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Breath LED star kit with white LED lights
breath LED heart kit HBL-22. apogeekit star kit AK27026 kit and add 5 white LED lights by myself and four AA batterys as 6 volts. beautifully clean fresh breath air and look at the many stars in the evening night time. same as this video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyDQ7FswWrE
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sunflower LED light = LED sparkling speakers
sunflower LED light spin with 6 LED sparkling speakers. coool LED lights and sounds.
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solena sunflower LED light
very good and brightness colorfully solena mini sunflower LED light. special thank thank to PSSL.
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LED circular kits and LED turbo-mill kits
two LED circular kits. both way spins. two LED turbo kits and two LED windmill kits. both way spins.
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sunflower LED light with great light / sound
wow fantasy sunflower LED light with speeding sound. twin LED sparkling speakers. three loud LED lights. dont copy from me. only show video. thank
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zelda dog played a ball
cheeky deaf cat sat on the cement and watched the dog. zelda dog played a blue puffyball.
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ILY hand with color LED lights / heart / star
ILY hand with color LED lights pretty white star light cute red heart light black box with two AA batterys and 8 modes and ILY hand = star small black box with 9 volts and red heart
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DIM both LED turbomill kit and LED windmill kit
DIY turbomill kit and DIY windmill kit ' 1- LED turbo kit with red - yellow LED lights are very hot turbo in the vehicle motor ' 1- LED wind kit with white LED lights are very cool air or wind power on any purposes ' both kits are opposite spins
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velleman MK101 with red twin 💖 hearts 💖 kits
velleman MK101 flashing red heart kit. spray red color on the both front PCBs. electronic parts conponents on the back PCBs. left heart is a main PCB and right heart is a basic PCB. one battery 9 volts can use both kits at once same time. both kits are same time down / down = up /up. another way both kits are opposite time down / up = up / down. use both futaba type J plugs on both kits.
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velleman MK107 LED run kit with light / sound
velleman MK107 kit with color LED lights and beautifully sound of music same time LED forward motion position and stay. color LED is easily snap off and snap on. dont need soldering on LED.
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DIM breath LED heart kit with velleman MK101 heart kit
DIM breath LED heart kit. velleman MK101 heart kit. all red LED lights are not the same lightness. LED lights are some lights different and some lights same.
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breath LED heart kit with color LED lights
very beautifully color LED on the breath LED heart kit. spray white on the PCB. component parts on the back PCB. no need switch on the PCB. no need screw tool. blue plastic knob on the dimmer control.
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solena mini sunflower LED light with 6 speakers
special thank to PSSL have a good mini sunflower LEDs lights. brightness LEDs lights spin, good sound of lights, six LED sparkling speakers.
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LED windmill kit with 2 color LEDs lights
LED light windmill kit. spray white on the back of PCB. all LEDs on the back of PCB. IC socket on the front of PCB. 3 change colors in one LED light on the center. all white LED lights on the windmill. can use a pack of AA batterys = 6 volts. dont need a USB cord = 5 volts.
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DIM ds1302 LED clock kit with 2 small PCBs
DIY ds1302 Rotating LED clock kit 1- white star on top and red heart bottom with a PCB 1- ILY hand sign language with I L Y as deaf sign language with a PCB digital LED clock is a remove from the clock PCB as snap off and snap on dont need soldering but 2nd PCB with I L Y hand on the clock kit then IC microchip was stop by accident
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lava lamp with change color LEDs lights
love that lava lamp. good idea to add change color LED light in lava lamp.
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lava lamp statue
the lava lamp was turning light on then heat up. the wax builded up as tree then turning light off and wait cool. wow nice coool lava lamp statue.
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velleman MK199W white LED starlight kit
this is a new velleman MK199W to me and test... very good kit... i did put a IC socket and spray white color on the front PCB... ' special white PCB, safe battery operation, off - on switch and select button... 14 different effects: soft light strong light strong inside, soft outside light strong outside, soft inside light slow fade quick fade slow fill inside to outside fill outside to inside fill flashing LEDs #1 counter clockwise rotation clockwise rotation spiral in - out flashing LEDs #2 mounting hole ' Specifications LEDs: 16 white diffused LEDs (5 mm) power supply: 3 x AAA (1.5 V) battery (not incl.) current consumption: 11 mA dimensions: 3.15" x 3.15" x 1.38" (80 x 80 x 35 mm)
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velleman MK101 heart kit with color LED
color LED lights on the velleman MK101 heart kit PCB
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velleman MK107 LED run kit with music / sound
velleman MK107 with color LED lights kit. i add put color LED lights on the kit. connect to both LED sparkling speakers.
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part 2: color 16 chase LED lights kit with 6 sparkling 🔊))) speakers sound
great sound with color 16 LED lights kit. part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waNdsgRRr1g
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velleman MK170 kit with change color LED fiber optic sound
velleman MK170 kit with yellow LED light star. two LED fiber optics stays change color LED lights on the back. another two LED fiber optic with sound activity / pulse on the front.
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madlab MLP111 kit with six LED sparkling speakers
madlab MLP111 kit. IC socket cut and put on PCB. choice different color LED lights and cut pins. easily snap-on and snap-off with LED lights. no need soldering with LED lights on PCB. LED sparkling speakers.
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LED circular kit
all electronic components on the back PCB. 12 white diffused LED lights. spray black on the PCB. 3 volts is low LED light. 6 volts is bright LED light.
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two colors LED LM358
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color LED light chase 16 channel kit
DIY Kit NE555+74HC595 16 Channel Light LED Module 6 volts. color LED is a more pretty color than plain LED light.
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apogee AK27026 star kit with sound speakers
sorry my digitalcamera is a blurring focus in the beginning. apogee AK27026 star kit with funny 6 LEDs sound sparkling speakers. 4 fiber optics with color LEDs.
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seven white LEDs lights kits with color LEDs
left to right kits. velleman MK199C kit to add color LED by myself velleman MK199W starlight kit color LED heart kit color LED apogee star kit velleman MK169W kit to add white LED by myself twin white LED windmill kits with add 2 color LEDs by myself
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breath 16 color / white LED lights chase kit connection with LM358
breath fade in and fade out with 16 color - white LED lights kit. left LED is white. right LED is color. connection a pack of 9 volts with switch. 16 sockets parts. LED lights are easily snap off and snap on without soldering.
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velleman MK107 chase LED lights kit
velleman MK107 chase LED lights with color LED lights. spray blue color on the front PCB. electronics components parts on the back of PCB. speeding and two switchs on the front of PCB. 8 color LED lights and 8 LED holders. dont need to soldering with 8 LED lights on the PCB. just snap on and snap off LED lights. easily to change color LED lights by choice.
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bright color LED heart kit
beautifully bright color LED heart kit. all components electronic parts on the back and not front. only one crystal oscillator as Y1 on the front. IC chip STC is a not working. spray color white on the front PCB.
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Two CFL lights to LED lights
1- CFL circline light to color LED lights with slow change fade colors lights 1- CFL twister lightbulb to color LED lights with change flashing color lights both uses a pack of four AA batterys as 6 volts
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velleman MK169Y star / MK103 sound unit / LED white clock
velleman MK169 yellow LED flasher starlight. velleman MK103 sound to unit with a white cob LED light. DIY white LED clock kit with control light. six LED sparkling speakers.
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part 2; Two Apogee Color LED Bell Kits AK27027
this is agopee bell LED kits with AK27027. one left bell LED kit is a normal with components parts and 9 volts. one right bell LED kit is a normal without components parts and 3 volts. beautifully fully color LED lights on the kit.
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Five color LED stars with 5 kits
LED stars left to right with 4 front row. 1- color LED Star Electronic Kit AK27026 1- velleman MK199W white starlight kit 1- velleman MK199C color star kit to add color LEDs by myself 1- velleman MK169W white star kit to add white LEDs by myself back row. 1- velleman MK172 sound star VU meter kit
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premise switch cob LED light with breath in - out / fade off - on
cob LED light with dimmer and hitec rotary servo motor. cob LED light with fade off and fade on. same as breath LED light kit.
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LED hourglass ⌛ kit with 6 sparkling speakers
LED hourglass kit with a pack of four AAA batterys. blue LED lights are the sky and ocean. two white LED lights are the sun. dont need to soldering on the LED. LED lights are easily to snap off and snap on as change color LEDs. velleman MK172 star light sound kit. sorry that my digital videocamera is a bad blur focus.
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part 3 of 4...velleman MK170 kit = MK172 kit with 6 LED speakers
very beautifully sound of music with velleman MK170 yellow LED star kit and six LED sparkling speakers. velleman MK172 sound star VU meter kit. two change color LED fiber optics. R.C system with 2.4ghz.
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double sunflower LED lights with globe R/C
two sunflower LED lights on the globe with R/C. four AAA batterys = DC 6 volts. do not copy. thank
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velleman MK112 brain game kit with LED speakers
velleman MK112 brain game kit with 4 LED sparkling speakers. velleman MK112 with 4 bright yellow LED lights and switch plus a pack of four AA batterys as 6 volts. four yellow LED lights stays on same time 4 switchs on.
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breath LED heart kit and color LED heart kit
both LED hearts are electronic and doesnt needs to uses USB cord plugs. use a pack of four AA batterys as 6 volts.
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double sunflower LED lights spin
two sunflower LED lights spin with a electronic motor speeding control and battery. very pretty bright colorfully LED lights. sorry that first video was little blur focus then second video is better clear focus
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velleman MK104 cricket kit with 6 LED sparkling speakers
velleman MK104 cricket kit is a control the light and sound of cricket
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two lava lamps with 2 statues
both lava lamps are so pretty statues. blue lava lamp is a female with a balloon or blow flame. purple lava lamp is the right arm up hold the top thing. 25 watts bulb is a too longer and slowly warm up. 40 watts bulb is a little faster warm up.
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DIM 4 digit LED clock kit with breath in--breath out
LED clock kit with fade in--fade out. with tint is a too dark and good at night time while fade in--fade out. without tint is a bright and good at night time while good fade in--fade out
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three color LED hearts kits
1- color LED heart kit 2- breath LED heart kits
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breath LED heart kit and CFL circline LED light
from CFL circline to LED color light breath LED heart kit and color LED light heart kit both with a pack of four AA batterys as 6 volts
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beautifully bright colorful LED star kit
from velleman MK170 change to white star with 40 bright color LED lights on the star kit
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apogee AK27026 star kit with colorfully LED lights
put electronic component on the back of PCB. spray white color cover on the front of PCB. pack of 9 volts battery with a switch. very beautifully bright colorfully flashing LED light star kit.
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