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Philmont 2016: Troop 304, Itinerary 30
The adventures of Troop 304 Crews 623 M1 and 623 M2 as we traversed the beautiful terrain of Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.
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Visiting Aunt Lucy - Scene from Espionage 2
Hope you enjoy this quirky scene from the unfinished sequel to our one hit wonder, never-should-have-broke-a-quarter-million-views movie, Espionage (2014) - Full Movie. Featuring Suzannah Evans as Aunt Lucy.
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Tom Sawyer: Island Scene-2010 "Lazin' Down The River"
In 2010, my school performed Tom Sawyer: The Musical, a short adaptation of Mark Twain's famous novel. However, to my Dad's great disappointment (being a huge fan of the book) the beloved island scene had been cut out of our version! So, being the music director of the play, he decided to write a scene adapted straight from Mark Twain's book and an original song to go with it. This is that scene. Enjoy!
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Espionage (2014) - Full Movie
Well, it's finally here after months of technical difficulties. I did finish this in December, 2014, but was unable to get it up until now. This was just something all of my siblings and I did together, and it was loads of fun! This wasn't made to be a perfect cinematic movie, but rather just as something all of us siblings could come together and do, before more of us start leaving for college. This is more of a family project, and was first suggested by my brother Sammy, who loves action movies, and was urged on by our mom. Adeline, who is blooming into a fantastic young writer, and I continued to flesh it out into a full script, and we started filming. We never thought it would be this long, but that made it all the more fun. We also filmed and completed this before my new brother Demisu came home, which is why he does not appear in this, but hopefully we'll be able to make another project some day in which he appears. As a sort of disclaimer brought on by some of my siblings' concerns, all cheesiness is purely a parody of some Hollywood movies. So, if you ever feel uncomfortable because of the insane velveeta you are seeing on screen, then rest assured, so did we, and it is all intentional. We also realize that not a lot of actual "Espionage" shows up in this movie, but it was the first title we gave it, and it sounds cool! Maybe it should have been called the Secret Service, but that's too late now. As another and more serious disclaimer, I do not own the copyrights to some of the elements of this video, but I'm not gaining any money from this either, so thank you so much for watching and enjoy!
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Espionage (2014) - Official Trailer
This is the trailer to the movie that my siblings and I have been making just for fun over the past few months. Enjoy! The full movie will be coming out in late November or early December. I realize that some of the music in this trailer is not of my own making. Please feel free to buy the full versions of the songs you hear from their official owners. No copyright infringement is intended, as I also will not be receiving any money from this.
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"Acquainted With The Night" by Robert Frost- Film Adaptation
This is a little project I made for my High School English class. It is my first film and was a lot of fun! Enjoy! *Disclaimer: The music that somebody was playing in the background while I was filming one of these scenes is not my own work. It ended up in this video by coincidence, and all rights to it belong to its own writers.
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Hamlet - If Polonius 'Twere Clever
This is a project I went overboard on and did for my english class just for fun over a weekend. It wasn't required, but I couldn't help myself. It is meant to be cheesy and ridiculous, just so you know before going into it. I fully understand if you find it annoying, but hey, just don't tell me, but in all reality I'll probably understand, so tell me anyway. Enjoy it, regardless. Thank You! I realize that some of the music in this video is not of my own making. Please feel free to buy the full versions of the songs you hear from their official owners. No copyright infringement is intended, as I also will not be receiving any money from this.
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Drowsy Chaperone Cold Feets
Villanova Student Musical Theater's production of The Drowsy Chaperone March 18, 2017
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Saul Bass
This is a tribute to one of the greatest geniuses in the world of movies and movie posters, Saul Bass. I had to create this for my Comp Design class at school using Animoto. I had never heard of Saul Bass before and picked him from a random list of graphic designers, but boy am I glad I picked him. Enjoy this quick video, and please research his work to a greater extent, he was revolutionary and amazing! - created at http://animoto.com
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Los Tres Delincuentes
This is a short I did with my brothers as a part of a presentation for my Spanish class (hence the Spanish title and ending), for which I will have to talk for 90 minutes about a certain topic only in Spanish, so I chose to talk about movies! I hope you enjoy this!
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Equipo de Producción de Películas
And here is my third and final video for my Spanish presentation on movies! Please forgive any grammar errors or pronunciation malfunctions I had while speaking Spanish in this video! Shout out to my little siblings for all learning a word or two to say during this! I hope you all enjoyed all of these! Like, comment, and subscribe for more! (not in Spanish)
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"Patience" by Guns N' Roses - Villanova Preparatory School Graduation 2015
Lead Guitar: Jacob Greenspan Bass Guitar: Derek Ducharme Rhythm Guitar & Vocals: Jack Evans Well here's the song we finally decided upon to sing for Graduation this year! We changed the lyrics slightly and abbreviated it a little to be more appropriate for graduation, but it was loads of fun! I apologize for my mistakes, but I guess that just makes this more real:) Enjoy and Congrats Class of 2015!!!
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Oh, Johnny
A young army veteran returns home to his family after surviving World War II, and tries to find consolation and peace of mind after his experiences. This is the second film my siblings and I have made over the past year and a half or so, and this one sees the addition of our brother Demisu to the cast! It was extremely fun to make and went a bit smoother this time around after we had learned a thing or two from making our previous film, Espionage. We hope you all enjoy this one and would love any feedback you care to offer! Till next time, thanks for checking out the channel!
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Villanova ICE Challenge 2015: Lemme Take a Selfie
Introducing the Selfie Stase! Coming to an American distributer near you in the not too present future. "Let Me Take a Selfie" is not our own property, and belongs to the original owners.
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Just Another High School Play Impressions Segment
This was from my senior year of high school when we put on Just Another High School Play and I got to do an impressions segment at the beginning of Act 2. Not all of them are the best (looking at you Christopher Walken) but it was a blast, and the first time I'd done something like that on stage! Enjoy!
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Blessed Assurance - Valley Voices 2009
This is from when we still lived in Montana, and is an old 2009 performance by the Valley Voices of Blessed Assurance. Felicity, Sofia, and I were asked by our children's choir director, Allyson Kuechmann, to sing a supporting part for this song with the Valley Voices choir, which she also directed and still does. Suzannah was in the large choir, and my mom, who was filming, zooms in on her a few times. Suzannah was 14, I was 12, Sofia was 11, and Felicity was 10, and please forgive my dead facial expressions, haha! Thank you Mrs Kuechmann for giving us such a great opportunity and memory!
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Merry Christmas from the Evans Twins 2016
Chrithmath with toothleth twinthz!
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Tele-k-Zapper Commercial
Introducing the all new Tele-K-Zapper for all your self-defense needs! Reality check: This is a commercial made for my Econ class about a fictional product. Written and Produced by Alex Rios and Jack Evans. Featuring Joseph Campbell and Ted Jaich.
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El Guitarrista de Combate
This is the second of my videos for my Spanish presentation. I hope you all enjoy this one especially because it was loads of fun to make! As a side note, obviously I do not own the rights to the original soundtrack of "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" If you would like to listen to the full, untainted recording, I found it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFa1-kciCb4 Thank you all for watching, please enjoy, and subscribe to receive more!
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Batman V Iron Man
This is my end of the year animation project for my Computer Graphics Design class. It went through some momentary technical difficulties for a few days (Thank you tech guys at Villanova Prep for recovering the file!), but I was able to complete this. Hopefully one day I'll have access to another computer with Photoshop and I'll be able to animate the rest of what I had in mind, but for now, this is what I've got! And a very significant and special thank you to Ms Cotti for helping me through EVERYTHING in this! I could not have done this at all without you! Thank you again and again!
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Political Campign
This is an ad I had to make for my Civics class at school. Yes, I choose to make videos for school a lot. This is me running for President for this year, because we always vote for a new president two years through the current president's second term…
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The California Missions: Conversions and Controversy
This is a video tour I made of the California Missions for my World Religions class this semester. If that's up your alley, then please enjoy!
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