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flashing light ringer on SVRS / Ntouch2 / VP
that is a so coool SVRS / VP flashlight ringer... red LED lights are okay... changed to pretty color LED lights are so great pretty colorful and love that...
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Velleman MK103 sound to light unit...Part-2
Velleman MK103 sound to light kit pick up the clock alarm sound then flasher light same time... LED color change clock cube alarm sound with LED flasher light same time Velleman MK103 sound to light unit
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LED clock kit with clockwork music
big thank to deadmau5 for a great clockwork music. i do love my LED clock kit.
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velleman MK172 sound star kit before - after
velleman MK172 have a own design problem with 2 green LED lights. before 2 LED lights stay on. after 2 LED lights off and on. velleman MK104 cricket sound. velleman MK106 metronome sound. velleman MK172 sound star. YSZ-4 C51 clock kit DIY with 4 digit and 7 segment and alarm sound
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too much pat pat on deaf cat back
pat pat on my deaf cat back while eat dry cat food too much. tail was whippy so fast.
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LED change color clock cube with 8 sounds
LED change color clock cube with 8 different chrome sounds of alarms on the test with three 48-LED camping portable lights
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DIM: Galileo 10-30x60mm Zoom Binocular with Mount
i do myself put the mount on the binocaular with a tripod
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LCD atima clock AT-605
new to me very good LCD clock
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Velleman MK103 sound to light unit kit
thank to velleman MK103 kit with LED sound to light unit kit. a long thin cob bright white LED light is better than 4 small red lights.
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windows from simon
believe or not believe... windows with 4 colors came from the simon game... simon game is 4 colors... windows with 4 colors came from simon game was first idea with 4 colors before in 1980's... did bill gates copyed or stole from simon game before in 1980's... comment is welcome here but no bad foul language...
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sunflower LED light with 16 music / 16 sound kit
sunflower LED light spin 16 music / 16 sound kit 3 camping LED lights
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double sunflower LED lights spins
love that double sunflower LED lights. one is battery powered DC 6 volts with four AA batterys. one is electric powered AC 120 volts. both are same brands.
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LED clock kit with color LEDs
white LED clock kit with different color LED lights. color LED candles and 3 velleman kits.
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sunflower LED light to LED light spin globe
WOW. that is so awesome. this is a so fun to see the sunflower LED light to LED light spin globe. just easily simple plain and fun. ball bearings, traxxas parts, kyosho 380 motor, DC 6 volts. no need arduino. none. no need bluetooth, none. no need computer program. none. no need raspberry. none. remember that DON'T COPY from me.
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C51 clock kit / sparkling speaker / velleman kits
C51 clock kit YSZ-4. sparkling speaker. velleman MK104 cricket sound kit. velleman MK106 metronome sound kit. velleman MK172 star sound kit.
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LED change color bulb humming noise
LED change color is a so pretty color but cause interference noise. only 4.5 volts = 6 volts DC batterys. part 1 is a little fast change color. part 2 is a normal change color.
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both velleman MK101 and MK172 kits
3 white LED lights lanterns camping velleman MK101 flashing red heart LED kit with heart beat sound velleman MK172 sound star LED kit
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LCD clock glass screen turned black
old westclox LCD clock screen was turning to black LCD screen... the black mat was so hot while sunny day time... LCD clock screen was cool inside and turned back to normal about 3 minutes
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velleman MK170 kit
finish velleman MK170 kit. put a IC socket. very good kit. change design the switch to the left side. no need switch on the middle star next to IC chip.
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velleman MK112 brain game kit
that great velleman MK112 brain game almost same as simon game. can fit with four AA batterys = 6 volts and yellow LEDs. sub-mini switch on right side. velleman MK103, sound to light. velleman MK172 sound to star. sparkling dance speaker. loud sound with 3 LED lights.
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UFO fly sunflower LED light
UFO flying sunflower LED lights with a wire to the ceiling
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CFL bulb to LED lite lamp = two sunflower LED lights
old CFL light bulb to change colors LED lights. two sunflower LED lights. from AC 120 volts to DC 6 volts.
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two LED change colors clocks cubes / 3 speakers...Pt-2
two LED change colors clocks cubes with 3 dance sparkling speakers and 2 LED change colors squares coasters
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cool fan to big fidget fan spinner
black cooler fan to the big fidget spinner. hex bolt with three metalnuts. i turned spin the fan with a fidget spinner and little cutted on my left side arm skin. bandage on it.
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LCD clock cube temperature at 8 minutes
cut the video edit to make faster and short time LCD clock cube on the black top trash bin and getting warm fast temperature high to 113* F time is control to the temperature temperature cannot control without time
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black bugs weevils in the rice
alot of black bugs weevils in the bottle of rice
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C51 clock kit and two velleman MK103 kits
C51 clock kit with alarm sound. velleman MK103 with kits and a cob white LED light and twin arrow LED lights
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velleman MK172 sound star problem
velleman MK172 sound star have a own problem design with electronic part components on the black board star. first kit was finish and still problem with 2 green LEDs lights. second tried and still problem with 3 LEDs lights. third tried and fail again. DONT buy velleman MK172. velleman company must have to fix the problem and re-design kit again until better solve problem with electronic kit. no more LED lights on fade away.
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VA3 alarm clock flasher timer temperature vibration
VA3 test with sound and three 48-LED camping portable lights... VA3 have 3 different sounds tones / 3 volumes / strong shake vibrtation / temperature-thermometer / timer... great help for the deaf / HOH / vision sight...
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sunflower LED light with white spray
sprayed white 2 coats cover both side on a circle board
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sunflower LED light spin globe with a R/C traxxas
sunflower LED light globe with a R/C traxxas and ESC bandit car. ball bearings, 380 motor, R/C traxxas, traxxas parts. dont copy from me. thank.
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velleman MK170 great music star
fantasy LED velleman MK170 kit star with a bass hand and music sound. dont copy from me.
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sunflower LED light with DC
wrote on the box AA battery DC 5 - 6 volts only no need a cord electric plug AC 120 volts
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C51 and velleman LED alarm clock flashlight kits
enjoy fun learning LED clock kit with alarm = sound to LED flashlight... C51 clock kit... velleman MK103 kit sound to light unit with white LED light...
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velleman MK172 kit sound star
velleman MK172 is a so coool pretty color LED light sound star. but still have a problem with 2 LED lights stay on while another LED lights fades away. velleman company need time to re-check / re-design and fix it solve problem until pass test.
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my deaf cat bored fidget spinner
my sweet deaf cat was so bored and not liked the fidget spinner toy
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cool sunflower LED light spin
sunflower with a USB plug. can use 3 different way powers.
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fidget spinner on test H line or V line
i was testing with a fidget spinner which one line is a longer running. Horizontal line or Vertical line or same line. try test it.
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velleman MK101 flash LED heart kit with normal and fast
velleman MK101 kit flashing LED heart with connection to the sound sparkling speakers. normal heart beat is a good healthly heart. fast heart beat is a risk healthly heart. good test on the heart beat.
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died thin lizard
thin lizard was died on the driveway parking
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LED change color clock cube / clockwork
LED change color clock cube with music / sound pulse. LED clock cube is a same as clockwork. special thank to deadmau5 musicmaker.
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LED clock cube, rubik's cube, peace smile cube
1- LED change color clock cube 1- peace smile cube 1- rubik's cube all 3 cubes are little different sizes make sure not confuse with 3 sizes of cubes
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music box 16 sounds and velleman kits
music box with 16 different sounds. two velleman MK103 sound to unit kits. velleman MK172 sound star kit. sparkling speaker.
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LED clock kit with 4 digit
very good white LED clock kit with a pack of AA batterys and 6 volts
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C51 clock kit and 2 neon lights
C51 clock kit alarm sound to both neon tube lights blue neon light = red neon light sound pulse
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real natural fruit twin peach
first time to see fruit twin mate peach from the neighbor tree thank neighborhood yummuy good to eat a fruit twin peach
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LED change color clock cube temperature
surprise that LED change color clock cube with minute is control the temperature go down or up... temperature cannot change without time control...
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sunflower LED light and 2 cats
sunflower LED light 2 cats were curious about sunflower LED light
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velleman MK101 flashing heart kit
velleman MK101 flashing heart kit. velleman MK172 sound star kit, two velleman MK103 sound unit kits. sparkling speaker.
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my telescope and sun...NEVER look on the sun
my telescope used a safety sun guide board. the sun is a soo hot and fire so fast. covered plastic lid on the eyepiece telescope. lid burned, leaf burned, stick burned, match burned.
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