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LED dancing speakers / radio shack piano
LED dancing speakers with a radio shack mini piano. good music. Realistic concertmate 370 by radio shack
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LED dancing speakers with nintendo DSi XL
LED dancing speakers with nintendo game, look good.
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RC villain ex boat with T-top
traxxas RC villain ex boat before / during / after. before the company made the boat. put a aluminum landing gear on the top boat at 014 to 034. http://www.rcdude dot com/servlet/the-911/Hyperion-10e-dsh-Class-Aluminum-Landing/Detail and http://www.youtube dot com/watch?v=W6-Xfby19g4 then put traxxas decal stickers on the T-top and 2 gasoline cables/holes on rear. easily to pick up the T-top with a boat after use the water.
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mini - machomen sound
mini - electronic handheld sound effects machine. connect wires to 3 LED dancing speakers. number 3 and 7 are same one sound.
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three LED dancing speakers with M-simon game / nintendo DSi XL
2 mini USB plug to 2 LED speakers are great. 3 LED dancing speakers are better and great than 2 speakers.
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RC blizzardunimog / part 2
RC unimog truck with 2 tracks. half kyosho blizzard and half unimog truck.
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LED dancing speakers / 2 simons
2 LED dancing speakers connect with 2 different simon games. 1 is mini simon game and 1 is normal simon game. great show time.
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LDS part 4, why pay parking lot while rose parade view
why LDS want people pays parking alot at church land while people sees the rose parade float view. how shame on LDS church love smelly green greeeeeedy currency. come on FREEE parking alot is better
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RC blizzardunimog
RC unimog truck with 2 tracks. half kyosho blizzard and half unimog truck.
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sound bites with 3 LED speakers
candy sound bites toys connect wires to 3 LED dancing speakers
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