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adapter hex hub to the rim on tamiya ORV
that is a my tamtrax car... this is a traxxas adapter hex hub with a strong pin to the traxxas rim and put on the tamiya ORV axle driveshift... both 2 front rims wheels and 2 rear rims wheels no loose spin wheels...
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compare both R/C cars
tamiya ORV with traxxas chassic / parts. both are little same measurement and different chassics / different designs. 8 traxxas wheels are great.
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part 4; LED 3 dancing speakers with sidekick 4G
3 LED dancing speakers are so great sound with connection to samsung cellularphone sidekick 4G pager. no no need wifi wireless to the LED dancing speakers.
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part 2; LED 2 - 3 dancing speakers / radio shack piano
LED dancing speakers are connect to radio shack. dont need to use a USB to the computer or folding laptop. 5 volts are same closer as 6 volts. 2 speakers are okay and looking good. 3 speakers are better and great coool.
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red robin man with LED speakers / sunglass
red robin liked to listen with computer windows music. 2 LED dancing speakers on the face and dark sunglass. with 2 ILY hands on the video soon end.
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cutting off tamiya gearbox 2 holes
tamiya frog car have 2 holes on the gearbox for holding the pack of R/C battery. my tamtrax car dont need 2 holes and already have a guard.. R/C battery is already on the traxxas chassic.
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T/T - tamiya and traxxas
this is a tamiya frog car. traxxas parts on the tamiya frog car. still look good and great running well. 12 inch rotary display stand.
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tamiya / traxxas plastic bodys test on chassic
put different vary of plastic bodys test on my R/C car. fit or not fit / match or not match. only one traxxas summit is a good fit = good match.
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samsung battery
new battery is a flat and no spin. old battery is a spin and corrosion inside the battery as oval len and can be explosion.
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T/T - tamiya and traxxas frog car...part 2
this is a tamiya frog car with 2 traxxas shocks and 4 traxxas wheels. very good running well. the frog car on my backpack with elastics holders. no spin cooo cooo around on the brown land / ground at the park.
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samsung sidekick 4G and R/C tank
fist time my samsung sidekick 4G cellularphone pager videocamera on the R/C tank and short time running test
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len / sunglass on the supermoon...11-14-2016
use a magnifier len and a sunglass on the supermoon tonight
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part 6; LED 2 dancing speakers with radio shack
2 LED dancing speakers and LED color rainbow trance with sound pulse...
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tape on the female tab
easily pull out with finger and thumb hold on the cord/femaleplug tab from the R/C receiver
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part 3; LED 2 - 3 dancing speakers are great
LED dancing speakers are connect to radio shack piano and nintendo DSi XL music. ' 8 minutes on the video time. ' 3 LED dancing speakers are better than 2. 1 - color LED rainbow trance with a music pulse. 4 - color LED crystal DJ domes lights. ' rainbow trance on this video - youtubedotcom/watch?v=DjZ9-06KWZ4
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part 5; LED 2 dancing speaker with casio
beautifully music sound casio MT-100 casiotone piano connection to the 2 LED dancing speakers... LED color rainbow trance with sound pulse...
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cool deaf cat vs R/C model tank
my sweet deaf cat was s keeping cool and ignored from the R/C model tank... in the begin video that tank with a left side track off... cat was yeaaa and won...
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LDS part 5, why pay parking lot during rose parade view
why 3 churches and parking area are so awful greedyness and wants people to pays parking lot on the parking lot while people views the rose parades views floats on jan 2nd 2016, every next year of rose parade view, what for, come on FREEE = FREEEE parking lot are better, churches and parking are not honest, my digitalcamera was a blur as len flare, watch 4 videos below, part 1= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEvTiUEKzRw part 2= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY1Y0Zmgjys part 3= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCem960QVKQ part 4= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iXFL7ZhCB0
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