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Glendalough Boulders
Fun day bouldering out in Glendalough, Ireland. I played around with some slow-mo effects and lighting spazazz in this edit.
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Yellow Fork Canyon
Beautiful hike up Yellow Fork Canyon near Herriman, Utah.
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Finnley Climbing (17-month-old toddler)
Finnley has got some serious climbing skills at the age of 17-months. Move over Adam Ondra, this kid will out climb ya sooner than later.
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Black Canyon of the Bear River
Kayaking the Black Canyon of the Bear River
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A typical afternoon with Finnley (Time Lapse)
If you been wondering what Finnley and I due during the day then here is a glimpse at one of our typical afternoons.
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Finnley's First Day Skiing
Not even 14 months old and killing it!
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Walking the dogs. Thug Life
Finnley walking the dogs, thug style
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Idaho Hot Springs
For our two year anniversary, Janae I and I went on a hot springs tour through Idaho. These are just a few of many that we went to.
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Autumn (Pixel 4k Video)
Trying out the 4k video (except for the slow-mo Finnley) on the Google Pixel. I am quite impressed, let me know what you think.
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Finnley's first bike moments.
Finnley giving a few different balance bikes a go. He rides his bikes everyday.
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Finnley Going Down A Slide
Fun day at the St Patricks Park.
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July 4th Time Lapse
Here is a little time-lapse of the fireworks on Independence day.
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Brighton Groomer Day
Nice layer of speed powder on fresh corduroy.
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Lehi Pan Lapse
Playing with an egg timer and timelapse.
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Finnley Bike Ski Crash
Finnley Bike Ski Crash
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Slackline | Dublin
A fun day slacklining with friends after a good climbing session and Thai food.
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Draper Bike Park // July 4th 2017
Fun day at the bike park to celebrate Independence Day.
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