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DIM, replacement water filter for washing machine
use water filter cartridge to keep the clothes very clean and neat, left black hose is hot water pipe, right black hose is cold water pipe, two black hoses to the water filter become one silver hose to the washing machine, one cap lock on the back of washing machine HOT inline pipe closed, only one hose is COLD inline pipe open from the water filter, old brown filter is a dirty filter from home water tap, new white filter is a very new clean white filter, the clear housing plastic jar is a clear and can see throught the filter better than blue housing jar, write date on the wall when a filter is a remind to replacement
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TOOLS; 3 quick multi wrench tools
i have 3 best quick multi wrench tools,,, 3 tools can fits any bolts / nuts plus both metric and standard system,,, one small tool, one middle tool, one big heavy duty tool
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DIM; update my new jaw bench vise
i put the update new parts on my new bench vise. 1 - one 10in drive extension bar 1/2 inch on a handle lead screw for more torgue turning force, 2 - twin 6in drive extension bars 1/4 inch on the both handle lock screws on a swivel base, 3 - two poly hose washers on a bar of handle lead screw, 4 - two washer spaces on a handle lead screw on the vise, 5 - double 4 washer spaces on the both handle lock screws on a swivel base, 6 - sears bench vise upper body is a weak cast iron metal,
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a mini adjustable wrench
this tool measurement is = 2.5 inch 6.5 cm mini wrench is a only light duty tool for electronic, hobby, toy
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DIM; 2 neon lights inside the CDs with music pulse
i did homemade CDs together and 2 neon tube lights from auto zone parts store.. both neon tube lights are blue and 15 inches,,
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LDS part 2, why mormon church love smell green greedy again
part 2, Monday afternoon on jan 2nd, 2012 for rose parade float parking view,,,every new year of january i saw the LDS church parking lot sign in pasadena again,,,why LDS mormon church want people must pays to the church parking lot for rose parade view,,,it is a big BAD idea,,,yes LDS church is a big smelly greeny greedy,,,come on free parking a lot is better than pay
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DIM; before and after = cleaning spark plugs
1 - one dirty spark plug 2 - four dirty spark plugs 3 - wire wheel grinder cleaning metal 4 - four clean spark plugs from the wire wheel grinder 5 - easily and simple that way 6 - put four clean spark plugs in the car motor 7 - easily start the motor and smooth running very well
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drive while N neutral shift
use a N neutral shift while drive on the freeway, right foot not touch on gas pedal, leave the motor on low RPM, help more cooler air to the radiator / cooler water / color motor, help automatic transmission cooler, extra save gas and more mileage, little touch on brake pedal if too fast
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DIM; 2 metal wheels under the car frame
i put 2 metal wheels under the front bumper frame for protection from the dip road,,, front bumper is a not scratch from the dip road while drive slow
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sun eclipse on may 20th 2012
i have one good telescope and see the sun eclipse this evening, use a sun guide white board and protection from the eyes, i see the sun spot
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10 lights
10 flickering or 10 fuckering, confuse word, flicker or fucker
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R/C battery boat; firehawk
i got this R/C boat firehawk from the hobby shack store in pasadena long time ago, no electronic speed control, one full forward speed, one top fan for slow forward speed, two propellers in one roll, two channels R/C
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DM; change color LED in the wireless mouse
change color LED in the mouse from the box at biglots store.. still good work on the computer
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DIM: LED change color in a wireless / wire mouse and a sidekick 4G
i put 4 LED change color on a sidekick 4g for a while. i put 6 LED change color in a mouse with a USB connect to the computer, a wireless mouse have 2 different ways, one wireless mouse to the computer and another 2nd wire with LED color lights to the computer for USB, LED change color in a box with 3 AA batterys from the biglots store
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electric train under the building
metrolink gold line electric train go throught inside the building in the city of pasadena, west coast
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compare two 48 LED portable lights
i have 2 LED lights, left side light is one switch for all LED lights on / off at once, right side light is change switch for each LED lights on / off / on / off / on / off, i did removed one change switch right side LED lights to left side LED lights switch, one switch came from the radio shack store,
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DIM; LED change color in a box
i got a box LED change colors from the biglots store.. come with 3 AA batteries and switch.. a muffin cupcake.. cutted the cupcake and taped on it.. LED change colors in 8 cups with tapes.. white plastic ceiling and cutted then put on LED change colors.. enjoy watch it at night time..
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eaton canyon; my zelda dog and red nose pitbull dog
2 dogs were a big great good time at eaton canyon trail and waterfall in altadena, west coast
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do or dont phone and drive...confuse
watch this video, the law is required NO phone while drive in a vehicle, wait a minute, dont be confused to the driver, use a phone while drive is okay or not, see the sign at the waiting bus bench local, use a phone CALL911 while drive in a vehicle, be nice and polite comment in here, thank
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SEARS, men at sears
in pasadena sears repair shop, sears men workers are chat talk chat talk and not finish fixing the customers vehicles, what are the customers waiting waiting waste their times for nothing
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water river in the tunnel
i was iniside the tunnel of river water, the thin metal rod inside the cement of tunnel, metal rod was coming out of cement and metal was bend by itself, how how do that, can anyone explain about this video, thank
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2 front wheels spins are not touch on the freeway
how 2 front wheels spins
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MARS; see this video about shadow
see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FhPbSbGo8I&feature=related look alike this bigfoot on the mars but not real, no alien, no bigfoot guy, no person, no UFO on the mars this video show almost similar the rock / hard sand with the shadow on the mars, the mars time was about afternoon, be nice comment here, thank
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DIM; a mini tripod with a plastic jaw clip
i had a good idea about a plastic jaw clip with a mini tripod that hold my sidekick 4G pager
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DIM; digitalcamera on a crane in the canopy and spin
welcome comment here. i used 2 digitalcamera panasonic LUMIXs
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man red robin drive P-2
again part 2, man red robin drive in a car
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male red robin drive
man red robin drive in a car
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