Videos uploaded by user “Ski School by Elate Media” for the 2012
Intermediate Ski Lesson #4.2 - Edging
In this Ski School Lesson we look at learning how to use your edges to help control your speed and advance your skiing. Ski Instructor Darren Turner ( http://www.SkiSchoolApp.com ) introduces a few tips and techniques to help you understand edging and how to apply it in a parallel turn. Ski School Intermediate on the iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ski-school-intermediate/id394636307?mt=8 Watch our other ski technique films, have a look at the Ski School Apps and remember for your safety that they are a supplement, not a replacement to on-slope tuition with a qualified ski instructor. Subscribe to our Ski School channel to help improve your skiing and get inspiration with new ski lessons, tips and tutorial videos uploaded through the winter.
How To Ski Crud / Tracked Powder - Advanced Ski Lesson #6.5
Ski School instructor Darren Turner ( http://www.SkiSchoolApp.com ) looks at body position and tactics in this ski lesson that will help you learn how to ski crud and tracked out powder with more confidence and control. Check out the Ski School Advanced app - there are no ads in it and once downloaded no need for expensive streaming or downloading when on the hill, with nearly half an hour of video, a diary facility, split-screen video analysis that uses the device's video camera to compare your skiing with demos and much more it's the ultimate how to ski, teaching app. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ski-school-advanced/id394636845?mt=8 Remember that these how to ski videos are not a replacement for on-slope instruction with a qualified ski instructor, and should only viewed as a supplement. Subscribe to our channel for more Ski School lessons and tips to help improve your skiing. Get inspiration with new ski videos uploaded throughout the winter that can help you learn how to ski better.