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Mommy says pee outside cold
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Pee Stop, Let me Drink more
Kids are fun. We had to make a restroom break between church and mom's house.
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Glass🏥 in Foot?  Kicked 👣👞door to open it. Hadassah Style😭
I think we are going to replace this door soon
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Let me pee (again)
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Hold it until you get there
Sarah was shopping and then felt the urge. She had to crawl through the store not to pee.
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Day at the Stream
This was great going to a swimming hole and lots of great fun.
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Wedding Ring Surprise, Wife (Lost Ring, New Bridal ring sets)
It is fun to plan out a day and a huge surprise for my wife brought in part by Harris Jewelers in Troy Ohio.
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Surprise😀 10 year old with Ipad📱
The second day of the daddy wife date we decided to surprise Sarah with an Ipad packacged in an Easter Egg kit.
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Chapter one love your life not theirs
One week before Thanksgiving, I think it’s a great time start listening to that helps me avoid comparison.
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Getting Soft Top on Miata (Eunos)
Today I drove over to Greenville where I am having a new softop put on one of my cars. I talked over some details about what can be done with the car including some lights.
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BMW Supercar Spotted + Sarah Can't go
A Usual day, great car showed up across from my house, almost was able to do a great highlight reel on the vehicle
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Our Dog Gordon
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Picknick + HDMI wiring
Lots of fun today
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Hadassah + Construction
Today was a bit of a work day.
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Hit and Run (Toyota Yellow MR2)
This video is about My Movie 6
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Asleep in car
Tody was a tired day for Jacob. On the way home from school he fell asleep.
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Family fun night
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Classic car arrives
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Barn cat comes inside
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Easter Birthday Bunkbead
Hectic day and lot of fun.
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Birthday Dinner with Parents
This was great fun
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Lotus Elise Review married Couple Every Day Driver?
Tara and I enjoyed our date day and on the first day we went to test drive a Lotus Elise. Fun little car.
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Edible lip gloss
Adesa was able to have some fun. She made her own double lipgloss. It was interesting to watch.
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First Snow of year. Fail Donuts
This video is about First Snow of year. Fail Donuts
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Debt free💵, home, Sports cars🏎, Classic auto, 12 Years marriage🏠, How To💰
We have been married 12 years and plugging away to become debt free all the way including the home, today we made it.
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How to Fell a Tree, In the City 10' from historic fence
The kids enjoyed helping to fell this tree.
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Tara Shops
This video is about going shopping with Tara
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Don't Fall
Daddy has all the kids
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Kitten Plays in Tree
Great day and lots of fun with our kitten paling in the tree.
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Setting up for Sara’s slime factory
today is a great family day. You were able to go shopping for Sara, get some video stuff for her new channel. She was able to make some slime with us on this video. At her channel there’s more slime videos Sarah Pierce PK Pierce on YouTube
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Waterfall + 10 year old in water
Lots of fun today
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The Day we Sold our home.
Today we sold our home and became debt free while owning another home.
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Sarah Gets ready for school 6pm
This video is about Sarah Gets ready for school 6pm
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🙋🏻Kids breaking walls🔨🛌
Thoughts on what walls to tear out.
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Climbing Fence
Lots of fun today
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Fathers Day + Slime Experiment 🐸 + 🐱
Hectic day and lot of fun. I was able to hear a cool thing about saving the storks organization.
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Mom Kicks Wall
Sunday and work day.
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Embarassing Tara
I have this great old construction coat and Tara does not like it.
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Girl asleep at Lowes
This video is about Girl asleep at Lowes
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Baby Robin🐣 + Hadassah💗
My last time to mow the country home and Hadassah was able to play with a baby robin.
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Almost Fell out of car
Sometimes we do not make the best decisions, we get smarter with time. All is well but we adjusted our pattern after that.
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🔥Fire Gets me👩🏻‍🌾☄️🎯🎇😫
Construction day plus a fire to end the day
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Surprise Mommy!!!!
It was such a pleasant day until this happened.
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Stinky Van
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Jacob dresses up
The day started early at 5:50am and ends with a quick acceleration in Porsche Cayenne
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