Flowering Crabapples, a Lilac bush and a Snowball bush. My parents got them from the Arbor Day Foundation for becoming members. Its a start. So much to do! Ack! Anyway, I've got plenty of time to figure it all out. Thanks for watching!
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Compost experiment with lettuce.
This is for my friend Brittany to show the difference between using compost or not.
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Crane Day!!!
Both pieces of my modular home were delivered yesterday and today is crane day! This crane is so tall. It's really awesome in person watching something this big happen. I hope you enjoy the video! I still have a week or two til move in day, but its so close now! p.s. the man talking was an older gentleman from the set up crew, he was very informative. I think he said the crane has 350 feet of boom? Awesome.
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Clay Pot Heater
Disclaimer: Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and for heaven's sake, use some common sense! ex: don't leave it unsupervised with kids or pets, don't put it next to curtains or the couch... This can be used as emergency heat or supplemental heat. It doesn't put off a whole lot of heat, but does warm a single room a bit. I didn't invent this, but its the only heat I have if the power goes out right now. Its cheap and easy. Hopefully I will get a wood stove soon. That's my biggest dream right now! LOL
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First Anniversary of My Homestead/Farm
Its been one year since I moved to my favorite 2 acres. Here's a recap of what I've done in that year and plans/hopes I have for the next year. I hope you enjoy watching my homestead grow.
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Yellow Wild Flowers
Beautiful flowers on weeds I let get outta hand.
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Natural Rustic Christmas Wreath
Just explaining how I made my own real wreath with stuff found in the yard and in my craft room. Its not perfect, but I dig it. lol. Flower arranging type crafts have never been my strong suit. Merry Christmas!
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Organic Gardening - Colorado Potato Beetles
I found some Colorado Potato Beetles eating my potatoes when I got home from a road trip. I only have a few plants so I am hand picking the beetles to control them.
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How to Crochet a Dishcloth
Easy, fun crochet dishcloth. Chain 40 (if you want it bigger add chains in multiples of 4. ex. a good throw size is 200 chains) Row 1: In the 4th chain from the hook, *double crochet, chain 2, single crochet. skip 3 chains* continue from * to * to the end of row. Chain 2, turn. Row 2-18 (or number of rows needed to make it square) *DC, Ch 2, SC in chain 2 space*. repeat from * to * to end of row. Let me know if you have any questions. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Squash Bugs!
I thought they were stink bugs, but turns out they were squash bugs and were already munchin' on my biggest pumpkin plant. :( I got them though and put them in soapy water and I squashed (haha) all the eggs I found.
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Free Cold Frame/Row Cover
Using items free to me, I made some row covers for the fall garden to protect them from the freezing weather coming in a couple days. Use your imagination to make what you need.
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Back to Eden Orchard
Creating a Back to Eden style orchard using free woodchips.
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Orchard Planning
I am creating an orchard on my homestead and these are the first 4 trees I've bought. I explain some of my thoughts and reasons to where I plan to place them. Thanks for watching!
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I learned how to grow Shiitake mushrooms today.
I went to a workshop at a local CSA and got to inoculate 3 small red oak logs with Shiitake mushroom spawn. The spores were in sawdust and we used a palm style brass inoculator to push the sawdust into the holes, then sealed them with cheese wax. The CSA got the spawn(that sounds so funny. lol) from Field and Forest Products. fieldforest.net athatcher85's video: youtube.com/watch?v=JTodmVtyr88
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