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Zeus Fight Sciences Brandon Balbirnie in his First Bout
This a Debut of one of My Fighters From our Club Zeus Fight Science. Brandon fought an excellent fight for his first bout, he trains like a warrior.and can pop pretty good for a 97 lb
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Miracles Happen
This was a Tribute written for my Beautiful wife Ingrid Ricketts The song is called " I Believe" from my current Album ( I Must Be Crazy) Available on Itunes. * children and Many Adventurous years later. Still One Lucky Guy:)
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Fastest Man Wood Splitter in the world? Possibly Yes!!
Firewood chopping challenge 50 Pine blocks in 1 minute and 50 seconds blocks range from 12 inch to 16 inches in diameter all but 4 blocks had knots half the blocks had more than 3 knots per block, I will try for 60 blocks this year to celebrate me being 60!
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Kelly (Zeus) Ricketts Power Punching
This the Coach of Zeus Fight Science, Kelly Ricketts in 100 Mile House, British Columbia,Canada having fun on the Uppercut bag in his Gym. 58 and still going strong, using 21 oz gloves!! Kelly( Zeus) Ricketts, will be unveiling his Training regiment for purchase online or DVD, in the very near future. These will be video's of what the Fitness aspect of what all his Zeus Fight Science members do in there daily Training. Keep checking back to see the release date.
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Justin Trudeau is an Idiot!
A new version of my original song "Ode to Justine!" We are cursed to have the Biggest JackAss in history as our Prime Minister in Canada. Boy Blunder is destroying this country! this is my sentiments in song!
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Wild and Crazy Guys  in Canada with Kelly Ricketts.
Another video shot for CMT. :Baby I``d Wish For You: Produced and Directed by Daryl K Davis a Good Friend of mine. This video was shot in Walnut Grove, British Columbia. This video was special to me, as my Daughter Kelly and my wife Ingrid finally, made an appearance to make it Special for me. After 6 Music Video`s without them My Good Buddies in the Band, Shawn and Steve Soucy, Lee Oliphant, Lead Guitar Robbie Steininger couldn`t make the shoot, so Steve was Shreddin! and Thanks to Micheal Leavitt. To purchase this song or others, go to mumbletongue.com or purchase from your favourite online music store.
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Beautiful Bodybuilder, Rina   Walkin Away , Kelly Ricketts
Kelly Ricketts and Crew thank the Thompson Valley Guest Ranch for there hospitality in giving them free reign of their great place for this Video shoot for CMT Walkin Away managed to make top ten in Europe and top 30 in Canada, It was not released to the US, Special thanks to Rina Masi, Daryl k Davis Nat Lebans and all the fine folks for the Ranch, Lets not forget that Great Horse.You can purchase this song and others by going to favourite online music source or go to mumbletongue.com
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Workin For A Livin: Kelly Ricketts
Country Music Awards 1996. Had a blast with some Super Stellar Musicians and Dear Friends. Robbie Stienenger, Shawn& Steve Soucy and Lee Oliphant "Workin For a Livin"
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Hay for the horses the Old fashioned way
Me and my two girls Sammy& Errin and my son Isaac putting up hay for the horses, in Toms Lake, west of Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Notice the old fashioned music to throw hay, a little Earth Wind & Fire.
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Tongan  Mormon Missionary Original Song
My Good Buddy Elder Tevita Lui singing an original song. "I Will Go and Do" First Take on my old VHS Camera
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Kelly Ricketts "Time Cannot Hide"  Blast From The Past
This was my very first Music Video, shot in 1990 in Kamloops British Columbia. It was a fantastic experience, I will always have fond memories of. Directed by Dave Somerton and Produced and Filmed by Evan Fitzer. WOW 26 years ago! Quality has degraded over the years but Ithought I should share it with everyone, at the request of my Daughter Kathrin:) go to mumbletongue.com to see Kelly's Newest Album Release " I Must Be Crazy"
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Rockin Country  Kelly Ricketts "Simple Man"
An original song performed at the CCMAs As a Showcase. Myself Kelly Ricketts,Guitar/ Lead Vocals, Robbie Steininger Lead Guitar,Lee Oliphant Bass, Shawn Soucy Drums, Steve Soucy Keyboards.A Ripper of a song to play. and of course Robbie and the guys on backing Vocals do great job. I have rerecorded this tune to release on an upcoming album, It has been ever so slightly changed, but I Dig it This way even more!
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HQ Rush 300 Power Kite on a Kneeboard in Snow
Kiteboarding/Kneeboarding first time on the Snow in Melville Saskatchewan, With Jacob Ricketts, wind about 12 mph
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Rock Smashing Abs!
This was a challenge to raise funds for a couple of Boxers, who needed funding to attend Major Boxing events to help there careers. Thought if nothing, it was different than the usual fund raiser!
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The Dream
This is one of the short stories my wife and favorite Author wrote, appropriate for the Olympics of 2018
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"Carefully" to Hell"An original song by  Kelly(Zeus)Ricketts
http://mumbletongue.com This is another song featured from the EP "Upon The Rock" Titled "Carefully" I just added some Stills, to give a a Visual. Go To Mumbletongue.com To learn more about Kelly and his other music. The EP is soon to be available on itunes,
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Wild Bear Cubs rescued from their Den
1 of 3 Bear cubs I rescued as there Mother was Killed. We were afraid a Big Boar that was on my Property, would find the Cubs and kill them. unfortunately, we could not find a game farm or a rescue sanctuary for them, and I had to put them down. That was a very difficult time for Me!
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Guns Don't Kill People!
Time for people to start thinking with their Brains and not the Liberal Lie and Emotion! This is what my Son would say today, If he had not been killed by a Scum Bag, Brent would be the first one to say the Gun never Killed Him, it was the evil man who pulled the trigger!
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Amazing, Abdominal 6 Pack Bridge!
The Coach and Boxing Trainer of Zeus Fight Science, Kelly Ricketts. Shows how You can have a Powerful Core, even in your 60th year.
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Kelly(Zeus)Ricketts Cheers on the Pee Wee Rep Hockey Team
Kelly(Zeus) Ricketts Tells the Story of Prince George's Demise in the Playoffs to the 100 Mile PeeWee Reps Hockey Team. Kelly trains some of these Great kids at his Zeus Fight Science Gym. Everything Defaults to Boxing for Kelly. lol
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Gospel Blue's Rock. Upon The Rock.
http://mumbletongue.com One of 4 songs that Kelly Ricketts is Releasing from an EP Titled "Upon The Rock" A very Energetic remake of an old Church Standard Childrens Hymn. This is not a Music Video, I just wanted some visuals to go with the message, and of course there is only one rock! To find out More about Kelly and his other music, go to mumbletongue.com
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There is always Hope
http://mumbletongue.com Forgive And Forget, one of the Tracks from my 3rd Album "I Must Be Crazy" A little bit of history of where I came from to where I am today. A healed and Better man.... I hope. I am sure there are many like myself who have lived through similar situations, Please Check out my Website " mumbletongue.com" to find out more about my other tracks from the Album, and Myself. Cheers:)
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Good Time Water Sports for kids, Time for a Drag Behind The Nautique
After Wakeboading Jacob And Katie, 2 of our kids decided to go for a drag, I added some of my Original Music, I wrote for Katie`s Figure skating Routine. The Song is titled :Hey: Man I miss Summer when I watch this, being as we live in the Great White North. Saskatchewan Canada
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This is why People are Sick and Hospitalized
This is what I found in a Canadian SuperStore a Food Chain of Loblaws. This was hours after The Meat dept was closed, as I was doing Repairs for my company in the Store. I would not even Hazard an educated guess at how Volatile and poisonous this environment would be
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Take up the Fight (against Justin Trudeau)
Time to Take up The Fight against this Criminal and Globalist Government bent on Destroying Canada!
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13 year old Katie Ricketts Skating Practice Jan 2012
My Daughter Kathrin, Practicing her One Foot Spin on a sunny, cold Saskatchewan morning, with her dad as Coach this is her second real year Figure Skating, she is Pre preliminary, and will test in a week to go up to Preliminary. Katie is a Great Jumper as well and is picking it up quickly.
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Great Marriage and Love Story
This song is from my 3rd Album " I Must Be Crazy" I Believe(in Miracles) Written for my Best Friend and Eternal Companion Ingrid Ricketts. I know it sound a little Cheesy, but it's True:)
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Nadina fire 2018
This is a fire that has been left for those who live on the Southside of Francois Lake.
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Tony's Gift, Kelly (Randall) Ricketts
Memorial to Tony and Brett Wemigwans
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Wildfires of British Columbia
British Columbia is Burning down again, due to gross mismanagement, and Feet Dragging. I wrote this as my Protest and Plea, for and on behalf of all British Columbian's, and all those in neighboring vicinity, who are suffering from the Awful air Quality and the affect on so many people's Respiratory health!
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20190502 132130
50 hp mercruiser runs with bad gas and a carb needing to be cleaned, beast but works for what it was intended for!
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Brutal Guitar Instrumental, LDS Songwriter Kelly Ricketts
This is an Original Composition, just something that I threw together a while ago, then with my pal Robbie Steininger we polished it up and Recorded it, obviously I am not playing on my 12 String guitar live. I just needed some visual to go with the Audio. I was playing a Double neck Dot On Shaft When I wrote it.This song is from the EP Titled "Upon The Rock" go to mumbletongue.com for more music and info of Kelly Ricketts
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1969 GTO Smoker Hot & Heavy
Just a little Smoker with my 69 GTO, not heavy on the throttle.
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I started Sharing Journal Stories from my past, This story was a memorable one for me and probably about 300 more in attendance.
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Mark Zuckerberg Throws a Tantrum!
Daddy Zuckerberg banned me for being a Bad Boy.
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How To Be CRAZY!
Story of my life, and Loving it! I MUST BE CRAZY! available on cdbaby
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Joseph Smith Jr." Died As A Martyr "Boy Named Joseph"
This is my Testimony of Joseph Smith Jr and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is also another cut from My EP Titled "Upon The Rock" By Kelly Ricketts. I have not always been a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, To hear more about Kelly and his other music, go to " mumbletongue.com
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