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TomoDachi Life music compilation -  There's a war going on in Destiny Island
An incident have lead to a massive war on Destiny Island
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TomoDachi Life music compilation -  There's a prankster about in Destiny Island
Somebody has been playing all sorts of tricks in Destiny Island
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TomoDachi Life music Blooper compilation
Here is a compilation of bloopers and joke alternative versions of my previous TomoDachi Life music which are as follows: Everything is alright All About you (fun fact: This was based on an actual mistake while I was testing the song) Star Girl Year 3000 Crashed the Wedding The Danny and Dougie Show Dan and Phil rap Nintendo Game Award nutshell song x3 Get Over it Back in time Wonder of Wonder Trade I want a The Unholy War remake/rerelease I rule Destiny Island Smogon Please ban... Keep Andrew Garfield The Doctor is in My Hair We are the kings Mega Evolution wish list 5 Weird things online Favourite food/Keep on finding really dislikes Obey the Toucan Gift ideas
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #23 - Chaos with Minecraft, Can your Pet & Super Mario Maker
The latest compilation for my TomoDachi Life music hall videos 1. That game is mainstream - A Mii talking about a very mainstream video game series 2. 00:41 - The Greatest Song 3. 01:29 - Fun Facts - Fun facts about my islanders 4. 02:06 - Can your pet in the nutshell - Based on a recent game that Dan and Phil have played for their gaming channel 5. 03:10 - What I've done on Minecraft - Loosely based on my friend's play session on their Minecraft sever 6. 04:07 - My Super Mario Maker stage - A Mii shares his idea for his stage in Super Mario Maker 7. 04:43 - Today's lesson - The teacher's lesson for the day 8. 05:33 - My dream - A Mii shares his dream...perhaps a bit too graphically
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TomoDachi Life Funny Music Hall performance Montage (and a few bloopers)
Here is a collection of my joke/failed TomoDachi Life music hall performances from my past videos including a few alternative outtakes based on on again my past videos. Be sure to check out my Blooper Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_dUlQYLQwQ And more funny performances here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3IDvtdwnJo&t=1127s
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TomoDachi Life music compilation -  If Mii were President
Inspired by NintendoSword's Vote for Mii video, here is a TomoDachi Life music compilation based on what if the Miis on Destiny Islands get to be nominated as president.
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TomoDachi Life music - The Animal Band compilation
The Miis on Destiny Island gather and dress up as animals (based on the animal outfits that can be brought in the game), formed together in an animal band group, facing against each other on who's the best.
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This is a dirty TomoDachi Life song
Or is it? (Based on the Assumption Song)
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TomoDachi Life parody song about two best friends breaking up
There has been a few occasions when some Miis are no longer best friends with each other so here's a parody TomoDachi Life song about two Miis who were best friends George (based on a friend) and Sonia (original Mii).
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TomoDachi Life Rap Duet performance fail
Watch on how a TomoDachi Life Rap performance goes down hill as the Miis have an argument - featuring Star Wars Miis Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation -  My Dream Room
Inspired by Animal Crossing Happy Home Design, the Miis shares their ideas for their dream room.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation   Yet another Prankster in Destiny Island
There's another prankster causing all sorts of mischief on Destiny Island. Featuring the Mcfly and Busted based Miis.
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TomoDachi Life Christmas songs compilation
Here are some Christmas based songs for TomoDachi Life 1. I love Christmas - How this Mii loves Christmas featuring David Platt Mii 2. Christmas for the unfortunate - The Royal brothers gives an important message for Christmas 3. My christmas confession - A Mii did a very bad thing 4. Play in the snow - A Mii suggesting all sort of games you can play in the snow 5. Where's my turkey? - Don't let this mix up happen at Christmas 6. Pets for life, not for Christmas - Another important message for Christmas 7. What to get for Christmas - A Mii decides on what presents to get 8. 12 days of Christmas - Done in video gaming style The last two are Christmas covers: 9. I wish it could be Christmas everyday - Fun fact: I have to use a different kind of i for it as using i after the word wish is censored 10. All I want for Christmas is you - Sang by McBusted Miis and original Mii
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TomoDachi Life music -  Worst Holiday ever
The Miis on Destiny Island went on Holiday...which ended in a disaster.
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TomoDachi Life Opera performance ruined by swearing
A TomoDachi Life Opera performance has gone wrong when a Mii swears and pass it on to a younger Mii. Featuring my Lucas Mii from Mother 3.
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TomoDachi Life Funny Music Hall performance Montage 2 (reuploaded)
Here's more of my joke TomoDachi Life music hall performances based on my past videos. You can view the first part here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR2dLJlIx3k Note: This was reuploaded as I've missed out one of my performances. I've also fixed a few errors along the way.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #31 -  A debate between Mario and Sonic
The latest compilation: 1. Everything is awesome - I could just sing this for hours! 2. 00:42 - My Fishing Trip - A Mii describes his fishing trip...which ended in a disaster. 3.01:18 - The bees have got me - Happens every time in the Animal Crossing series 4. 02:09 - Mario Vs Sonic - With the recent release of Mario and Sonic at the Rio Olympics 2016 Olympic games, two Miis have a classic debate about who is better between Mario and Sonic 5. 02:44 - The benefits of bugs as sing by Mii based on my Praying Mantis Matilda The last two are based on existing songs: 6. 03:30 - Pollyanna - Parts of the lyrics (that I liked) from Mother/Earthbound Beginnings 7. 04:41 - Little things mean a lot - From the Axa advert
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The interrupted Song -  TomoDachi Life
Being a Mii based on superhero, I would imagine that it would be hard for them to do their every day stuff as shown in this performance with Spiderman.
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TomoDachi Life music Compilation #25 - Featuring the new comers to Destiny Island
A bunch of new songs: 1. Happy Forever Alone Day - Or what some people think 2. All About Pokemon Showdown - Some of my friends has recently got into Pokemon Showdown. Here's a song about it 3. Pokemon Showdown Random in the nutshell - As a follow up to the above song, you'll never know what you'll get for Random matches. 4. Tumblr Tag - Dan goes onto Tumblr which takes it turn for the worse 5. Original Song I've recently added and replaced some Miis and the next half of the compilation focus on them: 6. Newcomers - Starting most of the new comers for my island. 7. Youtube Stars - Staring most of the Miis that are Youtubers stars 8. Coming out on Youtube - Coming out on Youtube has become a trend as described by my other Youtube based Miis who have come out. 9. We are the Pets - I have Miis based on my pets too. 10 . Our Pranks - Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee tries to one up each other for their pranks (some are based on the actual pranks they did for their videos) And finally, here's a Disney song cover: 11. Can you feel the love tonight
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TomoDachi Life music compilation -  All About The Streetpass Games
TomoDachi Life Songs about all the Streetpass games up to date which are as follows: Puzzle Swap, Streetpass Quest, Streetpass Squad, Streetpass Garden, Streetpass Battle, Streetpass Mansion, Streetpass Fishing and Streetpass Zombie. A side note that UK names are used as I'm a British user.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #30  - Don't say the b word and Oh god I want Pizza
The latest compilation 1. My prank confession - Yet another bunch of pranks that have got too far. 2. 01:04 - Paradise Island in the nutshell - Based on a (post game) level in Pewdiepie Legend of the Brofist 3. 01:42 - What have I've learned - Based on Connor Franta's video video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tA7xo_uLV8 4. 02:25 - Our debate - Two Miis got into...a heated debate 5. 03:01 - I want Pizza - Featuring Mii based on Caspar Lee who really loves pizza with lyrics based on Yu's theme (Reach out to the truth) from Persona 4 Arena 6. 03:43 - My challenge song - A Mii sets himself a challenge for a song 7. 04:20 - Undertale routes - In the game Undertale, there are routes that you can choose The last two are cover songs for existing songs: 8. 05:19 - Better when I'm dancing - From The Peanuts movie 9. 06:05 - Reach - From S Club Seven
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Thank you Iwata -  TomoDachi Life
A quick tribute TomoDachi Life music performance regarding to the tragic death of Satoru Iwata who will never be forgotten.
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TomoDachi Life music The Time Cards Compilation
For this TomoDachi Life music hall compilation, the Miis on Destiny Island are working together for a project, encountering all sorts of problems along the way. Featuring the time cards from Spongebob Squarepants
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TomoDachi Life Opera Duet performance gone wrong
It seems that my Mii had a stage fright - featuring my Lucas Mii from Mother 3
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Everyone gets food poisoning during a TomoDachi Life Pop performance
Just as the Miis are about to perform, they all have food poisoning during the show.
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TomoDachi Life compliations #1 Sonic music performance compilations
I have made some TomoDachi Life music performance based on Sonic the Hedgehog theme songs which are as follows: Open Your Heart Live and Learn Sonic Heroes In his World Endless possibilities Reach for the Stars Note that some of the lyrics have been altered due to the limited amount of lyrics I can fit in.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #13 - Game Corruption, Getting a date and three Mcfly songs
There are a couple of original songs for this TomoDachi Life music compilation 1. MY GAME HAS BEEN CORRUPTED - Let's hope this doesn't happen to you. Featuring my PewDiePie Mii. 2. 00:38 - Keep Andrew Garfield - Marvel Cinematic Universe can now have Spiderman in their movies, potentially joining the Avengers which is good but this may (or may not) mean that Andrew Garfield will no longer continue his roles as Spiderman. My original Mii explains why Marvel should keep Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. 3. 01:36 - We love our pants - Featuring two Miis based on underwear models Phillip Fusco and Thierry Pepin singing a song about their love for their pants 4. 02:26 - The Doctor is in - Featuring Mii based on Dr Christian Jessen 5. 03:03 - Will you date with me? - A Mii tries to flirt with a girl to get a date which went disastrously wrong 6. 03:58 - Will you date with me? 2 - The same Mii tries again which had a different result The next three are Mcfly songs sing by my McBusted Miis 7. 04:54 - Hypnotised 8. 05:35 - Falling in love 9. 06:15 - If U C Kate
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #22 - Featuring the Strict Police and The Greatest Show Ever
More TomoDachi Life music hall performances 1. Our Strict Rules - The Strict Police enforces their laws...a bit to harshly (with cameo appearances of my Spiderman and Lisa Simpson Mii) 2. 00:36 - Greatest Show Ever - Or not 3. 01:32 - Where's my Pokemon egg? - When two Pokemon in the day care centre don't seem to like each other much (as of Pokemon X and Y) 4.02:11 - Have you done your homework? - Miis coming up with all sorts of excuses on why they have not done their homework 5.03:09 - 8 Player Smash ideas - Based on my recent experience on Super Smash Bros Wii U 8 player smash 6. 03:56 - Quirky Questions Analysis - Based on the questions I've made up for Quirky Questions along with NintendoSwords's. Featuring my McBusted Miis with my original Mii 7. 04:45 - She Falls Asleep - Mcfly song featuring my Tom Fletcher Mii 8. 05:58 - Pressure to Stay together - Future Boy song featuring my James Bourne Mii
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TomoDachi Life Final Compilation Featuring Photo Montage
After playing TomoDachi Life for two years, I have decided to retire from the game so here is the last ever music hall compilation with every single of my Miis on Destiny Island performing. It also features a slideshow of many of my photos that I have took to look back at the memories I had on Destiny Island featuring the background song My Life from God Eater Burst. 1. Accidently Revealing Spoilers - That awkward moment when you accidently revealed a spoiler from a movie, video game, TV show or book. 2.00:57 - God and Man - From God Eater 3. 02:09 - Wings of Tomorrow - From God Eater 2 4.03:08 - We must evacuate! - Miis warns an emergency on Destiny Island 5. 03:56 - Never Had a Dream Come True - An S Club 7 song 6. 05:08 - Shine - From Spektrem 7. 06:07 - Losing in a Co-Op game - An online multiplayer game have gone wrong 8. 07:11 Ideas for a movie - Miis trying to come up with ideas for a movie 9. 07:47 - To Know the Unknown - From Pokemon Spell of the Unknown 10.09:00 - Pokemon Nerfs - Miis rant about Pokemon Nerfs for Pokemon Z 11. 09:36 - I have a video game! - Captain Jack announces his new video game 12. 10:14 - Over the rainbow - Some of my LGBTQ+ based Miis have gathered to perform their own song involving a rainbow 13. 10:59 - This song will make you calm - Miis gives advice on how to remain calm with things that are out of your control 14. 11:47 - Thoughts of the day - Listen to some positive messages from the Miis 15. 12:34 - The Power of Friendship - A song about how strong friendship can be 16. 13:33 - The Final Performance - Mii's final message
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #24 - Don't play Sortie En Mer and The Sdrawkcab Song
New compilation for this year: 1. Sortie En Mer in the nutshell - Also known as Drowning Simulator based on one of the games that Pewdiepie has played 2.00:39 - Things I thought they were true - Featuring AmazingPhil/Phil Lester, based on his videos on the things that he thought they were true. 3. 01:16 - My Lego game ideas - A Mii suggests franchises that could have their own Lego games. 4. 02:01 - The backwards song - This song will blow your mind 5. 02:50 - Two Fights in one day - On the occasions when the same Mii has two fights in a day 6. 03:49 - How X Pokemon can have X move? - Or why X Pokemon can't learn X move, a Mii explains some odd movepools for some Pokemon 7. 04:26 - Be our friend - Based on parts of Be our guest from Beauty and the Beast
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Mcflyeon's Top 10 Super Smash Bros Brawl Final Smashes
Here's something different from me outside of Pokemon videos (and involving something that I haven't done for ages). The new Smash Bros game is on the horizon but for now, here are my top ten final smashes in Super Smash Bros Brawl, some honerable mentions and my bottom four.
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I want to be an avenger featuring Spiderman -  TomoDachi Life musical performance
All lyrics are credited to my brother NintendoSwords and Spiderman Mii originally obtained from a QR website.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation 32 -  The Problem with Pokemon Go and Go Go Blondie Rescuers!
The latest music compilation for TomoDachi Life. 1. Our review challenge - After their last failure, The Bookworms have decided to start a new challenge 2. 00:45 Read my Book - Loosely based on what happened at our friend's holiday 3. 01:42 - Our speculator show - Except that there are some things missing 4. 02:28 - Go Go Blondie Rescuers - Guys with blond hair assemble with lyrics based on Go Go Power Rangers 5. 03:16 - Your Song - Based on Elton John song 6. 04:29 - Good to be alive - From The Peanuts movie 7. 05:41 - This Side of Paradise - From Pokemon Movie Destiny Deoxys 8. 06:23 - We will meet again - From Pokemon Movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew 9. 07:21 - Let's go on Pokemon Go - One of the many problems on Pokemon Go 10. 08:08 - Our book review - The review of the book that the Bookworms have read. You may noticed some new Miis that I've swapped and replaced.
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TomoDachi Life music compilcations 6 - Featuring South Park BLU based songs and two Mcfly Songs
Here is my latest TomoDachi Life music performance complications. The first five are based from music from South Park Bigger Longer Uncut. 1. Blame Gamespy - During the time when Nintendo's Wi Fi for Wii and DS games have been shut down, there where many fans who were flaming at Nintendo but who is really to blame? - Based on Blame Canada 2.00:39 What Would Brain Boitano do? - Whenever you have a doubt in life, just ask yourself "What Would Brain Boitano do?" - from the original movie sang by one of my original Mii. 3. 01:25 - Out There - Once again, gay relationships are not an option in TomoDachi Life so one could say that Miis are closeted as sang by one of my original closeted Mii, wanting to come out - Based on Up There 4. 02:37 - Supporting Mcbusted - It's awesome cheering on for Mcbusted but it's not always easy with some abusers but here's my Mii expressing my support to Mcbusted. Be sure to read my cause reguarding to this here: http://mcflyeon.tumblr.com/post/96819484581/restore-the-mcfly-fanbase-and-mcbusted-equality - based on La Resistance 5. 03:36 - I'm Super - Even with gay relationships is not available, the Miis singing this based on some of the gay people I have are still super, thanks for asking - from the original movie The last two music performance are based on two Mcfly songs, sung by my Mcbusted based Miis: 6. 04:24 - I'll be ok 7. 05:37 - Tyransylvia Just a side note that I have made this other South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut music performance based on Mountain Town which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrBanAsj_gY And you can check out my other TomoDachi Life music performance videos based on Mcfly and Busted music, sung by my Mcbusted Miis
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #17 - Danny Jones' cover songs, burned toast and enter into war
Here are the latest songs, both original and based on existing songs 1. Join our army - Featuring Alistair from The Dragon Age series who sings a song about joining his army for the great war 2. Skill Crane in the nutshell - A Mii sings about his frustration using the skill crane 3. 5 weird things online - Based on Pewdiepie's videos 4. MY TOAST IS BURNED - A Mii who loves toast but takes his anger when his toast got burned to extreme The next couple of songs are based on Mcfly and Busted cover songs performed by my McBusted Miis 5. You got a friend - Carole King 6. The winner takes it all - Abba 7. Build me up buttercup - The Foundations (fun fact: This was covered by Busted and Mcfly together before the days of McBusted) The next three are the three cover songs by Danny Jones who sings these solo in his shows 8. Black or White - Michael Jackson 9. Pass Out - Tinie Tampah 10. Superstition - Stevie Wonder 11. The outcome of the war
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #34  - The Internet is here & Halloween songs
The latest TomoDachi Life compilation: 1. You cheated! - A Mii being accused of cheating - The gay version (even though there is no gay relationships in the game but least we can dream). 2. 00:57 - You cheated! - A Mii being accused of cheating - The Bi and Lesbian version. 3. 01:54 - It's the way you make me feel - Steps song 4. 03:07 - One for Sorrow - Steps song 5. 04:19 - Answering machines in the nutshell - When you wanted to call someone but they're away... 6.05:08 - Please - From Pokemon episode 'Do I hear a Ralts?' 7. 06:21 - Best friends - From Pokemon episode 'Sweet Baby James' 8. 06:58 - This is the moment - From various Pokemon episodes from the Diamond and Pearl saga The next couple of songs are Halloween based songs: 9. 07:57 - Our Halloween costumes - Find out what the Islanders are dressed up as for this years Halloween 10. 08:46 - Best Halloween outfit ever - A Mii shows his best Halloween outfit. Featuring Mii based on Joshua Armstrong 11. 09:28 - The Great Pumpkin - A Mii dressed up as The Great Pumpkin 12. 10:26 - Worst Halloween ever! - A Mii having a terrible time at Trick or Treating 13. 11:05 - My trick - Based on the above song 14. 11:41 - Let's watch a horror movie - One Mii wants to have the experience but the other one doesn't. 15. 12:38 - The Internet is here - Based on Dan and Phil's song from their TATINOF tour which you can buy for charity here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-internet-is-here-single/id1160332724
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TomoDachi Life music -  Baby Names
Miis help the suggest names for a Mii's baby
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #33 -  Miis accused of cheating
The latest TomoDachi Life music compilation 1. The Bookworms are back set for a new review challenge 2. 00:49 - I won the lottery - Featuring my Dante based Mii from Devil May Cry 3. 01:32 - My cooking fest - A Mii cook for the Islanders which ended in a disaster. Featuring Mii based on Dave Nathan aka Nate Christian 4. 02:08 - Follow Me - One of the theme songs from Sonic Heroes 5 .02:51 - Make a Wish - From Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker 6. 04:03 - This is a beautiful world - From Pokemon Giratina and The Sky Warrior 7. 04:41 - Out of the Closet - Continuing the trend on the fact that you can't have gay relationships in the game, the lyrics are based on Part of their world from The Little Mermaid with a closest Mii. Featuring Mii based on LGBTQ+ Youtuber PK Creedon. 8. 05:52 - To be a Gaming Master - Lyrics based on We all live in a Pokemon World 9. 06:29 - Our Confessions - Miis have some confessions to make 10.07:18 - You cheated! - A Mii being accused of cheating - The husband version 11.08:15 - You cheated! - A Mii being accused of cheating - The wife version 12. 09:11 - Tragedy - From various artists including Steps and Beegees 13. 09:58 - The Bookworms' book review A side note that this video was reuploaded due to an audio issue.
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #29  - Songs about Miitomo, Smash Run, Smash Tour, buffing some P
The latest TomoDachi Life compilation 1. Our book challenge - The Book Worms have set themselves a challenge to read their book within a week (featuring Miis based on Connor Franta and Lisa Simpson) 2. 00:47 - Our book reports - The result of the above challenge 3. 01:44 - Buff these Pokemon - With Pokemon Sun and Moon in the horizon, here are some suggested changes for some of the underdogs Pokemon in mind. 4. 02-56 - All About Miitomo - Song about Nintendo's phone app Miitomo which I'm hooked on 5. 03:41 - All About Smash Run - Song about one of the exclusive modes from Super Smash Bros 3DS 6. 04:26 - All About Smash Tour - Song about one of the exclusive modes from Super Smash Bros Wii U The next songs are cover songs featuring old Busted and Mcfly songs. Will be doing new songs when the album is released (including Busted's Coming Home). 7.05:03 - Lost in thoughts all alone - Part of the lyrics from the song from Fire Emblem Fates 8. 06:15 - Loser Kid - Busted 9. 06:54 - Falling for you - Busted 10.07:40 - Unsaid Things - Mcfly 11. 08:27 - Sorry's not good enough - Mcfly 12. 09:11 - Mr Blue Sky - Sing by the McBusted Miis including my original Mii 13. 10:00 Together in Electric Dreams - Sing by the McBusted Miis
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TomoDachi Life music compilation #26 - Songs about Joe Sugg, Matt Willis, Guinea Pigs & Gay Couples
The latest compilation: 1. The Plan is Mine - Song based on Joe Sugg with the lyrics based on Tomorrow is Mine from Bayonetta 2. 2. 00:58 I am the Matty - Song based on Matt Willis with the lyrics based on Penny Fox's theme from Awesomenauts 3. 01:46 - Today's Missions - Alan Tracey from Thunderbirds offers to help his friends...who gives him the most juvenile missions 4. 02:43 - My Patients - The patients that Dr Christian have 5.03:20 - All About the Periodic Table - In the most boring way as possible 6. 04:24 - Guinea Pig song - Mii based on my Guinea Pig Romeo (originally created by my brother) sings on why Guinea Pigs are the best pet 7. 05:10 - Gay Relationships - Youtube's Him and Him Bryan and Pascal shares the benefits of being in a gay relationship and a bit about gay relationships in games.
Mcflyeon's Pokemon Y replay 10 Passerby battle Does what an Ariados can
Here is my first Pokemon Y Passerby battle. I won't record every battle, just the ones that are interesting and worth recording. I've used Ariados, Gourgiest-S (small), Offensive Milotic, Tyrantrum, Ageislash and Blaizken. My opponent have used Drapion, Sigilyph, Scizor, Blastoise, Lucario and Zoroark.
TomoDachi Life music compilation -  A Treasure Hunt in Destiny Island
The Miis on Destiny Island go on a Treasure Hunt, encountering all sorts of problems along the way. You may see some new Miis that I've swapped and added.
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You can do anything in TomoDachi Life
Here is a TomoDachi Life musical performance based on You can do anything from the Japan/Europeon version of Sonic CD.
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Soul Calibur IV Critical Finish with Final Destination
With thanks to NintendoSword for helping me to record, here's the video with all character's critical finish with epic song Final Destination from Super Smash Bros Brawl in the background, using it on some of our custom characters. Enjoy!
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TomoDachi Life music compilation 15  - Ultimate Compilation
Get ready for the biggest TomoDachi Life Music Hall song compilation, performed by every single Miis I have in the game with some based on actual songs, parodies and originals. 1. Animiiaiacs - Based on the Animaniacs theme song 2.00:45 - Nibbs' theme - From Awesomenauts 3.01:33 - It's always you and me - One of the Pokemon anime theme songs 4.02:31 - Shining Time - From Thomas and the Magic Railroad 5. 03:44 - Alpha Knights Rap - Based on Mike's theme from Wario Ware 6. 04:20 - Black and White - Pokemon anime theme 7.05:09 - FlashMiis - Based on Flashbeagle 8. 05:58 - Streetpass Battle in the nutshell - Also known as Warrior's Way, this Streetpass game does have an interesting concept but not without its flaws 9. 06:57 - Battle Frontier in the nutshell - As much as I did liked the Battle Frontier in Pokemon back then, I'm aware and understand that it was apparently one of the most frustrating features hence why it haven't returned in later Pokemon games as this song would described 10. 07:36 - Together we make a promise - The ending song from Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea (which still makes me sad listening to it :() 11.08:49 - Battle Cry (Stand Up) - Another theme song from the Pokemon Anime 12.09:38 - Dreams come true - TomoDachi Life version of one of the Disney Land Parade songs 13.10:24 - Garbage Miis - Based on the Garbage Man from The Simpsons 14.11:14 - We will he heroes - From the Pokemon anime, specially The Rise of Darkrai movie 15. 11:54 - Our special show - Let's just say that it's not the kind of show that is family friendly
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TomoDachi Life music performance The Copyrighted Song
A Mii sings a song that is copyrighted from another Mii (Tom Fletcher from Mcbusted/Mcfly) and things get awry.
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TomoDachi Life music quotes compilation
Here's a TomoDachi Life music compilation with six performances based on some of the quotes I've been given to my Miis. The first performance has quotes that are from other media such as other games or TV show. See if you recognize them. The next four performances are quotes when a Mii is happy, sad, angry or worried with some originals, others are based on existing quotes from various sources. The last performance is based on my original quotes.
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TomoDachi Life music  compilation #19 - Enter the Gasigos and everyone must obey the Toucan
The latest TomoDachi Life music performances 1. My long and boring speech - A Mi during a long and boring speech and does not goes well with the others 2. Lame Secret Base in the nutshelll - Some issues regarding to some Secret Bases in Pokemon OR/AS 3. Obey the Toucan - By a Mii who really loves toucans 4. Gift Ideas - A Mii suggests some ideas for more gifts for a sequel and a game mechanic 6. Some bad news - A Mii has some bad news regarding to the end of the world 7. Gasigo - From Freakizord The next two are a Busted and a Mcfly song with McBusted Miis 8. She wants to be me 9. Nowhere left to run
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Nintendo Game Award nutshell in the nutshell songs -  TomoDachi Life
There are two parts to this TomoDachi Life music video reguarding to Nintendo at The recent Game Award. The first part is about the awards that Nintendo have won which I'm personally so proud of as sing by my own Mii. Unfortunately, not everything was meant to be as explained in the second part with a Mii singing an angry (yet humorous) rant about the awards that Nintendo didn't win).
TomoDachi Life music compilation -  The debate compilation
A TomoDachi Life music compilation of Miis having a debate about how they win in Super Smash Bros, featuring Objection voice clips from the Ace Attorney series.