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Girl Sleep walking
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Hold your pee, Family Trip, gone wrong, I drank too much
Hadassah is back at it again and she wanted to wait too long, sorry.
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Driving Bobcat Skidsteer (first time) + gun range, pond
Today I went ahead and decided to rent a bobcat rather than moving 2 dump truck loads of gravel by hand in addition to digging a pond. You may notice the blood on my forehead which I did not know was there but shows where I was hit by not being buckled up.
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LET ME PEE!!!! 3year old stuck in van
This happened just Monday on our way to church. good news she did make it to a bathroom but it was locked.
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Brain surgery is complete
Today was the day that Hadassah had brain surgery. The surgery was performed by amazing doctors who are the top surgeons in their fields. This was an emotional day for mother and father as we waited on the outcome of the surgery. The surgery went a bit longer than expected and we are glad that the doctors took the extra time. We were glad to get our daughter back and find her to be waking up and slightly groggy. A bit of a harder thing for us to deal with was the loss of hair. We are understanding that there will be some areas for us to adjust to such as schooling which is a great question. After a major operation should we have our daughter involved in normal school?
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Child 36 Hours after Brain surgery Dayton Children’s Hospital
Have you ever known Star Trek to take over a hospital? If you have stayed at Dayton Children’s Hospital you are likely to see this happen with 8 characters walking around and playing with the kids. Today was the second day after surgery and Hadassah is healing well. In this day we got to see most of her bandages come off as we allow air to release the other bandages. Her spinal fluids are looking great as she enjoys being able to use a diaper rather than restroom. Our little girl only 2 days after surgery was giggling, laughing and having fun playing with her siblings. The staff and Dayton Children’s Hospital highly value having parents involved with knowing the status of their child. They have many meetings each day with us to keep us informed and to ensure we are not concerned about any areas. Living Word Church in Vandalia Ohio was able to have 2 great couples separately stop over and encourage us along with releasing God’s healing over Hadassah.
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Mid July Fun in Kentucky
This video is about Mid July Family day - FunStream Fun
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Pee Stop, Let me Drink more
Kids are fun. We had to make a restroom break between church and mom's house.
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First day Home From Brain Surgery
You never realize how tired that you can get after spending 9 days in the hospital with your child. Going to sleep after 1am and waking by 6:30 each day. I am glad that they do the hourly checks + on our children while they are in the hospital but they can get really wearing. We are now home and excited to be back to a bit of normal routine except Hadassah one of the four children by docotors order is not to go outside. Sarah was able to go to youth group and I was able to get my wallet along with going to the mens small group.
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Leaving Hospital (Brain Surgery) Child
Have you ever wanted that day to come where you want to leave the hospital? Every wondered what it was like for a family with small children to see their sibling after being in the hospital for a major surgery? Here we have documented the fun and excitement of our little daugher coming home after having brain surgery and plastic surgery on her face.
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Bored with no family
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The news gets worse but Hadassah gets better
Adesa is in the hospital. This video begins at mid first night, and ends about 12 the next day. In this time we keep finding out the news about a Hadassah body status.
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Hospital Bear gets girl to laugh.😅
Hadassh today was able to get her teddy bear named. The Bears name is Captain Dan, Captain Dan is rather adventurous and likes to go on journeys. He wanted to go to space with her in the MRI machine but she refused to let him go. Captain dad became hungry and decided to eat her toes but she has not taken a shower recently and are toasty too much to eat. Captain Dan is rather curious with all of his adventures that he is doing to Hadassah. Stay tuned to follow Captain Dan threw his hospital adventure with her hospital stay.
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I Peed my pants, I was scared to get down
Snow is exciting to be in and it has some great elements to it. Sarah my daughter found out an aspect that she did not like. She climbed up into her tree house and was scared to get down. This is what happened.
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Mommy says pee outside cold
via YouTube Capture
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Recovering from brain surgery
This is the day after brain surgery and hadassah is healing great. There were some challenges with getting her to sometimes agree with the plan. The siblings were able to stop by for a visit and see her after she recovered a bit. The Children’s hospital is designed to help keep siblings and children entertained as the recover or wait for their sibling.
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Hold it until you get there
Sarah was shopping and then felt the urge. She had to crawl through the store not to pee.
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Can't wake Daughter
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Family Dinner Table (or just chaos?)
What could happen at a dinner table with a few children around? Here we get a glimpse into our family dinner table and some of the excitement that can happen. Zecheriah goes out with a special time with his mom and dedicates this video to all the firefighters, police, military, builders and anyone else who protects us. He decides that the dedication for your protection you get to go to Taco Bell. Thank you for watching our lives as we learn more and become better parents and leaders.
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Can't wake daughter to pee (SleepWalking)
Today after a long day Sarah decided to fall asleep on the couch before she went pee for the night. As great parents it is our duty to help prevent bed wetting. Sarah sleepwalking ensued as mother tries to help her daughter not sleep walk. Sarah has a history of being a sound sleeper and walking at times as she sleeps. We have helped her and in this video she is a 4 year old sleep walking and wondering what to do. https://youtu.be/wMYQ_MBTGxY Sometimes it is really tough to wake a sleeping daughter and sometimes Sarah is rather difficult to wake up. At first we wondered what was up but then we saw she was breathing good as she slept well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNziwQcs6QQ If you want to see a video where a 5 year old decided 60 seconds after getting in a van he must go pee here is a link. https://youtu.be/A1dSmPJEf3I Our daughter at the age of 3 decided she had to pee and it was rainy and no where to stop for 3 minutes. She cried instantly and it was super sad. She held it for 4 minutes until making into the restroom. https://youtu.be/nBI_BYSZ09o If you live in the country sometimes boys come up with excuses not to go inside for the restroom. Mom told the little guy to go outside and pee even though it was cold out. https://youtu.be/xKgkhH6uxWc This is an awesome spot to go the stream at, the water is pure and clear. You can see 7' to the bottom and the fish are beautiful to look at. https://youtu.be/rFRiejIHe8g
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Rushing to restaurant (4 hour drive)
This day we are headed to a great little place in the middle of Kentucky. The Bread of Life Cafe is in Casey County Kentucky and is a local place with helps an orphanage called the Galilean Home.
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Girl hospitalized, mom almost breaks (camera had to stop)
Today is the first day that had that says siblings were able to visit her in the hospital. We kept getting new information about the medical procedures that are to be performed. Including how Hadassah may have some hair loss due to the shaving of the head and possibilities of wigs or other things to cover the missing hair. siblings were able to be at the Ronald McDonald house at the Dayton Children’s Hospital for a bit.
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Glass🏥 in Foot?  Kicked 👣👞door to open it. Hadassah Style😭
I think we are going to replace this door soon
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Throw up on Phone @ Midnight by 5 year old, lost sleep
Some days you wake up and life goes perfect. Other days you get woken up to clean up throw up. Vomit is nasty and is taken to a new level when you kid vomits on your telephone. We love our sweet boy and he is such a blessing.
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Raising Car seat in Sports Car for short people
This video is about Raising Car seat in Sports Car for short people
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72 hours after brain surgery off all machines
Hadassah is just 72 hours after brain surgery. She was removed from the feeding tube, hydration, and most medicine today. She enjoys her siblings being around and playing with her. She is rather alert and fun to be with. After the family left she was beside me for editing the video, providing her input on parts that she wanted to keep or to cut out. It looks like on Monday we may be released. And Hadassah wants chocolate milk when she gets home, she hopes mother will let her drink as much as she wants.
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At Church we had a great time, getting drunk.
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Vegas is Kid Friendly at night M&M World review Great Shops like Hersheys and Coco-Cola
It is amazing how many things that there are to do and clean sites to see for young children in Vegas even at 11pm. I was excited to take Sarah and watch her great expressions on her face as she saw all of the great places. In this video of our series we focus on some candy shops. Which include the M&M of Vegas and Hershey chocolate shop which has a great New York Theme. If you have have small kids both of these places are close to each other and they provide a good deal of entertainment for kids of all ages, Including adults like me : )
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Let me pee (again)
via YouTube Capture
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Girls React to Crawfish (Great Screams) Runniung Scared
Today we had a fun time playing in a local stream. In this stream we found a dead crawdad which some may call a crayfish. These are a delacacy in the New Orleans area but around here they are just gross. We found a half eaten one in the water which was likely eaten by a water snake in the area. The Snakes here are non-poinsonous and they stay away from people.
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Day at the Stream
This was great going to a swimming hole and lots of great fun.
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Picknick + HDMI wiring
Lots of fun today
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Landfill trucks
Time to take some of our construction to the dump and so Sarah is recording the video.
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Minature Donkey - Sarah Rides again
It is neat to have friends or extended family with pets to ride.
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Christmas Photos gone wrong 2014
This video is about Christmas 2014
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Home Water Birth
Zecheriah was born on a peaceful night with only 3 hours labor. The body responded to what we had spoke over it to do only after we had completed the work of preparing for it to happen. Faith without works is dead.
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Oil splattered out of engine
This video is about Oil splattered out of engine
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Kerosene heater tuneup
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Surprise😀 10 year old with Ipad📱
The second day of the daddy wife date we decided to surprise Sarah with an Ipad packacged in an Easter Egg kit.
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Wedding Ring Surprise, Wife (Lost Ring, New Bridal ring sets)
It is fun to plan out a day and a huge surprise for my wife brought in part by Harris Jewelers in Troy Ohio.
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Flying into Vegas
Today I traveled form Ohio to Michigan then to fly to Vegas for a conference.
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5 Yr old Must Pee (Road Trip Again)
Zecheriah this time decided he must pee immediatly right after we ran through the rain to get into the van.
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tomorrow is brain surgery
Some days our life is filled with ease and family fun. Other days might not be so pleasant. Here is our night before Hadassah head gets opened up. The Doctors have brain scheduled for tomorrow. We are believing God shows up and even if it is not in our timing or way we are thankful for modern medicine and highly trained doctors and nurses who serve our kids and family day and night. Hadassah had a simple fall from less than 3 feet and this caused multiple fractures, brain swelling and one side of her face to sink down a touch. We have been documenting our process so that those who may find themselves in the trauma room can see and hear the things that we did. We may do some silly things in our videos while in the hospital but we hope that as you watch our reports and see our lives you are encouraged that you can make it though anything. Here are the things that I am doing to feel better. #1 By the Stripes of Jesus we were healed (this is a promise to all people) #2 Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God #3 Having positive friends. (Thank you to our friends at Living Word in Vandalia Ohio especially the loving Pastors there Pat and Jackie)
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Washable Paint Gun Challenge
This video is about Water paint challenge
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I got to Pee 4th July Fireworks
This video is about My Movie
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MM Roundup  & Worlds worst Diaper on Daddy's bed
@ 5 minutes chaos begins. The night began good with Jacob peeing on the potty but ended with Jacob getting poop on my bed.
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