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mammoth on the hill near l - 60 freeway in west riverside area
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T-mobile; open sidekick 4G
curious open see inside sidekick 4G
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T-mobile; keep sidekick 4G clock light on
i put a small spring clamp hold my sidekick 4G to keep the clock light on 4 hours without a plug recharger.. i am tired of every 10 minutes turn off itself and again put turn on then turn off itself again.. yes i did plug on recharger and keep clock light on all night / all day, too
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DIM; faucet spout
my hands washed from the faucet water.. the water flow was near the sink wall and not enough room for my hands.. i put a acrobatic swivel on the faucet.. now my hands were enough room for me to washing my hands without hit the sink wall.. because the faucet company is the poor design and make the small faucet neck and not enough smart to give a person need more room washing a person hands without hit the sink wall.. dont need to replacement a new long faucet neck
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mini portable simon with too loud sound
i got a mini portable simon and connect to the power sound
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LED camping lamp with a sidekick 4g video
it is a good idea about a LED camping lamp next to the Tmobile sidekick 4g video for purple VRS, purple 3, and VP200 at dark
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T-mobile; get a problem with a sidekick 4G
T-mobile get a problem with my samsung sidekick 4G... 1 - LED light on the keyboard is always short time light on and then turn OFF less 3 seconds while the LCD screen tv on 2 - why do that 3 - how can LED leave the light on the keyboard same time LCD screen tv is still on 4 - T-mobile company, demand time to fix samsung sidekick 4G to set up the LED leave the light on the keyboard with LCD screen tv stay on all the time 5 - no short time turn off less 3 seconds 6 - T-mobile and samsung are not good make it this sidekick 4G design
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color disc on VP200
color disc with a gearbox and put on a VP200.. see the color tv look wow cooool color on VP200
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DIM; a kite with a motor
i was homemade with a woodboard,,a motor gearbox came from the power wheels toy,,2 batteries with 12 volts / 7 AH,,one battery is forward and another battery is backward control by my right foot pedal with 2 hinges / 2 switches
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2 headlight bulbs
i did used a razor to chopping clean up the black paint top come off from the two headlight bulbs,,, both headlight bulbs are 9007,,, before was black top,,, after was clear top
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T-mobile; sidekick 4G is a big problem, camera is failed
my sidekick 4G have a few little problems on the lists = 1 - a camera is too much blinking itself and WARNING as camera failed on the label 2 - keyboard type LED light is turning off while the LCD screen tv is still on 3 - no have LED flasher light on the back and front 4 - leave the digital clock on the LCD screen tv then 10 minutes then turning off itself 5 - no have lock CAPTION on LOCK - UP CAPTION all the time while change the subject / title 6 - waistband is a not good idea on the left top side corner because of rear bother camera 7 - no have LED flasher light on when the phone call or purple VRS call 8 - no have a little big font size of letter / number 9 - no have a file inside as ALWAYS KEEP ON and keep both lights ON all the time 10 - no have 4 arrows as up, down, left, right 11 - this sidekick 4G is a lousy, poor design and stink system 12 - problem with the electric static noise
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dog beach part 2
same beach area
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dog beach
my zelda dog loved had a good time at the dog beach
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blue laser and glow bucket
the jack in the box bucket have a glow in the dark... i used a blue laser pointer on the glow bucket... no sound
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Snake; ghostsnake on screen around the deadmau5
fun game but ghostsnake is not hurt around on a deadmau5 head while listen the music,,i click the muted on
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bus speed
this bus was too fast speed 75mph near 80mph on the freeway 65 limit speed law
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MONSTER;  Monster pop to Wonster pop
M is a monster pop for a man,,, W is a wonster pop for a woman,,,
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a grassheart at the alice dog park
my dog and me came to the dog park today,,i saw a grass with a heart
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jack in the box; glow bucket
remember this toy from the jack in the box..glow in the dark with this plastic toy bucket..used a blue laser light on the glow bucket..jack in the box restaurant company do not make it glow bucket toy anymore
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cheap valero gas
valero gas station in pasadena... all 3 brands of gases are same number 300
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renaissance faire 2011 in irwindale
renassiance faire 2011 at santa fe dam recreation area in irwindale, west coast,, american interpreter sign language was there
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hot home 94
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DIM; LED camping light on a laptop
i put a LED camping light on a laptop for the deaf person on purple 3 video at the dark room,,LED llight is a limit 6 volts but put in laptop USB is 5 volts,,no need 4 AA batteries in a LED light,,LED have a switch only one time push and turn all LED light on at once, push off the switch and all LED off
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HUMVEES on the freeway
cool great military humvees on the freeway
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