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color LED chase race kit with 16 color LED kit
two PCBs cutted, together with 16 LED kit. add color LED lights are pretty color than plain one color LED light. ' https://www.amazon.com/CD4017-Chaser-Sequencer-Follower-Scroller/dp/B075J1KHH6 ' DIY Kits NE555+74HC595 16 Channel Light Water Flowing Lights LED Module 4.5-5V. 6 volts are better than 5 volts
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Part 2: LED hourglass kit with 6 speakers 🔊))) and 2 fiber optics
part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgB_Y3w2Ya8
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color / white LED hourglass kit with 2 sides and 3 PCBs
color LED lights with both sides. white LED lights with balloon as LEDloon up. kit and me chats on the note papers about LEDloon hourglass kit.
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LM358 kit with white LED kit and flashlight
color chase LED kit with 6 volts. fade off - fade on white LED kit LM358 with 12 volts to 6 volts. switch on the back of PCB with white LED flashlight.
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chase LED kit and LED digital 7 segment with LED 💖 heart kit project
LED chase with 16 channel and color LED heart. white LED 7 segment clock with DP.
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quartz wall clock with 6 sound speakers
old quartz wall clock with PCB and AA battery 1.5 volts
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color LED 💖 heart with chase LED kit 16 channel
chase LED light kit with 16 channel. color LED lights on the red sprayed PCB. two color LED fiber optics with sound activitys.
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Dual color LED heart kit with 6 sound speakers
two color LED on the heart kit. spray red on the front PCB. electronic components parts on the back PCB.
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Two HBL-22 breath heart kits with color LED heart project
two HBL-22 kits no need a R5 resistor 22Ω on HBL-22
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LED delay touch kit with LED colorfully
beautifully color LED lights on the delay touch kit. easily change color LED on the PCB without soldering.
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double white LED hourglass with fade in - fade out
double sides white LED lights on hourglass with breath in / breath out
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white LED clock kit with color sunflower LED light
DIY white LED clock kit sunflower LED light a pack of four batterys = 6 volts
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Part 2: color LED chase ♥ heart with sounds 🔊))) and 7 segment
part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3qVo8Ex_tM
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green LED clock kit on the wrist
green LED clock kit from online. watch band at home.
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AK27026 color LED with three star kits
3 color LED star kits 3 black diamond logos l l // \\
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