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Never stop believing
This is an inspirational/motivational video I made for all the athletes out there. This reflects how I feel about my passion that is football(soccer) but you can also relate to the different sports in the video. You are dreaming of becoming one of the best. Train to achieve your goals. It's gonna be hard. You will get hurt and there will be lost battles along the way but don't give up and train hard. You will be tired and have to give everything but train harder. Success will come. Never stop believing in your dreams. I used different Nike commercials. All copyrights goes to Nike. I own nothing. Music: Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor) by John Murphy
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My new Mercurial Vapor Superfly's SG
Just got my new mercurial vapor superfly's from ebay! Bought them for $220 US but ended up paying 84$ of custom taxes. So just an advice, if you buy shoes from shoebox savings pick UPS as the shipping option and not the postal service... These are the max orange/ abyss metallic silver ones. Yes I know they got recalled but they were worth it at $220 (not so now since I could get the public version for almost the same price on soccer.com). And also I like the Color. **YES they do run LARGER than the old vapors!!! So if you had vapors before take 1/2 size down!!
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Football(Soccer) player quads
Years of running, training and conditioning. Anyone wanna race? They look bigger than they really are...
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225x5 Bench Press @ 140lbs Soccer player
This video was taken in May and I did 225x8 once before that. Guess I was tired that day or something.
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Christian Bale gets pranked
This is the real footage of Christian Bale getting pranked. He is not very happy when he sees the prankster putting fake paint on his brand new car.
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Me flexing on a rest day. I'm not huge but I'm not a bodybuilder. I play Soccer. Height: 5'6" Weight: 140lbs Not weak though. I can squat 315x5(deep raw) and Bench 225x5. Posting video later.
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2012 in 5 seconds
I own nothing. All copyrights to Sony Pictures. Check another version I made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IozGoEP3Hg8
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Kicking a football in a basketball hoop
This is me kicking a football/soccer ball in a basketball hoop.
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2012 in 5 seconds #2
I own nothing. All Copyrights to Sony Pictures. Check another version I made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl8kXWr72ik
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