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HamiltonJet Drive Install - KonaCat
HamiltonJet Drive Install
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HamiltonJet Drive Introduction - KonaCat
HamiltonJet Drive Introduction
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HamiltonJet Drive Blockage - KonaCat
Instructions on how to clear your blockage from your HamiltonJet drive.
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HamiltonJet Drive General Operations - KonaCat
HamiltonJet Drive General Operations
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HamiltonJet Drive Assembly - KonaCat
HamiltonJet Drive Assembly
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HamiltonJet Drive Blue Arrow Introduction - KonaCat
Introduction to the HamiltonJet Blue Arrow control system
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HamiltonJet Drive Blue Arrow Low Speed Operations - KonaCat
Low speed operations with HamiltonJet's Blue Arrow control system
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CubaKat to operate high speed catamarans to Havana, Cuba
Kona Catamaran, LLC has signed a deal with CubaKat, Inc to build three high speed catamarans that will operate between Marathon, Florida and Havana, Cuba. These ferries will be designed to make the trip in less than three hours and will have the ability to carry up to 149 passengers each. The first catamaran should be operational by April 2013. The catamarans will be designed by Boksa Marine Design, Inc of Tampa, Florida and Noah Thompson Design of New Zealand. They will be constructed by Kona Catamaran in Titusville, Florida at Vectorworks Marine, LLC and will feature FPT engines with HamiltonJet Drives installed by Hugo Stamp, Inc. CubaKat is currently seeking licensing through United States and Cuban agencies for its ferry operations. Full licensing, completion of the first catamaran and initial operations should be ready by April 2013. Brian Hall, CEO of Kona Catamaran said, "We're pleased to be part of such an historic project that will change the lives of so many people. This project has the potential to create over 200 jobs between Mobile, Alabama; Titusville, Florida; and the Florida Keys. This will be the start of a great venture using our high speed catamarans in Cuba." Per CubaKat's CEO Pedro Baez, "This will be the first ferry to provide service from the U.S. to Cuba in more than 50 years. CubaKat is looking forward to providing a much needed service that will enhance travel experience to and from the beautiful country of Cuba." Kona Catamaran, LLC of Mobile, Alabama designs and builds catamarans, shuttles and passenger ferries for the commercial marine industry. Known for their 'quick build' system, KonaCat focuses on providing reliable and cost efficient vessels for its clients. www.KonaCat.com www.cubakat.com
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HamiltonJet Drive Blue Arrow Controls Mouse Boat - KonaCat
HamiltonJet Drive Blue Arrow Controls Mouse Boat Operations
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Workboat 2009 MarineTV Inverview with Brian Hall
Marine TV Interview with the owner of Kona Catamaran Brian Hall
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