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Stomping Tonight On The Pennsylvania/Alabama Border
A John Fahey classic
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My station will be changed after a while
A John Fahey adaptation of an Uncle Dave Macon tune. DADGAD.
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As I Lay Sleeping (Peter Lang cover)
This is a fun piece written by an excellent artist and the tab is available on the Net. Why there are so few covers of it is beyond me. The hat is compensatory for my short fingers. Size is important after all. Sigh.
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Aunte Maude Gots The Grumble
The world needs another Open C tune played by a paleogeek fulfilling his adolescent fantasies. I have met that need. Note the use of the pentatonic scale. I made this up while loosening my fingers for an assault on As I Lay Sleeping. The guitar is a Taylor 150e which I think is a killer guitar for under $800.
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