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Lawn 505 Surfer Girl, Daddio, and T knock out another one.
Nice Lake Side Vacation Home I've been mowing for 2 years now. Enjoy the great song. Tine Bealtaine
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Lawn 344  Lots of Side Hill Mowing,Mower Drifting and Great Music
Lawn 344 mowed on 10-13-14. This is a yard for a hydro walk-behind only. This isn't the steepest yard I mow, videos of those will be posted later. Enjoy the music. Not bad for my first video editing. Comments are welcome.
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First Lawn Care Picture Slideshow  2014
Next year I'll have videos. I'm just learning how to do this video stuff. Let me know what you think.
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Native People of This Land We Call America
Enjoy the songs and pictures. Think as you watch the video.
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Lawn 2447  2014   Speed Mowing, with Slow Music
Nice country lake side vacation home I've been mowing for two years. I like the fast mowing and slow song combo editing. Let me know what you think.
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My Front Porch Birds 1080p HD
Birds on the front porch on a cold day.
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Lawn Care Deliverance Style with Daddio, Surfer Girl and T
Lawn Care way back in the sticks. Been mowing this yard for 4 years.
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