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Billy Thorpe ~ Children of the Sun
I'm not sure who made this animation, but I put the music to it. This is a short animated film about an unknown virus that has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease, the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. In great ships, they set off in search of uninhabited land. So begins the exodus, led by one man ... Animation by http://www.aniboom.com/animator-portfolio/jonkajtys Follow Aniboom: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Aniboom Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aniboom MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/aniboom Aniboom Blog: http://www.aniboom.com/blog Children of the Sun, which peaked in the top 40 of the Billboard Pop Album chart in 1979, was released by Billy Thorpe. While researching more on Billy and this song, I was shocked to find out he passed away on February 28th, 2007. He was only age 60 and had a massive heart attack. His song will live on in my heart forever as one of the most amazing space operas ever done. I couldn't find anything about artists that played with him on this album. Rest in Peace always Billy.
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Santana ~ Black Magic Woman with sensational belly dancer
To see the ORIGINAL video AND soundtrack click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccMho_mbeQc Santana plays Black Magic Woman dubbed over video of Alla Kushnir (Liela) as she dances a beautiful and mezmerizing belly dance. The video was filmed at the City festival in Nikolaev, Ukraine 2006, she was Miss Belly Dance of Europe 2008, winner of Ukranian Belly Dance Championship 2007 and 2008 and runner up in a few others. "Black Magic Woman" is a song written by Peter Green that first appeared as a Fleetwood Mac single in various countries in 1968, subsequently appearing on the 1969 Fleetwood Mac compilation albums English Rose (US) and The Pious Bird of Good Omen (UK). It became a classic hit by Santana and sung by Gregg Rolie in 1970, reaching #4 in the U.S. and Canadian charts, after appearing on their Abraxas album, becoming more closely associated with Santana than Fleetwood Mac. Carlos Santana -- Guitar, Vocals, Producer José "Chepito" Areas -- Percussion, Conga, Timbales David Brown -- Bass, Engineer Mike Carabello -- Percussion, Conga Alberto Gianquinto -- Piano Gregg Rolie - Keyboards, Vocals Rico Reyes -- Percussion Steven Saphore -- Tabla Michael Shrieve - drums
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Eddie Money ~ Gimme' Some Water with lyrics
Eddie Money ~ Gimme' Some Water with lyrics. Off the Life For The Taking album released in 1979. Eddie Money - vocals, harmonica, keyboards, piano Jimmy Lyon, David Lindley, John Whitney, Lloyd Chiate - guitars Alan Pasqua, Greg Phillinganes - piano, keyboards Jesse Bradman, Nicky Hopkins - piano Steve Porcaro - synthesizer Randy Nichols - organ Lonnie Turner, Tim Sheridan - bass Dave Danza, Gary Mallaber - drums Horns Arranged By Eddie Money & Tom Scott Strings Arranged & Conducted By Albhy Galuten
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Ozzy ~ Old L.A. Tonight
Off the album Ozzmosis, released in 1995, Ozzy last song on this album plays to scenes of L.A. at night. Ozzy's band on this album are: Ozzy Osbourne -- vocals Zakk Wylde -- guitar Geezer Butler -- bass Deen Castronovo -- drums Rick Wakeman -- keyboards
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Ozzy ~ Revelation Mother Earth
Ozzy, with the help of the late great Randy Rhodes, says a prayer for all humanity to help save our beautiful Mother Earth. Off the Blizzard of Ozz album. 30 years ago this was written and released, we are in even more peril now. HAIL OZZY the undisputed KING of METAL!!
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Midnight ~ Lost Reflection ~ "In His Own Words"
Deep philosophy, elightening ideas, and even some excellent advice from the mind of a master. Take another ride with Midnight into the shadows of his mind. From the corners of slight madness and torment to the outer edges of absolution and pure genius. Song ~ Lost Reflection by Midnight. ( All quotes are taken from interviews ) This version is done with Matt Laporte and Lee Harrison.
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Goodbye to Romance ~ Ozzy says goodbye to Midnight RIP
One beautiful soul. Song Ozzy ~ Goodbye to Romance w/ Randy Rhodes on guitar
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Judas Priest ~ Epitaph with lyrics
Off "Sad Wings of Destiny" comes an epic ballad from one of the heaviest names in metal. ( Killer lyrics!! ). Rob Halford's voice is crystal clear and at it's finest!!
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The Needle Lies ~ Queensryche with lyrics
Off the Operation Mindcrime concept album. The continuing saga of Nikki and Dr. X, has Nikki coming to his senses and trying to fight his addiction and regain control of his life. He carves the words into his arm to remind him to fight his addiction.
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Hey You - Pink Floyd with Crazy Animation
This song is dubbed. To see the entire film and soundtrack click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOP-_8TFWn8 Animation created by CGBros Song: Hey You Band: Pink Floyd Album: The Wall Released 1979 Band Members: Roger Waters David Gilmour Richard Wright Nick Mason
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STYX ~ Pieces of Eight ( with lyrics ) Stalk-arazzi
This is a video made using STYX ~ Pieces of Eight. It's a realistic look at how ridiculous the Paparazzi have become and the outragous lengths they will go to getting the shot. There is no blame on the celebrities and their reactions but there is shame on the cameramen for continuing to shoot. It's time to stop the paparazzi invasion into the PRIVATE lives of our celebrities. They are legal STALKERS and celebrities and their families should not be subjected to being chased and followed simply to get a picture.. It's one thing when they are making a public appearance, that's the whole point. But when they are not working, they should have some peace of mind. The demand to see our celebs fall or fail is what fuels the fire. It's sad that the pictures are bought and sold everyday. They are the celebrities we love, why would we want to see them hurting? Or worse yet,...gone.
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Lillian Axe ~ Ghost of Winter with amazing Acrobatic Chinese Ballet
Lillian Axe's song "Ghost of Winter" off the Love and War (1989) album plays while two amazing gymnasts perform a very unique dance. Lillian Axe are: Ron Taylor, Steve Blaze, Jon Ster, Rob Stratton, and Danny King. The dancers are Wu Zhengdan & Wei Baohua and are the only couple in the world who do this! Just unbelievable and beautiful to watch.
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Midnight - Boxes
Another amazing solo effort from the one and only Midnight. I would love more info on this song.... The dancers are from the Big Band era. R.I.P. Midnight, sincerely missed always.....
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Aerosmith ~ Kings and Queens
Aerosmith plays their song Kings and Queens to the battle scene between Achilles and Hector from the movie Troy. It is from the album Draw the Line which was released in 1977. Aerosmith members on this album are: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, and Jack Douglas. The stars in the scene, Brad Pitt as Achilles, Eric Bana as Hector, Peter O'toole as King Priam, Saffron Burrows as Hector's wife, Orlando Bloom as Hector's brother Paris, Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy.
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Bob Seger ~ Beautiful Loser with very touching short film
This is a really cool short I found posted by user: Semicolonic, I added the Seger song. Ben holds a sign for a living, and loves his job more than almost anything. But today is his last day. Grand Prize, Virgin Media Shorts Grand Prix, Reed film contest Nominee, Best British Short, British Independent Film Awards Final 15, Short Short, BAFTA Best Short, Portable Film Festival The song Beautiful Loser is by Bob Seger and off the 1975 released LP of the same name. Bob used session musicians and the Silver Bullet Band on the album, but I'm not sure who to credit with the actual song. Here's a list of musicians that were credited on the LP. Bob Seger - acoustic guitar, guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals, slide guitar Drew Abbott - guitar Tom Cartmell (Later known as Alto Reed) - saxophone Barry Beckett - organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboard, electric piano, grand piano Ken Bell - guitar Harrison Calloway - trumpet Chris Campbell - bass Pete Carr - acoustic guitar, guitar Ronnie Eades - baritone saxophone Roger Hawkins - percussion, drums David Hood - bass Jimmy Johnson - rhythm guitar Paul Kingery - guitar Charlie Martin - drums Muscle Shoals Horns - horn Spooner Oldham - organ, electric piano Robin Robbins - organ, keyboard, mellophonium, mellotron Rocky Fannit - background vocals Charles Rose - trombone, baritone saxophone Stoney Murphy - vocals, background vocals Harvey Thompson - tenor saxophone
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Def Leppard ~ Fractured Love with excellent projected illusions
Check out what they are doing with projectors these days!! This is really cool and fun to watch. The scenes dance to Def Leppard's Fractured Love off the 1993 Retro Active album. Def Leppard are, Joe Elliott, Rick Allen, Vivian Campbell, Phil Collen, Rick Savage. Here's a link to the site that can do this to any building and any size: http://www.urban-shade.com
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Queensryche ~ Neue Regel - Washington to Obama
Queensryche ~ Neue Regel with all 44 presidents of the U.S. morphing in the background. Album, Rage for Order, released in 1986, Geoff Tate - vocals, keyboards Chris DeGarmo - guitar, background vocals Michael Wilton - guitar, background vocals Eddie Jackson - bass, background vocals Scott Rockenfield - drums, percussion Neil Kernon - keyboards youtube username poldivideo did the morph vid of the presidents
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Crimson Glory with Midnight ~ Love and Dreams
Off "Strange and Beautiful" an amazing love song sung by the best in the business, Midnight. R.I.P.
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Charlie and Sammy ~ Sammy Hagar ~ Can't Get Loose
Classic Charlie with killer Sammy. A cool clip meets an excellent song. Charlie Chaplin Modern Times with 'Eating Machine' scene released Feb. 5th, 1936 Director: Charles Chaplin Producer: Charles Chaplin Screenwriter: Charles Chaplin Director of Photography: Roland Totheroh Sammy Hagar ~ 'Can't Get Loose' off the LP 'Standing Hampton' released Oct. 23, 1981 Sammy Hagar: lead vocals, guitar Gary Pihl: guitar, backing vocals Bill Church: bass guitar, backing vocals David Lauser: drums, backing vocals Keith Olsen: producer, engineer Chris Minto: engineer Greg Fulginiti: mastering
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Kim Mitchell ~ Go For A Soda ~ Amazing Synchronized Gymnastics
To see the ORIGINAL video and soundtrack click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKC9jS4mvNM Go For A Soda was released in 1984 off the Akimbo Alogo LP and is Kim Mitchell's best known song in the U.S. Kim Mitchell -- lead guitar, vocals Peter Fredette -- rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals Robert Sinclair Wilson -- bass, keyboards, vocals Paul Delong -- drums Todd Booth -- keyboards and lead synthesiser Pye Dubois -- lyrics
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Riot - Altar of the King with Bruce Lee
Yes, that's right! Some great clips of Bruce with a killer band Riot playing their song Altar of the King. The album Fire Down Under was released waaay back in 1981 and Altar of the King is the 7th song on that LP. Riot are: Guy Speranza - vocals Mark Reale - guitar Rick Ventura - guitar Kip Leming - bass Sandy Slavin - drums On the clips, it's Bruce, need I say more?
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Volbeat - Lola Montez with beauiful belly dancer
Yes, this song is dubbed. To see the original with soundtrack click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy3DEnGLwzw The dancer's name is Nataly Hay. Song: Volbeat - Lola Montez
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Scorpions - Don't Stop at the Top with Damien Walters, Stunt Man
Scorpions, Don't Stop at the Top added to video of super stunt man, Damien Walters doing some amazing flips. This is really fun to watch and this guy is very good. This is the first song of the Savage Amusement LP released in 1988. The Scorpions are: Klaus Meine - lead vocals Matthias Jabs - lead guitar, backing vocals Rudolf Schenker - rhythm guitar, backing vocals Francis Buchholz - bass, backing vocals Herman Rarebell - drums, percussion, backing vocals
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Iron Butterfly ~ Searchin' Circles with footage of the Street Dance Academy
Off the Scorching Beauty LP for Iron Butterfly, "Searchin' Circles" is the song. I used footage from SDA ( Street Dance Academy) who I believe are out of Toronto. I couldn't find much backgroud on them, but they do some pretty impressive stuff. I thought it went with the song pretty good. Enjoy.
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Salute to the Troops - I'll Stand By You- The Pretenders
Nothing could ever express my gratitude, admiration, and awe for our service members past and present, but maybe this will at least let them know they are held in very high regard. It is my honor to show them some love and support for all they've done and do. The song is "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders released in July of 1994. The band: Chrissie Hynde-guitar, vocals Adam Seymour-guitar Additional musicians[edit] J.F.T. Hood-drums David Paton-bass guitar Tom Kelly-piano, guitar London Gospel Choir-choir David Lord-string arrangement Bob Clearmountain, Tony Philips-mixing Steve Williams-engineer
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Electric Light Orchestra ~ Turn to Stone (with lyrics)
Lyrics to ELO's song "Turn to Stone"
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Stunning Belly Dancer Mariah/The New York Groove ~ Ace Frehley
Multi-Award-Winning Performer Mariah dances to Ace Frehley's version of New York Groove. For a better version of this video, click: : http://vimeo.com/32027274 For more on Mariah, click: http://www.mariaparasson.com/ Special "Thanks" to Mariah for allowing the use of this awesome video! This lady is amazing to say the least, and I hope you enjoy watching. "New York Groove" is a song written by Russ Ballard, Hello first recorded the song in 1975, Ace Frehley recorded the song for his solo album in 1978. Thank you for watching!! Yes the music is dubbed, it's not the original song. To see the ORIGINAL video with original music click here :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gkd-5Mx2vb0&feature=channel_video_title Thanks Mariah!!!
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Crimson Glory ~ Edge of Forever featuring animation based on real events
Crimson Glory plays their song Edge of Forever to an interesting animated film that is based on real events. This was originally posted by aniBOOM.com and I added the music. Crimson Glory's song is off the first album without singer Midnight. It still features the classic Crimson Glory sound and is written in Midnight's style. The song is off the Astronomica album released in 1999. Crimson Glory on the Astronomica LP are: Wade Black - Vocals Jon Drenning - Lead Guitar Ben Jackson - Rhythm Guitar Jeff Lords - Bass Steve Wacholz - Drums
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Crimson Glory with Midnight ~ Deep Inside Your Heart
Another amazing jewel off the "Strange and Beautiful" LP. Masters of their trade, and showing it all the way, here's one Heavenly ballad with the master himself at the helm and armed with the mind bending vocals that are his legacy. Dedicated to Midnight, R.I.P. Forever in song. ( All images respectfully used and gathered from the internet.)
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Steelheart - Everybody Loves Eileen with Wonderstanding video
This song is dubbed. To see the original groundbreaking video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWoudbndXbw Wonderstanding.TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/wonderstandingtv Song: Everybody Loves Eileen Band: Steelheart Album: Steelheart 1990 Band: Michael Matijevic - vocals Chris Risola - lead guitar Frank DiCostanzo - rhythm guitar James Ward - bass guitar John Fowler - drums
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Magic - Pilot / with talented cheerleaders
Video is dubbed. To see original with sound click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdsioXA9rAQ Band: Pilot Song: Magic Released: 1974 Band members: David Paton Billy Lyall Stuart Tosh
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Captivating bellydancer, Mariah dances to Kix ~ Don't Close Your Eyes
Multi-Award-Winning Performer Mariah does it again to a classic Kix ballad, Don't Close Your Eyes, released in 1988 off the Blow My Fuse LP. YES, this video is DUBBED, it is not the original music. For more on Mariah, click: http://www.mariaparasson.com/ Special "Thanks" to Mariah for allowing the use of this awesome video! To see the ORIGINAL dance video with original music, click here :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgYSvN... http://www.youtube.com/user/shimyshake Kix are: Steve Whiteman -- lead vocals, harmonica Ronnie "10/10" Younkins -- guitars Brian "Damage" Forsythe -- guitars Donnie Purnell -- bass, keyboards, backing vocals Jimmy "Chocolate" Chalfant -- drums, percussion, backing vocals
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Stairway to Heaven ~ Led Zeppelin with 3D Premiere Automne
Video is dubbed. To see the original film with soundtrack click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1nwhp9HJls Check out this wonderful 3D animated short film called "Automne" directed by Carlos De Carvalho & Aude Danset. Abel lives in the winter and Apolline lives in the summer. Isolated in their "natures", they never met each other. They are not even supposed to meet. So when Abel crosses the border and discovers Apolline, curiosity is overwhelming. Their encounter soon becomes more complicated than they could imagine. Both of them will have to learn compromise to protect the other... Credits ----------------------------------------­------------- Direction : Carlos De Carvalho & Aude Danset Technical direction : Pierric Danjou Guillaume Polveche Thomas Renault Modeling : Jeremy Theng Rigging: Nicolas Guazzagaloppa Animation : Thomas Lecourt Frédéric Trouillot Loïc Tari Raphaël Cenzi Aurélien Peis Guillaume Poitel Loïc Curien Elodie Dos Santos Pierre Tarsiguel Julien Tisseau Music : Frédéric Boulard Sound engineer : Christian Cartier Foley artist: Xavier Drouault Production : Je Regarde, Melting Prod, InEfecto Facebook : facebook.com/pages/Je-Regarde/1461470520­62108 jeregarde.com carlos2carvalho.com melting-productions.fr inefecto.com Song: Stairway to Heaven of course by Led Zeppelin Album: Untitled, fourth album Released: 1971 Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant Jimmy Page John Paul Jones John Bonham
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Def Leppard ~ Only After Dark with awesome illusions
Have you seen what they are doing with projectors these days? This is really cool. The scenes are dancing to Def Leppard's Only After Dark, off the 1993 Retro Active album. Def Leppard are, Joe Elliott, Rick Allen, Vivian Campbell, Phil Collen, Rick Savage. The projections are by easyweb monumental projections and are incredible and fun to watch. Web address: http://www.easyweb.fr/indexenglish.html
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Crimson Glory with Midnight ~ In Dark Places "A Dedication to Midnight"
YES! One more magical and mystical song with the voice of Musical Master ~ Midnight.~ Off the album: Transcendence ~ Crimson Glory. Take a trip to Dark Places and experience one view of what it might be like to soar the heavens. Made with the uttmost respect and care. (Thank you Mid)
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One is the Lonliest Number ~ Dokken
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Crimson Glory with Midnight ~ Starchamber  "Midnight Soars through the Heavens"
One year ago today, Midnight left us to fly with the angels. This is to honor, celebrate and mostly in rememberence of one of the music worlds best singers ever. Let Crimson Glory be the pilot as you take a ride through the stars with this outstanding and classic Crimson song. Taken off the Strange and Beautiful album.
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Anthem to the Estranged ~  Metal Church  / Homeless Gopro
Take a look through the eyes of the homeless. A homeless man selling local papers wanders the streets of San Francisco trying to make a dime. Stay tuned for the end where a grand transformation occurs. The band: Metal Church The Album: 1988's Blessing in Disguise The Song: Anthem to the Estranged Band members: Mike Howe - vocals John Marshall - guitar Craig Wells - guitar Duke Erickson - bass guitar Kirk Arrington - drums
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Crimson Glory with Midnight ~ Strange and Beautiful with excellent dancers
To see the ORIGINAL video and soundtrack click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j8j5hw90QI For more on the dancers, please visit website: www.kartell-agile.de Strange and Beautiful is the third album from Crimson Glory and the song is the title track, released in 1991. As always, Dedicated to Midnight R.I.P.Angel~4-29-62 to 7-8-09 Midnight - Vocals Jon Drenning - Guitar Jeff Lords - Bass Ravi Jakhotia - Drums Lyrics: Dark eyes shine with strange desire Velvet cold skin tastes like fire Something in her eyes Makes you need to be inside her Something in her twisted smile Sends shivers down my spine Round and round and down she goes Where she stops nobody, nobody really knows Love to her is pain to you Tell you man she's strange and beautiful So beautiful Take it easy baby now your love is killing me Your love is killing me You can feel her deep inside But you will never come to understand her Round and round and down she goes Where she stops nobody, nobody really knows Love to her is pain to you Tell you man she's strange and beautiful Wicked and wonderful Dark eyes shine with a strange desire Velvet cold skin tastes like fire Strange, strange Strange and beautiful Strange, strange Strange and beautiful Cold eyes burn with a dark desire Velvet strange skin tastes like fire Ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all Come see the lady of your dreams The show's about to start Up and down and round she goes Where she stops nobody, nobody really knows Love to her is just a game Tell you man she's strangeShe's so strange and beautiful Strange, strange Strange and beautifulStrange, strange Strange and beautiful Strange, strange, strange Strange and beautiful Strange, strange, strange Strange and beautiful Strange...
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Styx ~ Castle Walls with Scene 1, The Red Balloon
Styx ~ Castle Walls off the Grand Illusion album released in 1977. The film, The Red Balloon ( Le Ballon rouge) is a 1956 short film. It was directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse. The thirty-four minute short, was filmed in Paris, France. Winning numoruos awards, including an Oscar for Lamorisse for writing the best original screenplay in 1956 and the Palme d'Or for short films at Cannes. It was played in gradeschool classrooms across the U.S. for many decades. Styx are: Dennis DeYoung - keyboards, synthesizer, vocals ,- bass, vocals John Panozzo - drums, percussion, vocals Tommy Shaw - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals James Young - guitars, keyboards, vocals
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Love Hurts - Nazareth with award winning animation
This song is dubbed. To see the award winning animation in its original state click here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw0uORumRts The video: Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas Produced by: Cecile Hokes Art Director: Alfonso Blaas Lighting Supervisor: Jonatan Catalán Character Technical Supervisor: Jaime Maestro Character Design: Bolhem Bouchiba, Carlos Grangel, Sergio Pablos, Santi Agustí Animation: Daniel Peixe, ManueBover, Remi Hueso Sound Design: Tom Myers and David Hughes Post Production Coordinator: David Heras Song - Love Hurts Album- Hair of the Dog released in 1975 Band - Nazareth "Love Hurts" is a song, written and composed by Boudleaux Bryant. First recorded by The Everly Brothers in July 1960, the song was made famous in 1975 international hit version by the hard rock band Nazareth. Band Members: December 1968--September 1978 Dan McCafferty -- lead vocals Manny Charlton -- lead guitar Pete Agnew -- bass Darrell Sweet -- drums
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UFO ~ Love to Love with incredible projection art
UFO plays their song Love to Love off the Lights Out album released in 1977. The building is the Hungarian Palace of Arts and is the first one I've seen on the inside of a building. Outstanding art and talent shown in the projections and the music. UFO credited for this album are: Phil Mogg - vocals Michael Schenker - lead guitar Paul Raymond - rhythm guitar, keyboards Pete Way - bass Andy Parker - drums Ron Nevison - producer Alan McMillan - horn arrangements, string arrangements UFO and their guitarist Michael Schenker are some of music's most underated talent out there.
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Sweet ~ Little Willy (with lyrics)
Very fun song by Sweet.
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Krokus ~ Screaming in the Night with Heartworks (short film)
To see complete ORIGINAL film and soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMw2Pk9DA4k http://www.strandgut-film-berlin.de/ Krokus are: Marc Storace - vocals Fernando Von Arb - lead guitar Chris Von Rohr - bass & percussion Steve Pace - drums Mark Kohler - rhythm guitar "Screaming in the Night" (Fernando Von Arb; Marc Storace; Chris Von Rohr; Butch Stone; M. Kohler) released 1983 off Headhunter LP.
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Lillian Axe ~ The World Stopped Turning , The Invention of Love
To see the ORIGINAL film and Soundtrack click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTdzCAGH3lU (C) HHG Film Company, 2010. www.hhg.ru/invention A sincere thank you goes out to HHG Film Co, for allowing the use of this incredible film. A love story from the world of gears and bolts. Film: Animated short 2010. The song is off Lillian Axe's Love and War LP released in 1989. Lillian Axe are: Ron Taylor - Lead vocals Steve Blaze - Lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards Jon Ster - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals, keyboards Rob Stratton - Bass Danny King - Drums
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Tribute to Dale Earnhardt with Rush ~ Time Stand Still
In honor of the 53rd running of the Daytona 500, a tribute to Dale Earnhardt, who is still noticably missed in the world of Nascar. A tribute to 7 Time Winston Cup Champion and the best driver to ever take the oval, Dale Earnhardt, has been gone 10 years Feb. 18th, 2011 and Nascar has never been the same since his departure. This is also a tribute to the original points system and old Nascar rules and driving. Dale WAS the BEST EVER in a race car. The song is off Rush's 1987 LP titled Hold Your Fire. The female vocal is Aimee Mann best known for her single: Voices Carry, while in the band 'Til Tuesday released back in 1983. This was the first colaboration with another singer done by Rush. Rush are: Geddy Lee -- bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals Alex Lifeson -- electric and acoustic guitars Neil Peart -- drums, percussion Aimee Mann -- additional vocals R.I.P. Dale Earnhardt, you are still very sadly missed...........
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Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark with The Sandman 1992
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark. The Sandman" was directed and animated by Paul Berry in 1992 with Colin Batty, Ian Mackinnon and Richard Sykes as puppeteers and set designers. It was Oscar nominated in 1992 and won the Best Short Film Award at Annecy the following year. Fear of the Dark was also released in 1992 off the album of the same name. Iron Maiden are: Bruce Dickinson -- vocals Dave Murray -- guitar Janick Gers -- guitar Steve Harris -- bass guitar, backing vocals Nicko McBrain -- drums with Michael Kenney -- keyboards
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Killer Queen ~ Queen with lyrics
Killer Queen ~ Queen, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor. One of the best bands to ever write and play music.
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Crimson Glory with Midnight ~ Lady of Winter
Lady of Winter http://www.mamasfallenangels.com/video/lady-of-winter Please click the link above to see the video that youtube blocked. Thanks!!!
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Boston - A Man I'll Never Be with unforgettable puppet
Boston plays their song A Man I'll Never Be while master French puppeteer Philippe Genty " In "Pierrot" blows your mind with a wonderful and sad puppet story. Dedicated to Brad Delp, one of music's best singers. R.I.P. and God Bless him and his family. Boston are: Brad Delp -- lead and harmony vocals Barry Goudreau -- lead guitar, slide guitar, rhythm guitar Sib Hashian -- drums, percussion Tom Scholz -- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, organs, piano, percussion, producer, engineer, arranger, digital remastering, cover concept Fran Sheehan -- bass guitar, percussion
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