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Jetski Freeride Rip'N Ride 5 Jet ski surf freestyle filmed with  a Phantom Camera
High Roller Energy Cronulla Rip'N Ride 5 Wrap Up & Results....... Well, what a spectacular weekend of Moto Surf Freeriding, blue skies, sunshine and great surf... not to mention an abundance of bikini clad babes!!! Firstly, to our riders, whether near or far, for their unwavering eagerness to be part of this event, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for your dedication to the sport and Freeride spirit, The Rip'N Ride as we know it would not be as unique or successful as it is today. To our sponsors, what can I say, but WOW! The generosity that has been given not only to the sport, but the riders is unfathomable. Where have you heard of any competition that awards ALL of its entrants and officials/helpers with a prize for just participating from the prize pool worth more than $35,000.00! High Roller Energy, who set the stage with 30 foot inflatable cans, judging towers and excited the majority of the crowd and riders with your tantalising beach striding high roller girls. Once again you have been the backbone of this event and optimised what a naming rights sponsor is all about! Thank you. Yamaha, who stands behind and believes in the Rip'N Ride format, year after year, with the offering to one of our riders a brand new Yamaha Superjet, exceptional! AJSP, who tirelessly source the majority of our sponsors under its umbrella believing not only in the Rip'N Ride but me as a representative of this sport I can not thank you enough. Krash Industries, Solas, Rick Roy Products, JetPilot, Jettribe, Random Performance, The Wet Seat, Burn Industries, DASA, Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories, Wollongong City Jetski, Three swallows Hotel, R & R Jetski, Skat-trak, Worx, Hydro-turf, Freeride innovations, Airtime Products, Cold Fusion, Freeride Powersports, ADA Racing, Blowsion, Jetmaniac, One Industries, NZ Freeride, Titan Performance Products, Pro-rider magazine, Crusty Magazine Thrust Innovations, Impros, Topline, Jet tech Industries, FP1, Jet ski TV, Palmer Jetsports, Player 1, NSWFA, AJSBA, Grants Trophies, KR Lines, B S Industries and last but certainly not least Sting Bar, our amazing sponsors. I hope that we have done you proud as you have to us. For some of our sponsors, the Rip'N Ride 5 has been your first taste into the world of Surf Freestyle in Sydney, for others, including our 5 year veteran sponsors, each year just keeps getting bigger and better and we thank you for your support. Officials/Volunteers/helpers, this event was able to happen because of you. It is your generosity and commitment, if not to the sport, but to me, that has made this event the best Rip'N Ride ever! And I am forever thankful to you. Finally the "Cherry Poppers".... The reason that makes this all worthwhile, THE BEST EVENT EVER, in my books. Each year a brand new set of faces/greenhorns preparing to take on the backflip for the very first time, something that took me 10 years to attempt but some of you 10 seconds to be talked into by your so called mates!!! You brought me to tears, my heart full of joy, like a proud "Godfather"! Now, Time for the formalities...... RIP'N RIDE AWARD RESULTS Gallery Please See link This year's official RNR5 video is being produced by "The Hoy Show". The award winning cinematographer Mike Simpson is excited to get this out to the public via Fuel TV and we will advise you when completed. Also as a bonus, Jetski TV have compiled a team who are presently compiling a documentary for Australia's number 1 free to air sports channel on 1HD, we will update you on its details as they come to hand. Don't forget you can buy any images of the day online via Topline Photography To end, I would just like to reiterate my thanks to everyone involved. What a fantastic event the Rip'N Ride 5 was and we hope that we will have your support next year for RNR6. Cheers, Gunther/Butch see link below for awards gallery http://www.ozfreeride.com/rnr5results
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ozfreeride.com jetski surf Barrel Roll tech Help
Barrel roll training & tech help video 4 Jestki freestyle forum jetski surf australia
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High Roller Energy Cronulla Rip'N Ride 2010 "music BLISS N ESO"  jet ski Freeride Australia
Special Thanks to High Roller Energy Drinks Fire Storm Films Yamaha Wave Runners Australian Jet Ski Parts Ozfreeride.com Worx Racing Components Jet Pilot Clothing Xmetal Metalworks Rick Roy Products Solas Impellors Blowsion Liquid Militia Air-time Products One Industries Hydro-Turf Cold Fusion Billet Products Adaracing Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories Wollongong City Jet Ski Krash industries Carbon Fibre Hulls RP Crew B S Industries FMX Pro Open Rare Space New South Wales Freeride Association AJSBA Jetsports Magazine 2230 Bar and Restaurant The annual Rip N Ride was a blast with great conditions, the surf was pumping. music courtesy of ILLUSIVE RECORDS artist - BLISS N ESO song - COASTAL KIDS www.BLISSNESO.com
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ozfreeride.com Jetski Surf Freestyle Nick Barton Tandem Backflip
See Victoria's Nick Barton on his Krash Industries carbon fibre hull attempt a tandem backflip
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Yamaha Cronulla Rip'N Ride 9 official video ( Jetski Surf Freestyle )
Yamaha Cronulla Rip'N Ride 9 extreme jetski Surf freeride competition in Sydney Australia.
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Spearfishing Bluefin tuna 282kg (621.7pounds)
Gunther stones a 282kg bluefin tuna spearfishing off New Zealand..
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Crankin at Cronulla  HD ozfreeride.com Jet ski Surf Australia 9-5-09
Cronulla Crew and Co are freeriding again. Enjoy Jet ski freestyle freeride Australia in HD big air wave jumping
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James Masterton Jet Ski Freeride Surf ozfreeride.com
James Masterton of Australia rides the new EME Q8 jet Ski in the Cronulla Surf.
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Taking on Tallows-Jetski Surf ozfreeride.com( Freestyle Jet Ski )
Jetski freeride Australia jetski surf back flip triple quadruple jet ski insane crazy extreme fast high highest fatal crash krash backflip front barrel rickter eme
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ozfreeride.com Jetski suf Freestyle @ Thirroul WCJ Australia
Jetski freeride Australia. Surf freestyle action.
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Australian Jet Ski Parts Cronulla Rip'N Ride 09 Surf Freeride
Australian Jetski Parts Cronulla Surf Freeride moto surf event.
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ozfreeride.com Jet ski Moto Surf Freestyle
Moto Surf Jetski Freestyle freeride Sydney Australia
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Thirroul WCJ Jet ski Freeride Moto Surf freestyle .
Jetski Surf Freeride Wollongong. Near Sydney Australia.Local Freestyle jet ski riders performing tricks in the Surf.
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Yamaha Rip'N Ride 8 Cronulla Jet Ski Surf Freestyle
The most anticipated Jet Ski event video compilation returns for it's 8th Consecutive year........ Rip'N Ride 8 Cronulla Beach, Australia at it's best!
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Ozfreeride.com Jetski freeride Nick Barton's Huck'n Hold 360 (part 1)
Nick Barton 2008 First double backflip attempts. New Huck'n Hold 360's and double rolls. We wanted to release the video after the Australian Freeride open. Nick finished in second place behind Pierre Maixant. Part 2 will have Huck'n Hold 540's inc hand off variations and double flips. Watch ozfreeride.com for updates...
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ozfreeride.com Jet Ski Surf freeriding Australia Butch & Luke
Moto Surf Jetski Freestyle freeride Sydney Australia
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XFS Rickter Jetski Freestyle Jon Cooke Gold Coast - ozfreeride.com
XFS Rickter Australian test by Jetski Freestyler Jon Cooke on the Gold Coast Australia
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The Other Day Jetski Surf ozfreeride.com
Jetski freeride Cronulla Crew riding the outer reef.
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Butch  jetski back flip Cronulla Australia
first attempts at a back flip
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ozfreeride.com  Big Surf Freestyle Jetski
Long Version Moto Surf Jetski Freestyle freeride Sydney Australia
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Turf Wars Jetski VS Surfer
Jetski VS Surfer waked out surfer thinks when he gets in the water jeskies must move. See him try to sink the X2.
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Yamaha Superjet Challenge 2012 team Cronulla
This video is about P1100081
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Jetski 550 freestyle freeride surf Australia ozfreeride.com
Made this video in 1996 when I was looking for sponsers.. Pretty funny
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Bellambi 2010 jet ski surf freestyle ozfreeride.com
jet ski surf freestyle australia riding with the cronulla crew at bellambi australia in great surfing conditions
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Butch backflip  jetski Cronulla freeride Surf
This is my 5th ever attempt at a backflip. It was also the first attempt for the day..
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Bartons Krash Jet Ski Bay Surf
Nick Barton Jet ski freestyle freeride Australia freeride moto surf x crash accident
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Jetski No handed barel roll in surf ozfreeride.com
Jet ski freestyle freeride Australia moto surf crazy tricks stunts and crashes
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Ozfreeride.com Boat Harbour 6-7-08 Jetski Freestyle
Moto Surf, Jetski, Freestyle, & freeride in Sydney Australia. Cronulla crew and Guests.
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Australian Jetski Freestyle Surf Titles 2009 ozfreeride.com
Jet ski freestyle freeride Australia championships 2009
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bellambi April 09 teaser
Moto Surf Jetski Freestyle freeride Sydney Australia ozfreeride.com
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4 jetskis backflipping off the same wave
jetski surf australia Cronulla Rip'N Ride 3 2010 world record attempt . The most amount of jet skies to backflip off a single wave in the surf
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Easter Egg overload
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Ozfreeride.com V2 Boat Harbour 6-7-08 Jetski freeride surf
Moto Surf Jetski Freestyle freeride Sydney Australia tricks crazy fast waves
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no hands part 2 Jetski Australia
Jet ski freestyle freeride Australia moto surf
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Commercial diver sleeping on the job
abalone diver gets tired under water and has a little power nap. abaloneforum.com.au
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Offshore powerboat racing Bent Australia
Bent 36ft harris cat powered by twin 250 hp yamaha outboards Holds Sydney to Hobart World record 18 hours 7 mins and the Bass Straight crossing record 5hours 11mins. + 11 more
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AJSP Cronulla Rip'NRide 09 teaser 1
have a look at whats to come
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crazy v8 4wd landcruiser huge sand dune jump
V8 landcruiser jumps sand dune huge air . Kurnell Australia
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wire superflip on Q8 EME ozfreeride.com
jon cooke lands a superflip on a Q8 eme hull. Jet ski freestyle freeride Australia moto surf
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ozfreeride.com WCJ Bellambi
Jetski ozfreeride.com jet ski surf freestyle
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The Mechanical Atom ( gravitational mechanics ) Agspri.com.au
GRAVITATIONAL MECHANICS OF AN ATOM. 13.05.2014 Please observe this machine. Now what is presented here? If I focus and I am controlling this machine it becomes a centripetal force manipulator (patent applied for in 1986). This invention converts angular momentum into linear momentum. If I take my eyes and my attention of this unit thus my mind is not in command, (consequently I am not observing a force interchange), hence this above mentioned linear motion must not exist. And rightly so, it must be a delusion because the centripetal and centrifugal force is a fictitious force (Oxford Dictionary of Physics, page 317 Newton's laws of motion (3) ). The reason: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This is 'holy law' and must not be challenged. To understand, please allow your self to imaging, that this machine represents the gravitational function of a hydrogen atom, the body to be the proton (or nucleon) the rotating weight presents the electron it is like a mechanical atom, its linear force and that of every atom centre earth directed equals gravity. Of course gravity is a function of bent space 'fabric effects' etc. also a 'holy' scientific conclusion, of the highest order, that can not to be challenged. To stay sane, it helps to understand this by the line, when faith (science) speaks, truth (science) must be silent. Good heaven's what am I saying, this makes no sense to a thinker, I have to reinvent this. Over the last one hundred years to the present day the achievement in all branches of science are intellectual staggering, but gravity seems to be neglected, yet the mastering of gravity presents not only 'THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE' in the sense for deep space exploration, it is the key; to free energy, to local time retardation, to pollution separation at the atomic and sub atomic dimension levels, to the mathematical union of cosmos micro cosmos and its under laying dimensions etc. etc. etc. it is also the key for our acceptance into the extraterrestrial club, whether we are socially worthy is an other stepping stone with in the cosmic rules. As knowledge increases without the 'key', take note it is getting late look all around you! For detail visit www.agspri.com.au Gunther Karl Heinz Pfrengle
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Cronulla Rip'N Ride 2010 jet ski surf freestyle Promo
jetski surf freestyle Australia Cronulla Rip'N Ride 3 2010
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ozfreeride.com Jet ski Surf Freestyle camera test
Moto Surf Jetski Freestyle freeride Sydney Australia
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