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Traxxas; three traxxases at the horse park
i played with my 3 traxxases and a R/C trailer at the horse park,,,i was alone playing with a R/C and a videocamera with a tripod
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a jack stand for a R/C trailer
i was a good idea about a jack stand for a R/C trailer,,i used a dry idea lid top, drill hole on the center lid, screw became a hitch ball, put a screw hitch ball on a lid top,,look good for a R/C trailer
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traxxas; rustler with 4 talon tires
just running around and test it with 4 talon tires,,,a bolt screw became a hitch ball for a trailer and bandit
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Traxxas; R/C trailer with a motorized
this R/C trailer have a motorized under the trailer,,,a black box come with 8 AA batteries,,,this trailer is for a bandit,,,a rustler pull the trailer with a bandit,,,my handfixed a small bolt screw became a hitch ball on the rustler back
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traxxas; 2X4X4 at the skateboard park
first time this my traxxas stampede towing truck 2X4X4 was at the skateboard park in the city of monrovia
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The Three Traxxases part 4
i put a videocamera on the R/C trailer
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Steadycam handle steer camera
i did homemade a steadycam handle steer for my sony handycam camcorder Hi8MM,,,this canon is for a show example,,,no add audio sound
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Traxxas; 2X4X4 and rustler at the pegasus hobbies
my first time 2X4X4 and ruslter were at the pegasus hobbies in the city of montclair and enjoying on the R/C tracking,,very thank to my special sweet daughter used my sony video camcorder camera for me while i played my 2X4X4 on the dirt track
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Tamiya and Traxxas with 2 hitch balls
the low rider hummer and stampede tow truck has 2 hitch balls on the back rear for pull a trailer with a tamiya frog and a traxxas bandit...i am homemaking a trailer with 4 lift springs and 8 ball bearings on the 4 wheels
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team losi; a digitalcamera on the small trailer
i put a pansonic lumix digitalcamera on the small trailer and see the video what look alike,,,micro T still good pull the small trailer with a digitalcamera
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The Three Traxxases part 3
i was at the rose bowl parking alot area in pasadena
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2 LED lights in 2 shower rooms
i put 2 LED lights in 2 showers at night time...LED lights came from walmart store...4 AA batteries inside the LED lights...the shower room already have a skylight dome while daylight time
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DIM; LED lights for a videocamera at night
15 LED lights for a 12 volts.. my handycam had a nightshot as a nightvision.. the show screen nightvision was a green / white / yellow video and less color.. LED lights at night was a normal color and good look better see than a nightvision
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The Three Traxxases, part 2
i put a handycam videocamera on the spin lazy susan while traxxas ran around with wire on the parking alot area
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a wheel on a car door
i did homemade a small wheel on the car door for protection and not getting metal scratch from the curb / sidewalk,,,a curb / sidewalk is too high height inch
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my cool sidekick LX 2009
i did put a LED light and back stand up on the shell then put on LX back,,i can use a LED light at night time anywhere from my LX,,bye bye my old sidekick 3 in 2007
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LED light on a sony handycam
i put a LED light on my sony handycam next to len,,,before was too dark without a LED light,,,i push touch the LED light on and can see clear LED light on at night time,,,the LED light have 3 different ways,,,one is bright, one is middle, and one is flasher
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i put my sidekick LX on my chest and see the LX was a little moved from my heartbeat
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team losi; 2 micro Ts and 1 trailer
two cars from team losi,,,one small trailer from bigalot store
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Traxxas; 2X4X4 at the horse park
fun drive
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