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Pubg first video
This is my first video on pubg it has a song in the beginning from yt but I haven't gotten a good editor yet so I apologize for not having more music. Let me know if you guys like it if so I will try to post more pubg
Views: 5 Ty's gaming
Somo ride cover no music
Second try sorry no music
Views: 40 Ty's gaming
Me singing
If you like it let me know I'll make more videos with better quality and actually show my face sorry if it sounds weird
Views: 24 Ty's gaming
Pubg win
Had fun playing let me know if i should make more
Views: 5 Ty's gaming
Opening 300 wooden chests in terraria
I have a total of 1400 crates wanna open them all on camera but that would be a lot let me know if you guys want to see more videos like this.
Views: 9 Ty's gaming
Pubg game lagged at the end :(
Like this video if you want me to continue just starting up leave comments on what I could do better or on some other games I should play
Views: 5 Ty's gaming
rewrite the stars (recorded on phone)
not the best but better than my other ones lol let me know what you guys think positive and negative feedback welcomed any tips/tricks to sound better is aprecciated
Views: 9 Ty's gaming

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