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【MAD】Yu Yu Hakusho Opening - Departure!
The song is Departure, the opening song from Hunter x Hunter (2011) It's crazy how well both of these anime openings fit together. And they were both written by the same mangaka.
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Kill La Kill - She's A Rebel (AMV)
Ryuko Matoi - the most bad-ass rebel in anime song: She's A Rebel by Green Day I don't own the song or the anime
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【MAD】 Yu Yu Hakusho Ending - Just Awake
MAD ending for Yu Yu Hakusho with Just Awake, the first ending from Hunter x Hunter
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【MAD】 Yu Yu Hakusho Opening - Departure Version 2
I did version one, so it only seems fair to do version two as well!
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One Piece - Motivational Video
hopefully this video will be motivational to you and inspire you to follow your dreams like Luffy and his crew the audio is from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26U_seo0a1g
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One Piece - I'll Have Tea.
RIP Green Tea
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Harry Potter - Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
The song is by the Magnetic Fields video edited by me
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【MAD】 Gintama Ending - Happy People
This is an MAD ending I made for Gintama with the 4th ending song for Bleach, Happy People. Video flipped and audio pitch shifted to avoid copyright issues
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I Don't Like Goblins
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Mighty Great Sandwiches
Get A Life
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When it's Osomatsu Monday
just a stupid meme I made to celebrate Osomatsu-san season 2
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Game Grumps - Whoa! WHOOOOOOOAAAA-
what the-
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