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Sea Ray Sundancer Sea Strainer Cleaning
Quick video on how to clean a sea strainer on a 2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer. There are two sea strainers on the boat, only two since this boat is a sterndrive. This is a very easy and simple process, I hope this works on your boat. If this helped please drop a like and subscribe for more boating and aviation related content. Down below are step by step instructions on the cleaning process. Step 1 Close seacock to prevent water from entering boat. Step 2 Unscrew the cap from the top of the sea strainer. Step 3 Lift the basket out from the sea strainer and let the water drain out. Step 4 Wash basket Step 5 Put basket back in and close cap, if necessary you may have to re-prime the system. Step 6 Reopen seacock.
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737-700 Southwest Takeoff From CMH
Southwest 737 takeoff from Columbus airport. I was very fortunate to be on the new livery. This was a turn and burn! -Takeoff starts around 3:10
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Sea Ray 300 Sundancer Cruise To Bay Point
Quick cruise on a 2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer. We cruised around 3500 RPM's today, Motors are twin MerCruiser 350 (5.7L) MAG MPI motors that produce 300 horsepower each.
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CRJ 200 Engine start (origanal) delta connection
this is a bombardier CRJ-200 regional aircraft this flight was operated by endeavor air seat 13A at DTW
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Lund 1775 Impact with Mercury 115HP Fourstroke
2015 Lund 1775 with a Mercury 115HP outboard. Filmed in July of 2017, on gorgeous Lake Tomahawk leaving the inlet to Little Lake Tomahawk.
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Sea Ray 300 Sundancer Starting
Brief explanation on Sea Ray's 2006 300 Sundancer on how to start. The motors are not ran in this video but this show you the master ignition and the helm switches. Enjoy!
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Delta Connection CRJ 200 shaky takeoff DTW
Good takeoff from Detroit. We had a mechanical issue that made us delayed. We had a small emergency nothing to important. Just a notification that wouldn't go off the screen. The engines were amazing. Best with beats solo headphones to hear the real deal and other engines yelling I cannot describe! if you noticed at 2:25 the left gear lifts off then are pilot puts it down and then at 2:28 he rotates it. Don't forget to smack the living crap on the like and subscribe buttons. Be sure to see all my vids also watch my landing at CWA.
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Replacing Boat Raw Water Lines
Today we are replacing raw water lines that run from your seacocks, sea strainers, A/C, and the generator. These lines were about 11 years old and dry rotted. As usual any job in the bilge is a pain in the butt and this one was one of them. This boat I changed the lines on was a 2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer, with a generator. Although this shouldn’t mean much since the process should be cookie cutter for other boats. The hose I replaced was MPI Premium Marine Water Hardwall SAE J2006 100-0340 - 3/4” ID hose. Hose link https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/mpi-100-0340-3-4-inch-id-semi-rigid-hardwall-premium-marine-rv-boat-water-intake-hose-ft
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Sea Ray 300 Sundancer Takeoff From The Gem Beach Inlet
2006 300 Sundancer with twin 350 Magnum MPI with 300HP turning a Bravo III or 3 outdrives. Run test or whatever the heck you want to call it! Don’t worry about the talking. I know the sound is more important! Catawba island Lake Erie Ohio.
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Hawker Siddley 748 engine start and takeoff from Dawson city and a landing in Whitehorse
A fantastic flight in this old aircraft. Was a very fun trip to go on!!
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Late June Sea Ray Cruise To Kelley's Island
2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer Cruise to North Bay at Kelley's Island from Gem Beach. Filmed on June 24th around 11:00 am. Motors are twin 350 MAG MPI's paired to Bravo III's.
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Learjet  70/75 Takeoff
Fast takeoff on this corporate Learjet 70/75
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Baja 250 ES
Baja 250 ES with MerCruiser 454 rated at 330HP, paired with a Bravo I outdrive. Filmed in July on Lake Winnebago WI by Stoney Beach (West side of the lake.) 1990 Model.
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Southwest 737-300 Landing In PHX
One legendary plane. Fantastic flight, very cool to be able to fly this gem! Enjoy
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737-700 Southwest Landing at DEN
Southwest 737-700 landing at Denver airport in Colorado. Great flight, great crew! Was very fortunate to be on the new livery of Southwest! Enjoy!
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Southwest 737-800 Takeoff From MSY
Nice blast off from New Orleans. What was amazing was that there was a extremely short runway, meaning a rocket takeoff. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!
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Southwest 737 Max 8 Landing At ATL
Great flight concluded with a great landing at Atlanta. The plane was SILENT! Except the screaming baby (😒)
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Lake Erie November 26th, 2018 Trip!
Decided to take a trip up to the lake on this chilly Monday. Had a great time, we were even treated to a great perch lunch at Jolly Rodgers! Super cold, which resulted in poor film quality! 🥶
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Southwest 737 Cruise
Southwest 737-700 cruise from Nashville Tennessee to Columbus Ohio! Astonishing sunset here!
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CRJ 200 Landing at CWA
It was a great flight DON'T forget to smack the living crap out of that like button and subscribe for more! please if you want to use this video in any means let ME know before anything you do because I own this video -thanks happy flying
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Helicopter Takeoff From MFD
Just a little action at the local airport. The airport is the Mansfield Lahm Airport located in Mansfield OH. The pilots where very nice.
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Southwest 737-700 FLORIDA ONE Cruising
Cruising in Florida One. En route to CMH.
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Southwest 737-800 With Split Scimitar Wings Takeoff From PHX
Southwest 737-800 takeoff from Phoenix. We where lucky to be on a newer -800 series aircraft. Hope you enjoy this!
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Southwest 737-300 Takeoff From DEN
So awesome to be on a older 737-300. Very cool experience. Sorry for the shaky takeoff, the GoPro camera started to bounce on the window. Anyways enjoy the video!
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